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was ohio part of the civil war?

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Question by kayla
Submitted on 4/2/2004
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was ohio part of the civil war?

Answer by THeiks@cros.net
Submitted on 6/16/2004
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Of course it was. The great State of Ohio was the birthplace of 237 Civil War generals, which includes, for the Yankees, 1 lieutenant general, 15 major generals, 27 brevet major generals, 30 brigadier generals, and 158 brevet brigadier generals and, for the Rebels, 1 major general and 5 brigadier generals. Camp Chase and Johnson's Island Civil War prison camps were both located in Ohio. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan conducted a raid well into southern Ohio. Ohio fielded 198 Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiments, 2 Kentucky Volunteer Infantry regiments, 1 West Virginia Volunteer Infantry regiment, 1 U.S. infantry regiment, and 1 regiment of U. S. Colored Troops. There were also 13 Ohio Volunteer Cavalry regiments, 1 WV cavalry regiment, 6 independent cavalry companies, 4 independent cavalry battalions, the Fremont Body Guard, McLaughlin's Squadron, Harlan's Light Cavalry, 10 independent companies of sharpshooters, Blazer's Scouts, the Union Light Guard, Sherman's Body Guard, Dennnison Guards, Trumbull Guards, Wallace Guards, departmental corps, Captain Bard's Company, 26 independent artillery batteries, 13 light artillery batteries, and 2 heavy artillery regiments. PS- FYI, a regiment is 1,000 men and a company is 100 men. Finally, of the seven former Civil War officers who later became president, five were from Ohio. These were Lieutenant
General Ulysses Simpson Grant, Brevet Major General Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Major General James Abram Garfield, Brevet Brigadier General Benjamin Harrison, Brevet Major William McKinley.


Answer by casey
Submitted on 11/2/2004
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