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How many years is golden capable of breeding, How old is too...

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Question by Lauren
Submitted on 3/9/2004
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How many years is golden capable of breeding, How old is too old for a golden to become pregnant?

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 3/15/2004
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since a retrievers life span is 10-15 years I would be wary of breeding after 8 years. Now you would know better since you know if your dog is very healthy, etc but if she skipped a few heats and went into heat again then I wouldn't breed. My friends tried that and their dog died giving premature birth.:(
As long as they are having heats they are capable of breeding but as they get older there is that risk of being too old and having low energy levels. It's the owners choice.


Answer by Mike
Submitted on 3/19/2004
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Tough question. The answer is "it depends". Many factors go into determining how long a female is fertile or safe to breed. General health, physical condition, lineage (Bloodline), diseases or parasites that the dog has contracted over its' lifetime, are all factors that go into the decision making process.

Some females may be washed up at four or five, others may make good breeding canditates at eight or nine. It just depends upon the individual dog and her history.

I'm sorry but there is no one size fits all answer or approach.


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