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...step by step commands i will need to get or...

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Question by ebby
Submitted on 4/6/2004
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what is the step by step commands i will need to get or transfer a folder or file from another system to mine connected together

Answer by mmmmna
Submitted on 1/26/2007
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First, lets assume the ftp software has been configured correctly on the client - it can connect to the FTP site you are using.

Open the FTP connection by naming the FTP site you'd like to visit (not unlike entering a URL into a browser URL bar).

Navigate to the proper directory.

Locate the file/files.

Set transfer mode to binary mode.

GET the file.

Either re-navigate and get subsequent files, or, exit.

Why set the transfer mode?
FTP software is USUALLY set to act like it is transferring text files between the server and the client, but data files such as zip files, executables, etc. should not be transferred when the FTP client program assumes this text mode for data transfers. Technically, this is defining the difference between binary transfer and ASCII transfer modes. Why use ASCII (text) mode? Because the client is assuming you will need to see all the characters, visibly on the screen. If you try 'reading' on screen the data of binary files (the zip file, executables, etc. are binary files), you will be sending characters to the text reading mechanism (screens are the usual display mechanism for reading text) that can cause screen corruption, because the screen was only expecting certain characters.

More, the common binary file is usually kilobytes or larger, while ASCII files (usually sent to the screen) are usually much shorter... telling the FTP client to send a binary file to your screen would A] spew a lot of garbage on your screen (binary data is not arranged for humans to read), and B] binary data, being larger files, will spew this stuff for QUITE a while!!!

So, choosing binary or text mode transfer is very important to YOUR sanity. The machines usually survive the error.


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