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I have a jack russell terrier that is about 4 months old and...

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Question by Doug
Submitted on 7/30/2003
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I have a jack russell terrier that is about 4 months old and I would like to know how I can keep her from chewing up everything tin the house?

Answer by linda
Submitted on 8/9/2003
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Buy her some natural rawhide chewys... my dog wil soon be 3 years old   an I have bought him every chewy there is  ,, he loves a new  squeaky toy also ,,,  I have not had a problem with him chewing on the furniture as along as he has a toy or a rawhide treat


Answer by Ruby
Submitted on 9/20/2003
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Do you spend time with your doggy ?  A dog is just like a child, or any one else , they need a bit  of LOV... I have a Jack her name is bouncer ,she will be 2 years in May 2004, I never knew there was a doggy so smart,If you lov your doggy ask her for a kiss ,pamper her feet,rub lotion on her or his feet, and the belly ,Just think how you would like to be treated ,and so would your doggy ..RUBY


Answer by Jack
Submitted on 9/22/2003
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Try some small things chewy sticks.  And, just wait a few months because the chewing will stop.  


Answer by Toby
Submitted on 9/23/2003
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In memory of our toby who passed away today. He loved chewy toys, Balls, And lots of attention.


Answer by stevo
Submitted on 10/1/2003
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there is a product called apple bitter that you can spray on the furniture. the dog hates it and it won't harm the furniture


Answer by azac
Submitted on 10/1/2003
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Actually Doug....to be honest, get another breed...lol.  Jack Russells chew, chew, chew...just ask my best shoes. They are also stubborn...but luckily, they are lovable too.  The best thing I have used from any training site is to put some bb'sin a 1/2 gallon milk jug and shake it when he starts to chew on something that isn't his....this works for anytime you want his attention.  Keep lots of chew toys and bones around.  Regardless, he will probably keep chewing anytime he has the opportunity...so keep things out of his reach, and keep him interested in his own stuff.  Good Luck!


Answer by jkanauz1
Submitted on 10/12/2003
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Apple bitter....GOOD ONE... *NOT*

My male (6 mos) LOVEs, absolutely LOVES apple bitter.  He chews EVERYTHING i spray it on.  The best thing i have found is a firm voice when i SEE him chewing something he shouldnt and not noticing when i see something after the fact.  its a battle of wills.  I rarely win, but i like to make them THINK i am winning.  (now the precious babies are sleeping on my lap.)


Answer by Tammy
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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I have two JRT'sand they have yet to tare up anything in my house.  My male is almost two (January) and my female will be one(December).  I started my male as soon as I got him (7 weeks) on BITTER APPLE.  I will tell you it works.  My female was six months when I got her and learned very quickly what it was.  The only thing they chew on are there toys and any socks my husband and I leave in the floor.  No furniture, paper... ect.   If they look like they even want to chew on something they are not suppose to we just firmly set the bottle on the table and they lay down on command!  They hate it so bad they know just from looking at the bottle what it is.  Good Luck!


Answer by NATALIE
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 11/4/2003
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My Jack loves to chew on anything he sees. I havent tried bitter apple but i am sure he would love it. He recently bit a hole through his ceramic bowl to get attention. All jacks need lots and lots and lots of attention. Just play with him a lot and he will more than likely stop.


Answer by Rae
Submitted on 11/18/2003
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I have been very lucky.  My Jack did not chew one single thing.  But I also made sure that she had plenty of toys to play with when she was very young.  She still loves her toys and she is two now.  Also Jacks need lots and lots of attention from you.  Although they are not the right breed for everyone, I would not trade my Sasha for the world.  Give him some time, because he is young and eventually he will stop. Good luck and lots of patience!


Answer by Donna
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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I've owned Jacks for years.  They love to chew and are very crafty about "sneaking" the objects to be destroyed.  If it is a piece of furniture or something solid, spread some Vaseline on it and sprinkle pepper or paprika on the Vaseline.  If it is cloth, mix up half and half water and distilled vinegar.  Otherwise, keep your doors shut, the valuables suspended from the ceiling, and a sturdy metal crate nearby.  They usually settle down a little after they are two years old.  They really do need a lot of their own chew toys.  Correct them when you catch them chewing something they shouldn't, and then give them one of their toys, and praise them when they start to play with it.  Best of luck and hang in there, eventually it gets better.


Answer by Chloe
Submitted on 1/30/2004
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I also think that Apple Bitter also works i have 18 dogs so i know what it feels like when dogs chew but i just bought bones and chews and that kept them intrested everytime they chew something i know where to spray so i tell them off and then spray it, it is seiriously the best if you have a problem
(ps 2 of my dogs are labradors the rest are jack russells


Answer by Karoline
Submitted on 2/29/2004
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I have a Jack Rusell that is 1 years old and will he ever get smart as he gets older?


Answer by Kar
Submitted on 2/29/2004
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I have a Jack Rusell that is about 1 year old and i also have 2 cats and they always fight so will they ever become friends?


Answer by DeLaine
Submitted on 3/26/2004
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Jacks are very intelligent and if you think your dog isn't then he has one over on you!!
As to the chewing thing, it has alot to do with separation anxiety. If you come home with every thing torn up and turned upside down. I came home one day and my recliner was tipped over backwards compliments of Skipper. He would also chew on shoelaces and shoes, anything that was mine or my husbands. We put everything away when we left and now at almost 2 he only chews on his own stuff. Mostly the ball, or his favorite box. Oh yeah he likes to put his ball in places waaaaay in the back of the closet and then he can't reach it. What a crack pot, but we love him so much.


Answer by Kimi
Submitted on 5/6/2004
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I got my JR pup 2 weeks ago and she chews on everything but I gave her lots of toys and puppy kong and she loves them. Especially anything that has a nylon string (that you bought at the pet store) she absolutely loves them and wouldn't chew on anything else but that. Try it, it might work on yours too.


Answer by CT
Submitted on 5/20/2004
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Kar - to answer your question about cats & the dog...NO!  They should NEVER be left together unsupervised!!!  

My JRT is CRAZY - he 'pretends' to like the cat, then catches me off guard!

Be careful, something horrible could happen to the cats!!!  


Answer by Natalia Traverzo
Submitted on 5/28/2004
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How do you play with a Jack Russell Terrior?


Answer by Roy
Submitted on 8/25/2004
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I have a JRT and she is a doll.  Fiesty little thing and will growl or bark at me when I disapline her. (she's 8 wks old) Be very assertive with a JRT but very loving as well.  When ever she starts to bite or chew on something that she is not allowed to, I just give her a rawhide chew and that keeps her busy and soon she forgets about what she wanted to chew on.  She's asleep on my arm at the moment :)


Answer by Nancy
Submitted on 11/16/2004
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My Jack is 16 months old.  He never chews when we are out, only when he can be caught.  In addition to childrens toys, love-ys, legos and backpacks, he is especially fond of anything with zippers (pants, jackets, sweaters) and the tongues of shoes (leather, cloth, vinyl--it doesnt matter).  He has chewed up 4 dog beds, and we are leaving the last one as is--maybe he is trying to nest for the winter??? Any ideas? We give him lots of attention, exercise, and I cant put apple bitter on all our clothes...He goes through chewies so quick that he gets sick....


Answer by rachel
Submitted on 12/13/2004
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i have a dog who is a jack Russel how do i train him to guard the house hes only 7 to 10 weeks old what do i do


Answer by fatwidge!!!!
Submitted on 12/28/2004
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well look my jack russell is 8 months old, and she chews on anything that crosses her path, so what i did was for X~mas got her a tin FULL of treats and squeaky toys, she doesn't chew a sole now!!!!!


Answer by phanizzle
Submitted on 2/17/2005
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whats up, i also own a JRT his name is Dill, he is about 11 weeks old and he chews on everything he sees. i know your not suppose to hit the dog but one quick slapped under his jaw will do it for him. they are so stubborn when their young and they try to bark back. they need a quick slapped to their mouth. but i love  my JRT hes sleeping on my lap right now while im typing this. play TUG O WAR with your jack.


Submitted on 2/23/2005
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hey i have a jackrussell, 1 years old. He is really sweet, but a bit of a monkey sometimes. He is quite small, compared to other jackrussells and seems to show only friendlyness and playfullness around ALL dogs. I am getting a kitten soon and am wondering is there anyway of them getting to be friends? I have friends with pitbulls, rotwilers and other aggressive dogs and they are fine with cats so why shouldnt a cat be safe with my little jack russell?


Answer by red
Submitted on 2/28/2005
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just give them some toys or rawhides they love them and mine didnt chew on any furniture after i gave them a toy.


Answer by tay tay
Submitted on 3/29/2005
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give him more exercise, it makes them more occupies.


Answer by i have a question
Submitted on 5/20/2005
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hey i know this isn't an answer but i really
need help.i'mabout to get a 4 month old jack russell puppy and i was wondering is a 4 month old puppy that much different to a 6 week old puppy?what im asking is can it still get to know you and love you as a 6 week old puppy would?i know this isn't the best question in the world but i really need to know.


Answer by Katie
Submitted on 6/15/2005
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I have a JRT my self. He has NEVER chewed on anything but his own "babies". I will suggest a great product that I used for my Catahoula. It is called Chew No-More. PlanetUrine.com carries this product. It has worked wonders!! Good Luck!


Answer by Shaytess
Submitted on 6/22/2005
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I have a female Jack Russell who just had a litter of puppies.  A couple of things.  I have not ever noticed a chewing problem with her, she has always had lots of toys to chew on though.  I am interested in keeping one of her puppies though and wondering if anyone has any thoughts on keeping another female, I have heard it is not good to keep two of the same sex jacks together, what if we have them both spayed??  


Answer by Rocky
Submitted on 8/24/2005
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I got my JRT 2 days ago and he's only 9 weeks old, so cute!


Answer by Flo in Canada
Submitted on 8/28/2005
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get another Jack they can chew on themselves.  I have 3 -- 2 live with my x & I drop off the baby megs when I go to work.  all my dogs are smart so I don't know what your problem is!  Jacks chew if they are bored!!!


Answer by Laura M.
Submitted on 9/14/2005
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Are you able to leave JR's home alone for a work day or all day except for a half hour around lunch time? if not do you know any small dogs that can be left alone for that period of time?


Answer by Bethyg
Submitted on 10/31/2005
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i just recently got a JRT that was given to my niece on her first birthday my brother and sister in law kept her for almost 6 months and had no luck at training her.  They lived in an apartment and worked long hours so they basically kept her caged most of the time.  My parents and i took her to train her but are quickly finding out how hard it is.  I have personally trained all of my other dogs before but she is a challenge.  we have found out that she does likes to chew and has almost chew thru one of those industructable kong balls.  we have learned just to be a bit smarter then her and keep doors shut and the important things out her way.. specially homework cause professors just don't understand that the dog at your homework.  any tips on obediance training?? we have gotten her to the point she will sit but stay is just another issue all together.


Answer by cricket
Submitted on 1/15/2006
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You people need to learn how to spell. It is very difficult for intelligent people to read these responses when you spell like a 5 year old.


Answer by Katie
Submitted on 2/20/2006
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My Son 6 yrs And I just got a Jack about a week ago He loves his chew toys his favorite is a squeaky ball and his puppy tug o war
anytime he starts to chew on something that is not his we firmly say no and give him one of his toys he is a great pup and i'msure we will enjoy having him


Answer by Deb
Submitted on 2/27/2006
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My yellow Lab is failing and a friend brought over a 5 1/2 week old JR puppy.  After looking the breed up on line I'm very concerned that we should give him back.  My daughter is 19 and we will both be gone all day.  We absolutely think this little pup is adorable, but........Should they be kennel trained?  Can they stand to be alone all day?  We leave the house at 7:00 am and return at 4:00 pm.  Any advise would be apprecitated............


Answer by Jack lover
Submitted on 3/26/2006
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I have raised Jacks for several years, the best thing I can tell you is 3 things in this order.  Exercise,(at least an hour a day) disipline(pretty tough especially at first) then Affection.  But not till 1st 2 are achieved.


Answer by dan
Submitted on 3/28/2006
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To play with a JRT,I usually wrestle with him or, alot of JRTs like to fetch a ball. I also take him out and hit golf balls and he go's and gets them and brings them back.


Answer by UEVO1
Submitted on 4/26/2006
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As die hond genoeg bene het kou hy niks nie. Ek het 'n wyfie van 1 jaar en sy het nog net potlode op gekou. Sy kry elke dag 'n been. Ek dink dit help. Probeer dit ook!


Answer by Owner of Distructo Dog
Submitted on 7/23/2006
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My 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier chews EVERYTHING IN SIGHT! We give her love, attention and have at least 10 chew toys, several rawhide chews and she LOVES THE TASTE OF BITTER APPLE!

We are scared she is going to chew electric cords on the floor that can't be moved out of her reach. Thank God, it's only been phone wires so far.

We are just about to give her away. We don't want her to get electrocuted.

We have tried all the advice on this board. Thanks gang but nothing works with "Distructo"


Answer by Joanna
Submitted on 8/21/2006
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I have one too. And hes 4 months old also. He chews up everything too. When he does that you should punish him, so he can learn not to do it again


Answer by Bubble Gum
Submitted on 9/9/2006
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They are like children. Discipline Discipline Discipline!!!! Otherwise you will have a spoiled bratt!!


Answer by Christine
Submitted on 10/3/2006
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I have a JRT and she LOVES to chew! I recently went to the dollar store and found a tennis ball that was attached to a rope soft of thing.  SHE LOVES IT! I have to hide it in order for her to goto bed.  She also plays by herself for HOURS with this toy which gives me time to do homework and such! I highly reccommand you purchase one..what do you have to lose its only one dollar!!!


Answer by clueless
Submitted on 10/26/2006
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Hey! well I'm right about to get a jrt by my nickname you can guess i don't no much.This is my first puppy about 8 weeks when I get it!Please any tips you have will help me.

What shampoo to use?
food what type?
tips to training?

Most important can i leave the puppy alone while I'm at work to wonder around my apartment
Please feel free to email me at ekaufman21495@yahoo.com


Answer by melvin
Submitted on 11/14/2006
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i have to say the jack russell is the most annoying stupid dog i have ever owned they are sly so to stop them chewing things keep them as an outdoor dog labradours are the best family and sporting dogs or the dobermann is also a great dog


Answer by sam
Submitted on 11/22/2006
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Question- I'mgetting a jack Russell terrier, and have no clue what to name it! please send suggestions!


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 2/10/2007
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My jack russell, Maisy, hasn't chewed any furniture yet. She's 10 months old but she does chew toys my little brother leaves around and hair brushes, and fluffy brushes that we call her 'fluffys'. If she does anything wrong i say firmly 'NO' and she obeys. You could try?


Answer by dd
Submitted on 4/2/2007
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hello u werdios


Answer by ccm
Submitted on 5/24/2007
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My Jacks name is Mile (4mos) and the best thing is lots of chew toys and  attention.  As soon as I come from work we play for at least 1/2 hr also after dinner again play time.  This will give him the attention he needs and the energy out of his system. Dont yell and scream at him, this will only make him hide when he does doing his chewing, because he is now afraid of you but a firm one word cammond, these are smart dogs have fun with yours.  Please let me know  how it goes.



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