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Since the first radio signals were broadcast and for the...

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Question by Ron
Submitted on 7/27/2003
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Since the first radio signals were broadcast and for the sake of argument assuming these radio signals were strong enough to leave earth and continue out in to space how far have the signals traveled?

Answer by tniemi
Submitted on 8/5/2003
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Radio signals travel at the speed of light.

In 1880ís Heinrich Hertz produced electromagnetic waves and these waves are now 123 light years from us (2003 minus 1880). This is called the radio (or information) bubble surrounding our civilisation.


Answer by NickieNickieNineDoors
Submitted on 5/16/2004
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WTF!!!!!!! i wanted to know about the history of the radio what freaky deaky site is this!


Answer by SPOCK2004
Submitted on 8/25/2004
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TNIEMI  is correct.

What I don't understand is why ET is NOT sending any radio or any other signals.  I agree we may be missing some or most of the signals but I figure we should have by now, received SOME signals.  If ET'sdo exist and I assume they are far more advanced than us.  (Perhaps by as much as 1 - 2 million years).  Which means radio or any other signals would have emanated from those regions 1-2 million years ago.   OR MAYBE we have to go beyond those ranges for intelligent enough life forms to exist.  Remember the more we go outwards the more stars with habitable worlds.   OR are we truly very very unique and we are the only intelligent life forms?   Granted we are at the perfect distance from the sun and the gas giants are at a good distance away from us.  That our moon is at a perfect distance from us and the sun to give us the perfect solar eclipse.  (What are the odds of that?)  Earth is most certainly very unique.
But I refuse to believe in a lonely isolated planet with perhaps another 4billion or so years of habitable life left.  Maybe I am being too impatient. lol

Just my 2 cents


Answer by Kev
Submitted on 5/5/2005
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Well, I would have to say the answer by tniemi was quite correct as the distance traveled by those signals is relative to the speed at which they were sent.


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