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We have a 5 month old chi that we cannot get to stay still...

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Question by Brian
Submitted on 3/4/2004
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We have a 5 month old chi that we cannot get to stay still for toe nail clipping.  We've been trying since 6 weeks to get her use to having her toes held, we introduced the clippers to her and attempt to distract her with food, but so far nothing has helped.  Is this common and any advise on how to over come this.

Answer by chi_gal
Submitted on 3/5/2004
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I share your pain.  I have 3, 2 males and a female.  The males absolutely hate it and squirm.  It helps if my boyfriend holds the male in a towel and then I start doing the clipping.  We have to pause for rest and praise when one foot is done, though.  If I don't have help I have tried doing one foot and giving a treat, with a long rest in between feet.  


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 3/10/2004
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I'm pretty lucky, both my girls tolerate it fairly well.  I put them on their backs in my lap and off we go.  I do one foot at a time, praise after each foot and give a treat when all done.  

I like the idea of using a towel to secure the dog, pull out one paw at a time.  Make sure you never cut the quick, that hurts them, better to take off too little and do it more often.

Firm "This is going to happen" along with soothing talk can also help.


Answer by KMP
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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We had the same problem with our 5 month old. My husband has to hold him and I do the clipping while we both sing in the voice of
White Fang from the old Soupy Sales Show. It calms him right down so he stops sqirmming, and we praise him afterwards and give him a little celery stick. He loves it!
It seems to get easier as he gets older.


Answer by proudnewowner
Submitted on 5/16/2004
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I have the same problem with my 13 week old chi. He cries and moves. I tried clipping his nails while he was in a deep sleep. It worked perfectly! He didn't even know I was ther!


Answer by two chis
Submitted on 12/30/2005
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I started playing with my dogs feet all the time when they were young. You can still do that. when you are holding them, rub, massage,and lightly squeeze their legs and paws. They will get used to the feel and not mind it anymore. I had to hold my dogs with a towel also, but not anymore. Their feet are their safety device, and they don't want anything to damage them, so they do what they can to protect them. Good Luck. It worked for me. but you must do it often.


Answer by Wittle
Submitted on 3/25/2006
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I have a 1 year old Chihuahua. She used to not let anyone come near her feet AT ALL!! So when I got the clippers, every night I would use them to clip my own nails in front of her and say "see it doesn't hurt" and try to get her to smell the clippers so she knew they were ok. Slowly I would try to just clip one nail. Even if you only get one in at first, you can ease into it. It took a good couple weeks of everything just trying to get one nail clipped (make sure you don't do it too short, it can bleed!). Finally she got used to it and she now lets me do it. She will try to pull her paw away but I say "good girl bebe its ok!" and eventually (10 minutes) I can get them all done.


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