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In general, how is self dedication for the solitary...

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Question by Nero
Submitted on 3/29/2004
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In general, how is self dedication for the solitary practitioner revered withing the wiccan community? As far as I can tell, there are those that believe one can only be initiated by a wiccan and that a self dedication is not a 'proper' ritual. Then I think there are those that believe it is an acceptable way into the craft, what do people think?

Answer by SunflowerP
Submitted on 5/27/2004
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Most Wiccans will recognize a self-dedication as a way of formally marking one's commitment to the Craft, even if they don't consider it to be equivalent to initiation.  There are, indeed, those who believe "only a witch can make a witch", but the strictest Traditionalists (Gardnerians, Alexandrians, etc.) usually prefer to be part of Traditionalist communities.  Many Traditionalists, especially when interacting with non-Traditionalists, consider this mainly in light of their own trad:  "only a Gardnerian can make a Gardnerian", for example.  In general, a self-dedication, or even a self-initiation, is fairly acceptable in most communities; most of the Wiccans one meets will be more interested in whether one has knowledge, understanding, and skills that match the level one claims, than in whether one was initiated by the "right" person.  There will probably be as many opinions on the precise significance of self-dedication as there are community members, but a healthy community recognizes that community is built through inclusion rather than exclusion.

For more depth on the subject of just what constitutes initiation, I highly recommend Ellen Cannon Reed's -The Heart of Wicca-.  She is a Traditionalist herself, and so tends to speak of the Traditionalist viewpoint first, but readers who keep their indignation in check and keep reading will find that she recognizes other approaches as well.  (I'm self-taught, self-initiated, and was a solitary for many years before I connected with the community, so I know whereof I speak.)



Answer by Nero
Submitted on 6/15/2004
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Thank you Sunflower...thats really interesting and very helpful!


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