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I have had a (pound)dog for about 3 years. He has bitten me...

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Question by jackie
Submitted on 4/25/2004
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I have had a (pound)dog for about 3 years.  He has bitten me and my other dog several times.  But- this weekend he bit me in the neck (tore my skin ) because I was trying to help him into the car.  (It was high and he couldn't or didn't try to jump up- even though he loves riding in the car so I started to lift him up and he leaned back and really got me.)I am so confused - I feel that I really should put him down. I am afraid he is just too volatile and untrustworthy. Does anyone out there have any advice? I will feel absolutely terrible if I put him down but if I don't I will live in constant fear that someone else might be hurt. He is a small and very cure terrier; no one would ever think he could be so vicious.

Answer by Rocky
Submitted on 7/7/2004
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If the dog is getting a little too aggressive, you should ask a vet if there is someone who might be willing to work with the dog if you feel you are not able to.  Since the dog has bitten you several times, I would not continue to attempt keeping it.  The dog could bite a child or someone you know, and the dog could be put down any way.


Answer by sprout
Submitted on 10/19/2004
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Answer by Catherine
Submitted on 10/22/2004
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DO NOT put the dog down! It is not the dog's fault. I have a rescue Wheaten Terrier who has bitten me a few times, as well as my other dogs. He was severely abused before I got him, and with time has finally built up trust in me. He is still extremely frightened of kids and would probably bite them if provoked. I tell kids on our walks that he is in training, and cannot be petter yet. Find an animal behaviorist, or someone experienced in training dogs to help you. Try to build the dogs confidence and trust in you. Good luck!!


Answer by attackduke
Submitted on 2/24/2005
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Jackie i think that u should let him live just keep him away from anyone or anything he might attack.Also have him kept in a cage or in your backyard if its fenched.


Answer by Bella
Submitted on 6/10/2006
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I think you are not spending enough time with him. Maybe he thinks your a stranger, and does not trust you. Why don't you try spending more time with him and get him more chew toys


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