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My daughter has been taking asthma medication since she was...

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Question by Kim
Submitted on 3/26/2004
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My daughter has been taking asthma medication since she was nine months old.  She is now 13.  She has been on proventil, albuterol, inthal, med nebulizer, advair, singular, etc.  She was recently diagnosed with Madelung Deformity in both arms and hands, but predominantly her right arm.  This is a condition where one bone stops growing while the other continues and it causes a deformity.  My question is this - could a long term use of asthma medications somehow be related to this new condition of her bone growth?  We have been to many specialist and have completed a great deal of testing outruling genetic causes.  The latest test is to see if her body is absorbing vitamin D and calcium correctly.  I just have this hunch that maybe one of the side affects of prolonged use of asthma medications could lead to this sort of condition.  Has anyone out there experienced something similar?

Answer by melissa
Submitted on 12/13/2004
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My daughter has just been diagnosed with Madelungs.  She is 13 and has been taking asthma medication since the age of 5, albuterol and intal, singulair, advair, pulmocort, proventil,serevent, rhinocort, flonase, flovent regularly at different intervals.  I am also concerned about the medications, but perhaps there is a link between asthma and this deformity?  I am on the east coast looking for a specialist, second opinion surgeon (New York).  Please let me know if you have any further information.  I have not done any other testing for causes yet.  Just got MRI results yesterday and ped. orthapedist recommends surgery.    


Answer by marlene
Submitted on 4/29/2005
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We are having a walk with the American Lung Association and wanted to see if you would like to make a donation in my little girls name who also has Asthma Our walk is this Saturday if you can make a small donation in Tiffany name https://mrsnv.com/evt/e01/part.jsp?id=606&acct=0453050937&rid=297231&part=fund We are the Partridge Family team please help...


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