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why does my 7 week old cry when i walk her? she runs and...

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Question by Rmanduh
Submitted on 3/30/2004
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why does my 7 week old cry when i walk her? she runs and plays outside and with our cat no problem. but when i try to take her for a short walk using a harness she crys the entire time. i know there's nothing wrong with her to be causing actual pain. and the harness fits fine too. could she just be spoiled and cry so that she gets carried? any ideas on how to break this habit?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 3/31/2004
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She doesn't like being on a leash.  She wants to go where she wants to go.  Tough, she will have to get used to it.  

Put her harness on her in the house and leave it on.  She might not like it, try to get out of it, whatever.  Ignore her, and when she settles down (or wears herself out) give her a cuddle and a little treat "Good girl wears her harness".  Reward her for not fussing and ignore when she does, she'll soon get accustomed to it.  You will have to keep close eye on her and adjust it as she grows.

Once she's accustomed to the harness, attach the leash but again just let her drag it around behind her.  Make sure you don't leave her alone without supervision when she has the leash attached, she could get tangled up.  

Once she doesn't mind that, pick up your end and walk around following her, then slowly start encouraging her to follow you.  You can do this both inside and outside.  Praise her for not fussing with the leash and for walking with you when you're leading.  

She wants to please you, make it easy for her to figure out how.  It's important not to give her attention when she's misbehaving, that reinforces that acting up will get her attention.  Only when she is good should she get attention.

You may have to pick her up and carry her part of the way when she gets tired, but as she grows she will be able to walk further, both of mine don't mind walking at least a mile, especially if there's a break in the middle.


Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 3/31/2004
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Did you ever give into her crying and let her loose or hold her? IF you did even just once that is why she does it. If you see there is no reason for her to be crying then don't give into it. You can let her run around with the harness so she gets used to it. Then you can walk her around the house with lots of praise and treats so she associates the two. The single most important thing though is that she knows you won't budge in your training and she won't get anything at all out of whining so she might as well stop! I found a great book that might help you. It is strictly for Chihuahua lovers that have are getting a Chi or are having problems with one. http://www.lovechihuahuas.com/
I wish you the best of luck! Tanisha


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