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how and why did the federal government introduce conscriptio...

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Question by taz
Submitted on 3/30/2004
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how and why did the federal government introduce conscription and censorship on the Australian home front?

how did Australia's relationship with england and the USA change during world war II?

Answer by iduno
Submitted on 4/14/2004
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During the (First World War), conscription was the great political issue. the nation was divided, 2 referendums were held and lost and the Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, changed political parties over the issue, something that has never happen in Australia since.
HOWEVER, IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR .. it was not such an issue. This time Australia was threatened by a agressive and belligerent enemy, this time Australians were being sent to fight for there own survival. Conscrption was introduced without great debate or contrevosery. The men conscrption could only fight for Australia and were sent in and place below the equator. They mainly served in Papa Guiena, however in 1943 some served in the Pacific Islands.
There were two armies:
The AIF AND THE militia. When war was declared (into 1939) the full time army had only 3000 soliders ! Later part time and full itme army was 80 000 men.
WHen da war started they called men to do 3 months service.
CHnagin relationshisp
* Started to deplete: becuase Britian wasnt powerful enough as it use to be, in aprticualr look at what happened in Signapore, they were boasting how there not going to be invaded "impreganable", but then they did and it didnt want to defend Australia. All of Britians colonial fROM our Motherland we truned toward America our new big brother, who we foguht the Pacific war together. America post -WORLD WAR II After this we signed mutal defnecE agreeements SUCH AS:
SEATO, ANZUS. we also helped them in the Vietnam War and off course now in the War In Iraqi.
"John Curtin described our relationips as" :
"Summed up... Asutralian extrnal policiy .. will be shaped ... and working out, with the US as a major factor, a Pacific strategy ..."
As for England, Englands effort to support us weren't plenitful. Winston Churchill complained when tehy withdrew the army from El Alamein, so he much rather defend himself and his country rather than us against the Japs. Indeed time had changed. We still look at Britian has our cultural hertiage, bu issue and events such as Refereandum we soon might become not part of the British empire.


Answer by freaky
Submitted on 4/26/2004
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Answer by WHHuppp
Submitted on 5/31/2004
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Answer by Ben
Submitted on 8/17/2004
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does Australian government have the right  to introduce conscription in time of war, not just ww1 & 2 but if a war breaks out that involves Australia.


Answer by john smith
Submitted on 2/8/2005
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Answer by poo monkey
Submitted on 3/21/2005
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Answer by Aaaaa
Submitted on 2/6/2006
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Answer by Casi
Submitted on 3/16/2006
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Answer by poondle
Submitted on 4/25/2006
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Answer by Siemer
Submitted on 9/7/2006
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