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2+ year old female rott. suddenly VERY aggressive with other...

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Question by CEL
Submitted on 4/14/2004
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2+ year old female rott. suddenly VERY aggressive with other dogs.  I have two rottweilers (sisters from same litter).  Both have always been very sweet and gentle with people and interested but not overly aggressive with other dogs.  Approx. 6 mos. ago a neighbor was walking her adult male golden past our home just as I was crossing the lawn to get the mail.  The dog came up on the property (about 8 ft) and barked at me.  Suddenly I see two black streaks fly past... my rotts. on the attack.  It was a horrifying ordeal to say the least.  They were intent on the kill and never made a sound.  Now my larger one will attack any dog that is foolish enough to get within her reach.  She doesn't growl or show any warning prior to attacking - as if she's luring in prey.  Most of our neighbors have uncontained dogs - which have approached her making walks impossible.  What can I do?

Answer by hotharley
Submitted on 6/16/2004
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You should have her spayed! She is becoming very dominant and to prevent any problems with neighbors or other dogs, you should put an electric fence up around the existing fence. I know it sounds cruel, but it will prevent her from getting over the fence and attacking, or even killing anything or anyone, on the other side of the fence. Ask your veterinarian or call a professional dog trainer who will come to your house to teach you how to train your dog. Do this as soon as possible.


Answer by Janiebabes
Submitted on 9/23/2004
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I also had a female rotti i acquired at 3 months and a female mutt i had 5 years. I had the rotti professionally trained by a reputable trainer. I was told by the trainer not to leave the two dogs alone that they are both females and one day would come home and find chop meat.the Rotti was fantastic with kids and people she got along very well with the mutt... when she reached 2 years for some unknown reason she attacked to kill my mutt. I had to keep them separate from then on. Unfortunately my daughter did not follow the keep door closed signs and again she attacked it was a horrifying. There was no separating them. I had never hit my dogs i grabbed a vacuum hose no luck, i maced her, no luck. 3 of us were trying to get her off the mutt. to make a long story short i took the rotti to the pound. knowing the strength and being unable to stop her i was left with no choice. I was not going to take the chance of her ever doing it again or going after another's pet. It was a very difficult choice to make. I miss her dearly. but at the risk of another pet suffering i did what i felt was best. And for those of you who decide to bring one home please do your research. they are beautiful dogs and a beautiful breed. but none the less the are powerful.


Answer by Catherine
Submitted on 10/22/2004
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Sh probably is having dominance issues, such as not knowing who is the alpha. Spaying her would be a good idea.


Answer by Tracey Z
Submitted on 8/24/2005
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Rottweilers are very protective of their master and property.  Your neighbor's dog threatened both by coming in your yard and barking at you.  Since they are females, spaying won't remove the aggressive streak, that does work with males because of the testosterone levels.  You need to work with your dogs to re-socialize them.  They will probably never lose their protective nature of their property (which they shouldn't,  they are Rottweilers and that's part of their makeup) but there is no reason with your effort they can't get along with other dogs within the neighborhood.

I've owned one female who lived to be 11 years old, am on the second female (6 years old) and the first male (1 year old) Rottweiler.


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