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I agree completely with the ideology behind sXe, but i don't...

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Question by CAM
Submitted on 7/27/2003
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I agree completely with the ideology behind sXe, but i don't truly enjoy the music or shows associated with being sXe.  Am i sXe, or just "clean."

Answer by sswildthingss
Submitted on 8/13/2003
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i think you are just "clean" because straight edge has a lot to do with the music.


Answer by angelXwithXbloodyXknuckles
Submitted on 10/8/2003
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Yes it has to do with the music. Yes it has to do with the discipline. But I don't think it's all about the shows or the beating up of kids with cigarettes. If you like the music, listen to it, support it. If you'd rather listen to Cottonmouth Kings that's your right(though you should be beaten for it) but I think to really really be edge you have to, on some level understand the roots and people, which you can't do by sitting at home away from the scene.


Answer by x scott x
Submitted on 1/8/2004
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yeah you are just clean.. sXe is all about the music


Answer by David
Submitted on 1/18/2004
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If you don't have an open mind to music that makes you think and has a good message to it then you're not sXe.


Answer by jabele
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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I don't understand why there is so much violence at the shows.  I understand the need to express emotions and dance, but I don't see how thrashing about and causing bodily injury to yourself and others is sxe if the basic idea behind sxe is to do what is best for one's body.  Do I have the idea wrong?  Or is this an accepted form of violence?  Where do you draw the line?  I do enjoy listening to the music.  However, I have a fear of being hurt and do not attend many shows because of this reason.


Answer by Noah
Submitted on 3/7/2004
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Yeah "angel with bloody knuckles", i dont understand reasoning on beating someone up for not being an edge. isnt the idea to do whats best for your body? does that mean beating people up and shoving your beliefs down everyone elses throats? im not assaulting you or being a prick, im just curiuos.


Answer by Kane
Submitted on 4/27/2004
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i call myself straight edge even though i acual am a Grunger. i like The Sex Pistols and Miner Threat and i am a Socialist and i follow all the rules. Why cant i still be really sXe. PS. I lOVE PORN.


Answer by christine
Submitted on 8/10/2004
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wait, since when is sXe all about the music? i thought it was about a lifestyle, a philosophy, a commitment, now you're not sXe if you don't listen to music that makes you have an open mind? That sounds pretty close minded if you ask me. sXe is about being yourself so if she doesn't like the music she doesn't like it.


Answer by edge
Submitted on 9/4/2004
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Straight edge is about music. Straight edge is not about violence anyone who beats someone up for not believing the same thing as them is not straight edge. Straight edge has nothing to do with violence or hurting people.
People don't really get hurt at shows, maybe a bruise here and there but dancing is not meant to hurt anyone it's all in good fun and people do it to show their love for the band. Think, if you were in a band and everyone was just standing around in the crowd you wouldn't feel like you were being appreciated, but if everyone was going off with windmills, spinning kicks and floor punches I bet you'd be excited and feel like you're getting through to the crowd.
Anyway, never push your beliefs on anyone. Just live your life and let them live theirs. Straight edge isn't about taking care of your body it's about having a clear head. You can't fight for what's right if your not thinking straight, Kane, masturbation is a vice that controls you, if you jerk off, you're not straight edge. It's an addiction, just like alcohol and cocaine. Stay true kids.


Answer by xhellox
Submitted on 2/6/2005
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hmm.. i'm just starting to find out about all this sxe stuff..
and i appreciate the music, but don't listen to it.. i listen to.. tool and tori amos and cursive and random alternative stuff. and i don't dress "punk" (cringes at stereotype). i dress normal.
while i comply with the sxe philosophy, if i were to label myself "straight-edge" would i get my ass kicked by the hardcore kids?


Answer by travis@buddyhead.com
Submitted on 3/3/2005
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unless you are a flaming closet-case homosexual, with small penis-size issues... then i highly doubt you are sXe.


Answer by faris
Submitted on 5/18/2005
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احب المشاركه


Answer by Pat
Submitted on 11/27/2005
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Most of my friends are sXe, atleast they are now. i use to be, i smoke pot casualy, i dont consider myself a stoner. i do drink alot thou. I listen to the music, i can stop the pot anytime. unfortunatly i made the big mistake of trying cigarettes, that i can not stop. i really wanna quit before my parents catch me. it is easy to say smoking is bad for you and you should quit when you have never smoked, but when you smoke health is not your biggest concern tleast not for me.


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