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We just purchased a pure bred ACA registered Rooti who is...

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Question by Dawn
Submitted on 3/15/2004
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We just purchased a pure bred ACA registered Rooti who is only 9 weeks old from a pet shop. We lack breeders where we are from.  So I think at some point we would like to breed these wonderful animals ourselves.  Does any one know if we would have to get a second ACA rotti or could it be AKC registered?

Answer by RottieMommy
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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Please don't breed your pet-store Rottie.  As wonderful as s/he is, you just can't be sure of his genetics.  Responsible breeders NEVER sell their puppies to pet stores, not knowing where their puppies will end up is the good breeder's worst nightmare.  So though you had to buy your Rottie at a pet store, breeding her or him is just not recommended at all.  ACA is an organization that exists for pet store owners.  AKC is getting more and more strict with its breeding recommendations and most AKC litters are never sold to pet stores.  Should you go ahead and breed your dog anyway, you won't need any papers at all for your second dog.  ACA papers are easily attainable with a little money and some photos.  Which should be a warning sign -- no pedigree needed.  (Look it up on the web, also see Continental Kennel Club - CKC, and Dog Registry of America - DRA, two other kennel club "shams."  Another note - a breeder should only breed a dog to further its breed standards.  In other words, responsible breeding is breeding dogs that fulfill the highest standard of its breed, physically, temperamentally, intelligence, etc.  Breeding your dog just because she or he is a love isn't appropriate.  Rotties are, unfortunately, a dime a dozen in most of America, and so many thousands end up in shelters.  Okay, I'm soap-boxing.  If you do plan on breeding your Rottie because it's a rare breed where you live, get one from a reputable breeder, there are plenty on the internet who will ship the puppy to you, and keep in contact with you with photos and emails, etc.  I dont mean to sound so negative about your idea, but I see so many Rotties put down because of well-intentioned but uninformed breedings.  So, Good luck with your little bundle of joy!!


Answer by confused
Submitted on 1/13/2006
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i bought a female yorkie at a pet store for $1100. her papers say that she is ACA registered and that she is pure breed. is there a chance that the papers are fake and she isn't pure because of ACA? does anyone think i over paid? i cant seem to get the difference between ACA and AKC. but from what I've read ACA isn't good at all. please someone help!!!


Answer by shan
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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wherever you are from, go to puppyfinder.com, thats where i got my rottie from, i live in ny, and he was shipped to me from arkansas,make sure you research the breeder, a decent dog breeder would not send one of there puppies to a pet store, i have heard nothing good come from buying from a  pet shop, you dont know the parents or there temperaments or how the pup will act, good luck to you


Answer by Get your dogs spayed!!
Submitted on 7/3/2006
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ACA, ContKC (ckc), APR, APRI, APA, ect. are JOKE registries. They wil register anything including mutts. These "Papers" are worthless. I recently triple registered my beta fish as a german shepherd with the APR, ConKC, and ACA just to see if they would take my word for it...they did. Thats kinda pathedic. Its a joke registery it doesnt mean anything. If you want a dog, get an CanKC, UKC, or AKC dog.

As for breeding, Dont. U dont know ebough & your pup from a petstore will only cause health/tempermental problemed dogs. Also your dog can DIE during the whelping process. its not worth it. Please do your research.

AKC will not register ACA dogs. The only way to obtain "Papers" is the breeder would have given you the papers but since you got your dog from a petstore (Puppy mill of unhealthy dogs)then you cant. Sorry if I sound mean, I have no intention of doing so. Im just being Very blunt.


Answer by tammy  parker
Submitted on 11/7/2006
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if you lost the dog papers can you order new papers


Answer by mskarolina
Submitted on 2/3/2007
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I purchased a Bassett from a breeder and I am just getting around to his ACA papers. I am supposed to send it in to register him, but I am not sure what to put as the "Dog's Requested Name." The Sire is: Hicks JugHead and the DAM is Hickory Ridge Ruby Rosebud. We have him as a pet and his name is Parker. Do we put Parker, or do we put the funky hickory names like they have?


Answer by NITA
Submitted on 3/12/2007
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Answer by Ziggy
Submitted on 4/2/2007
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ACA=bad news, usually.  AKC doesn't mean gold, but is 99% of the time better than ACA. Sorry for being negative, but it's the truth.  Better off with a good dog from a shelter than an ACA dog from a pet store.


Answer by lchiefan
Submitted on 4/11/2007
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registration is worth different amounts to dif. people. akc can only breed with akc, and etc. if your dog is registered, it is registered no matter who you bought it from. and the previous author should not tell others facts when hers are not always true. all pet shops are different and no matter if you buy a dog from a breeder with or without a pet shop really means nothing.


Answer by Petshackofnorthside
Submitted on 6/13/2007
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hmmmm, I have to disagree with your statement to this lady. I happen to breed Rotts { produce 1 litter per yr} and Chihuahuas and ALL of mine are both CKC reg and my Chihuahuas are ACA reg. and I happen to have the first Blue Merle Chihuahua in the Europe show ring , he is now also reg with FCI also. But as a groomer/pet shop owner I have seen some very poorly bred AKC dogs come through my doors..lol and my CKC reg. dogs will put allot if not most of there same breed to shame!  I keep up with the standards and bred for temperament & color.  I do not care what the reg. there are crappy breeders looking to get rich and do not care or how they bred , some just happen to have AKC behind them , me I would rather not I do not like the Assoc. personality .

just my two cents worth...

Nancy White
Pet Shack of Northside


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