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I would like to wire my two-car garage into a workshop. It...

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Question by Mike Neander
Submitted on 3/17/2004
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I would like to wire my two-car garage into a workshop. It has 200amp service (of it's own) fed from the house.

I intend 3-4 220v outlets in addition to approx. twelve
4-gang, 110v outlets around the walls plus (flour.) ceiling lighting.

Due to upbringing, I have had NO education in these matters and all the self-righteous proclamations of "...well you should have...!" I typically receive DO NOT help!

A source(s) of information or instruction DOING IT, not lecturing/blackboard, please!

Most of the tech.-stuff I do know came from books/trial and error. Owing to 12-16 hour days now this is no longer an option. Neither is hiring it done.

Is there a way of learning HOW to do this MYSELF without trade-school (that I can afford neither the time or money) or getting a job as a helper, which, given my lacking of any backround, AIN'T gonna happen!?

I am NOT REMOTELY interested in theory, etc.!

All I want to know is HOW, in LAYMAN'S TERMS,

THAT'S ALL!!!  I find it hard to swallow
               that I MUST wade through      
               all the other crap too!?
Any Ideas?

Answer by Max Brohaugh
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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Email me at  mbrohaugh@yahoo.com  I will guide you through this step by step.  
I will need to know the size of the garage, ??' by ??', # of empty spaces in the service pannel,what type of tools that will be run in your shop.
I want you to email me because this sounds like a fairly sizeable project and I don't want to explane everything here and have it all backfire when you go to do it.
Again, mbrohaugh@yahoo.com  and I'll be happy to help.


Answer by albert
Submitted on 11/16/2005
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I am doing the same I am wiring a shop that is 40x70 the breaker box has 20 compartments I need 2 220volt  16 regular plug-ins  9 lights .I will be running a welder and a big air compressor on th 220 volts.  The rest would be regular everyday hand tools.


Answer by bin laden
Submitted on 7/22/2006
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get a life commie pinko


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