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...proper diagnosis for bipolar 1 ?

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Question by Ali Omran
Submitted on 3/19/2004
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what is the proper diagnosis for bipolar 1 ?

Answer by Cher
Submitted on 6/27/2005
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Being sexual to the point of taking ones clothes off in public places.  Using a loud and boistrous voice.  Arguing with a spouse or signifigant other about things that were never an issue before.  Trying to destroy items that were of signifigant to oneself.  Driving too fast.  
Suicidal thoughts and actions.  Drinking or using drugs.  Staying in bed all day.  Low energy.  Unable to follow the routine of a day.  Feeling weighted down and slow.


Answer by Jon
Submitted on 8/8/2005
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The answer to the question is easily available on the internet. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. (Notice I didn't say 1 or 2.)

The very nature of Bipolar Disorder is ambiguous. Sometimes it occurs along with other psychiatric illnesses and sometimes it doesn't.  The primary difference between Bipolar I and Bipolar II is the way in which it  manifests itself in a given person. Following, is a list that should help you understand the difference.:

1. People with Bipolar I have the worst form of the disease.

2.  People with Bipolar I can experience both depressed moods AND mania at THE SAME TIME (co-morbid). These experiences are called "mixed episodes." This is important because by definition in (DSM IV), for a person to be diagnosed with Bipolar I they usually have experienced mania and depression together as a mixed episode.

3. Bipolar 2 is characterized by  the fact that these folks DON'T exhibit the same "mixed episodes" that Bipolar 1 folks do.

4. Bipolar I is considered to be worse than Bipolar II. This is because of  MANIA!

5. People with Bipolar 1 tend to have more severe mood states (NOT SWINGS) than do people with Bipolar 2.

6. One of the main diagnostic observations for someone with Bipolar I is the trend AWAY from depression and more TOWARD MANIA.  That is a simple yet accurate way to look at it.

7. BP I = Full-On Mania with psychotic features, feelings of grandeur and  less bouts with severe depression. BPI folks (like myself). tend to gravitate toward psychotic manic states. We may also experience a "Mixed Episode." This is very strange but true...BP I people can, and do, experience both hypo-mania AND depression AT THE SAME TIME!

People with BPII BY DEFINITION, DO NOT, suffer from mixed episodes. Instead, they trend more toward hypo-mania (a light version of mania.) Followed by serious depression.

BPI = Psychotic delusions of grandeur (Mania). Occasionally preceding or following a bout with depression.

BPII = Suicidal Depression (Major Depression). Occasionally preceeding or following a light manic state called "hypomania."

Hope this clarifies things....


Answer by Tamie
Submitted on 2/23/2006
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I'm not sure it's the proper diagnosis or not but I just got out the hospital because of bipolar 1. I had rapid mood swings were I was ready to kill my whole family. one minute I would be crying in the fetal postion the next laughing. I could cuss my kids or hug them you never new what mood I would be in. I self medicated myself for 4 or 5 years with pot and beer. My husband took that away and I litterly went nuts.It wasn't withdrawls it was bipolar 1.


Answer by Linda Woodell
Submitted on 3/13/2007
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When a person has one or more episodes of mania followed by one or more episodes of depression.


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