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I would like to refuse a fundal massage after my scheduled...

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Question by Melissa
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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I would like to refuse a fundal massage after my  scheduled c-section and would like information on this.   I was restrained against my will & absolute refusal with the birth of my first child & still experience nightmares from this.  Please help!

Answer by Dee
Submitted on 4/22/2004
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As a nursing student, a fundal massage is used to help predict if you are having any excessive bleeding or potential hemorrhage.  While it is an uncomfortable procedure, the pain is short and it helps the health care providers determine part of your health.  While a patient can refuse a medication or procedure, this is an essential procedure in my opinion.


Answer by Tina
Submitted on 1/17/2006
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While I am not a dr nor do I have any nursing skills. I do however know that while the fundal massage is quite painful it is quite necessary to have one because it helps break away the placenta from the uterus if you have a vaginal delivery and it also helps massage the uterus back to its normal size after a c-section. If a dr or nurse does this to you it is to help with the bleeding and or let them know if they indeed have a hemorrhage. I would rather have an  uncomfortable fundal massage then have to have a hysterctomy due to exccessive bleeding. This is just my opinion and I have had a c-section before and am about to undergo another with my second child.


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 11/21/2006
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You should be able to refuse any part of a procedure. This is the right as a patient. I'll share an experience I had with the birth if my second daughter. The nurse came in to give me a fudal massage and with in minutes of this I bleed heavily through the incision site. It caused so many healing complications and required home health visits for 6 weeks after.


Answer by Mother of four
Submitted on 2/1/2007
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Fundal massage is a modern innovation designed to help prevent the scourge of death by hemorrhage that results when mothers do not breastfeed immediately postpartum.  If you've ever nursed immediately (within 2-3 minutes), and without medication, you've noticed just how powerful the natural postpartum contractions are, painfully so.  But if you are not able to do so, as in with a c-section, many medicated births, etc., fundal massage may save your life.


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