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Who were the film stars both American and japanese who were...

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Question by winderloo@yahoo.com
Submitted on 3/12/2004
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Who were the film stars both American and japanese who were in the film:  The bamboo Curtian?

Answer by onesharedlife
Submitted on 1/27/2005
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House of Bamboo (1955)
Director Samuel Fuller

Cast List
Robert Ryan ... Sandy Dawson
Robert Stack ... Eddie Kenner/Spanier
Shirley Yamaguchi ... Mariko
Cameron Mitchell ... Griff
Brad Dexter ... Capt. Hanson
Sessue Hayakawa ... Inspector Kito
Biff Elliot ... Webber
Sandro Giglio ... Ceram
Elko Hanabusa ... Japanese Screaming Woman
Fred Dale ... Man
John Doucette ... Skipper
Clifford Arashiro ... Policeman
Fuji ... Pachinko Manager
Samuel Fuller ... Japanese policeman
Peter Gray ... Willy
Robert Hosai ... Doctor
Kazue Ikeda ... Policeman
Frank Jumagai ... Pachinko Manager
DeForest Kelley ... Charlie
Robert Kino ... Policeman
Frank Kwanaga ... File Clerk
Jack Maeshiro ... Bartender
Harris Matsushige ... Office Clerk
Rollin Moriyama ... Pearl Man
Neyle Morrow ... Cpl. Davis
Bob Okazaki ... Mr Hommaru
Robert Quarry ... Phil
Teru Shimada ... Nagaya
Harry Carey Jr. ... John
Barry Coe ... Hanson's Deputy
Reiko Hayakawa ... Mariko'sGirl Friend
Kinuko Ann Ito ... Servant
Sandy Azeka ... Charlie's Girl at Party
Joanna Mitchell ... Mother Superior
Reiko Sato ... Charlie's Girl
May Takasugi ... Bath Attendant
Barbara Uchiyamada ... Japanese Girl
"Thriller with Robert Stack, Robert Ryan, Cameron Mitchell and Brad Dexter (who I think were required by some kind of federal law to be cast in at least 50% of US movies between about 1955 and 1963). A gang of Army dropouts, deserters, AWOL & dishonorable discharge types terrorize Japan with the kinds of crimes only Americans [sic] would commit. Incorruptible and untouchable hero sergeant Stack comes to the rescue and wins the girl too. Interesting to see on recent viewing that there is a clear suggestion that Ryan falls in love with Stack and that Mitchell's conduct is in part motivated by his being a rejected lover. Japan in the 1950's. [Incorrectly titled The Bamboo Curtain by some. . .]" D. Don Siegel


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