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I have a three year old rotti male .as he is getting older...

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Question by steve
Submitted on 4/22/2004
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I have a three year old rotti male .as he is getting older his temprement is changing.He is a fantastic family dog with our three children and we love him to bits, but its as thou no one else is allowed in to our pack which is a great shame cause i socialise alot a home but i fear i can not trust him.what am i to do/

Answer by Lucy's Mom
Submitted on 5/13/2004
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What type of socialization did he receive growing up?  That is a BIG DEAL.

He also need to understand that people YOU INVITE over are not to be distrusted by an unmannered dog.  He needs to look to YOU for approval, he's displaying a BOSS MENTALITY!  He's NOT the boss, is he?

It sounds to me like his temperament is the same, he's just been allowed to get away with certain behavior and now he thinks HE decides who comes to visit and who doesn't!!!


Answer by badizda
Submitted on 5/28/2004
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when you get a visitor, meet them with the dog and let them greet him and pet him (under u're supervision) dont let him get excited act natural and be calm while talking to visitors. dont isolate him otherwise he'd think that u're guests mean alone time for him! u're the boss be firm and fair. gl


Answer by Toni
Submitted on 5/21/2006
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If your rottie is 3...you have to think of him as a teeneger...teens will always try to defy their parents whenever they can so you have to show him whos in charge...you should be able to let you rottie socialize with your friends and family unless its a case of THEM being in fear of him....if thats the case, he sences that and will take advantage of that and try to intimidate if you dont take charge. I have 2 rotties, a male and a female, they are always welcome to visit with our company. They love the attention.  You should read up , its really interesting, they are just like teenegers at 3 and 4 years old that need to be shown how to act......if you dont take control soon tho, hell loose respect for you and hell think hes in charge...good luck


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