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Why are galaxies flat and in one plane instead of in the...

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Question by astronut
Submitted on 3/11/2004
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Why are galaxies flat and in one plane instead of in the form of an electron cloud about a nucleus (galactic matter spining in all planes)?

Is it possible to send a spacecraft into space perpendicular to our galactic plane?

Answer by cool_guy
Submitted on 6/2/2004
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My I start out by saying...
Nice Question astronut!!!

The answer ( I believe ) happens to lie in a combination of Gauss' Law, Differential_Acceleration due to Tidal Forces, and Frame Dragging.  The latter of which we should be further enlightened very soon.

You can simplify the thought process by the following thought experiment:

Whatever is central to each galaxy out there must have some angular momentum.  With this angular momentum the object...array of objects or whatever is to be determined at a later time, will rotate in such a way that it will 'bulge' just like the earth does as it spins around its axis.  This breaking of symmetry will none-the-less effect the space surrounding the object (as I tend to think of 'space' as mearly co-existing around matter for, and only for, reasons relevant to the matter) causing the orbital planes of surrounding matter to coincide with rotational plane of the central material element.


Answer by nfdouglas
Submitted on 2/3/2007
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Galaxy Formation:
Stars in space are going through their normal life cycles and become black holes that wander around accumulating other stars and cosmic materials until they become large black holes.
When two wandering large black holes get close enough to attract each other by gravitation they come together but do not merge, well letís say black holes also have magnetic properties, and for the sake of simplicity letís say they have a North and South Pole like any magnet. Letís further say that when the black hole comes together somehow the South poles come together, I know this does not make sense but letís say they do. What would you have? With both poles of the same polarity together this stops the black holes from combining and would produce a flat magnetic field from these poles working its way back around to the poles on the outside of the black holes North poles, In other works the galaxy becomes a magnetic mono-pole from outside the galaxy. Now letís say there is some reason that this flat plane attracts stars weakly, perhaps magnetically? If Stars are also monopoles they would be attracted to this flat magnetic field and over time would make the galaxy flat.
Keep in mind a second large black hole was recently discovered at Milky Way Galaxy center.
Earthís Magnetic poles switch:
At the present time the Earthís northern hemisphere is where the Sunís galactic plane is observed with the Earths current North Pole being aligned with the Galaxyís South Magnetic pole or the Galactic plane. The earthís South magnetic pole is aligned with the Southern North Galactic pole.
As the Earth and Sun traverse the Galactic plane the Earth's South pole know aligns itself with the Galactic North North Magnetic pole.
This sudden change in direction of pull is what causes some problems, the Earth will react as any magnet would and starts the process of re-alignment.
What happens to a gyroscope that you apply a slight amount of force to, it processes about 90 degrees in another direction. I believe the Earth will do the same and cataclysmic events may occurs during this period, tectonic plates might shift causing volcanoís to erupt, since Earth is a Water Planet the normal forces controlling this water flow will be disturbed perhaps causing tsunamis.
Perhaps traversing the galactic plane causes the Sunís hot surface to be spread out far enough to affect earth by burning most of the surface objects on earth, remember the glass ten feet down in Egypt and Lots wife turns to stone and the sand is turned to Glass.
A Global Warming Hypothesis:
There is no doubt that Earth is getting warmer, in my 67 years I have seen the results, perhaps this is due to the fact we are getting closer to the galactic plane where more objects are gathered and somehow caused the Sun to get warmer which affects Earth. Maybe after the transit global warming will go away in about the same time it occurred.


Answer by ASDASD
Submitted on 5/20/2007
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i think you should do it and then meeeerrbnaisdn I really want to know the answer


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