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...use 220 v socket to run my 110 v Air conditioner?

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Question by pete
Submitted on 7/27/2003
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can i use 220 v socket to run my 110 v Air conditioner?

Answer by r3
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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yes id the 220v breaker take one wire off and put white tape on it. then go to the sockett and find that same wire you can do this by turning on the brekern and finding the one that  has voltage this is the hot wire the other wire you will put white tape on it and it will be id as the netural wire. now go get a 120v 15a plug and put the white tape netural wire to the silver looking phillips bolt then the wire you id as the hot wire put it on the brass looking phillips bolt then the other wire should be green put it with the green phillips bolt on top of the recptacle. ok all most done go get a 15a 120 v breaker look at the panel or take the old 220v breaker off and take it to the supply house and tell them what your doing they will hook you up. now put that breaker in the slot dont matter top or bottom just put it in and connect the wire you took off to it now get a blank for the missing space in the panel. make sure that the green wire in the panel is connected if you do not have a ground wire make sure that you make the recptacle as such no ground. now your ready to see your handy work. turn on the breaker check the voltage at the recptacle it shoul be 120v + or -. as long as you have around that voltage your ok. also if you do have a ground make sure that you have 120 to ground. if not go back and make sure in the panel that the ground green wire is with the bare or green wires that it your done


Answer by passingthru
Submitted on 5/8/2006
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Answer by r3 is too poorly written.  
Even if an extremely detailed answer is given, it should not be tried by an amateur.  It's too easy to mix up the neutral and hot.  Connect the wrong one to ground and you'll know the consequence right a way.  It is also not good enough to just measure around 120V from the 2 wires.  You also need to get a polarity and ground right.  ACs needs to be grounded for safety reasons.  
I once asked my building's handyman if he knew whether the bigger or smaller slot was hot (the polarized plug).  His answer was if you plugged it in and it works, your OK.  He couldn't be more WRONG.  
Bottom line, get a licensed electrician to do these kinds of work.
Ask your handy man how does the ground protect you and then ask a licensed electrician same question.  You'd be surprised how little your handy man expert really knows.


Answer by kkj
Submitted on 10/8/2006
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what difrent aircondition amiper between the 110v- 220


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