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Our chihuahua barks all the time at everybody accept us.We...

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Question by Zoe,i need answers stikercolection
Submitted on 4/1/2004
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Our chihuahua barks all the time at everybody accept us.We discipline her.We also have two 4 months old chihuahuas that are hers and they bark because she does.Over the months we've put the babies outside so they could know people.How do i teach them how to stop?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 4/2/2004
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Momma dog has to be broken of the habit.  She may think she is protecting you, it is up to you to inform her that she doesn't need to bark, you must reinforce that you are pack leader.  When she begins to bark, she has alerted you to the presence of a non-pack member.  Once you decide that it is OK for that person to be in the den, her job is done.  When you tell her "that's enough" she should stop.  If she doesn't, calmly pick her up, tell her again "That's enough" and put her in another room (or a penned in area), do not use her crate for punishment.  Do not pay her any more attention for as long as she barks, whines, etc.  If you pay attention to her, that reinforces her barking.  When she is quiet, you can praise her for being quiet and bring her back.  If she starts barking again and won't stop, back in the other room she goes.  Some barking is good, chihuahuas are great watch dogs, but they must stop when you tell them to.  You are the decider of who is and isn't welcome, the dog is not.

Baby dogs same thing, but you will likely have better luck with them, as they don't have such a long history to break.


Answer by ruby13
Submitted on 1/18/2005
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My 5 month old chihuahua just started barking in the middle of the night .. if the heat goes on, if a shadow goes across the window, even though she is buried beneath the covers ..
I know the part about putting her in another room, but in the middle of the night she wakes the dead with her piercing voice, but during the day she whimpers when I go down stairs and she is up for a few minutes by herself and rarely barks.. if at all.


Answer by sheila
Submitted on 6/2/2006
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io have the same problem


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