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What are fractal algorithms?

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Question by sumita
Submitted on 3/8/2004
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What are fractal algorithms?

Answer by Asim Kazmi
Submitted on 5/20/2004
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Fractals are geometric implementation of complex phenomenon. Fractal exist in nature so often for example Lake, snow flakes etc. Mandelbrot coined this name "Fractal" before the discovery of fractals there was no identification of Fractals in Algebra. so, we can sat that Fractals are Algebraic implementation of Complex Phenomenon.


Answer by Maoul
Submitted on 10/3/2004
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Fractal Algorithm are expression of mathematical equation within nature. Based on a simple expression or formualar or equation, just like the simple question: Why, How, WHO, gives us answers to the daily problems we face. Fractal as well is a simple equation of variables, where from the question, the solutions are fed back into the problem again until it reaches a sastisfying state less bigger then the binary state of nature. In other word not exceeding the value of two. In the biggining The Most High created everything in two, from one single cells=one single speck of light=one single source= one single word. These are the different ways yet meanning the samething, of how from science to religion, we have come to express these complex, chaotic yet simple mysteries in the seen and unseen universe.

Fractals really are, the very structure of nature itself. We talk about the cycle of life,the feeding process between species in nature. The interdependance of planet and galaxies and stars. How everything is different and similar the same time. From the heart of an atom to structure of heavenly bodies, everything is acting the same vibrating act. Which is define by the self feeding of the results from the equation into the equation itself, "Rien ne perte, rien ne cree, tout se transforme", a word of a wise french learned man(may he soul rest in peace, knows as "self similar and dependant of scale"
Qur'an ...Everything on earth and in heaven gives praise to Allah...;...Whatever on earth and in heaven prosterate to Allah willingly or unwillingly...; Allahu Akbar.

Qur'an Whenever Allah desires something, He just said Be, for the thing to become.
Bible: In the beginning the was, the word. The word was with God(Most High)...,

It all started simple, today thanks to scientist(May Allah Pays them for infinite efforts), today that is being confirmed through thier discoveries.


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