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i have a 3 month old shih tzu named boomer. he is the most...

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Question by Boomer's mom
Submitted on 3/6/2004
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i have a 3 month old shih tzu named boomer.  he is the most delightful animal i have ever encountered. but the last 3 days i have noticed he is throwing up yellow mucous, much like Love My Max is experiencing.  he does seem to be hungry at these times. we feed proplan dry puppy food, and our big dogs get proplan adult food, lamb and rice.  boomer INSISTS he eat the big dog food and is constantly stealing our Lab's food out of her dish before he will even touch his puppy food.  can this be the problem?  he has been vaccinated for Parvo.  

Answer by intel100
Submitted on 5/1/2004
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my shih-tzu did this too the first few days. did you just get him maybe the food the shop/breeder fed him was different and agreed with him. you should feed your dogs at different times and keep the other busy while doing so. make sure you feed the dominant dog first. if the mucus starts to smell bad or turns green or brown, take him to the vet right away he might have a kidney or bowel problem. Good luck!!


Answer by lovely
Submitted on 12/8/2006
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I have a 5 months old handsome Shih Tzu named Chewbacca.  I feed him Royal Canine and he loves it.  Now when I was eating one day he was in my face whinning for some and I gave him a little about 3 hours later he threw it up and it was yellow mucous in it.  I decided never to give him any human food again.  So now it's just Royal Canine for my baby boy and when he turns 10 month old he will only eat Royal Canine for Shih Tzu. oh and one more thing do not let your baby chew on bones he/she will also throw up.


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