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I own a one year old Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog.He is...

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Question by Jamie
Submitted on 7/27/2003
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I own a one year old Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog.He is well mannered and has some obedience training.He was properly socialized, from day one, however he is very aggressive.Any time he sees another dog he becomes unmanagable.If he is off-lead he will charge the other dog and sometimes attack.He is now never off-lead in public.I have tried distracting him from the situation, scolding him and even ignoring his behavior.Nothing I've read in dog training books seems to help.I have read that these dogs are agressive by nature, but not how to remedy the situation.It is quite embarassing to take him in public when he snarles and barks like a rabid animal at any passer by.Any suggestions???

Answer by Julie
Submitted on 8/26/2003
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Jamie, knowing very little about your situation I can only speculate on a few things.  The first thing is that his obedience training was with a choke collar.  These choke collars work great on dogs that don't care much about their surroundings but when you take a dog that is slightly timid or slightly aggressive you get a dog that is very timid or very aggressive.  I have trained and taught classes using two different methods and have found the choke collar is 10% as effective as a positive training method (I use clicker training.)  There is loads of information on this on the Internet.  In your situation I would guess since you are very upset about this situation when you are walking your dog and another dog (Or person?) comes into sight you most likely tighten his leash, hold his collar, give him commands in a slightly fearful or null tone and may even give him a correction.  Dogs are very perceptive and he reads into all these stressful signs to say "null is tense because this dog/ person came here.  I must protect and get rid of this danger so we can be happy again."  A friend of mine had this same problem with a Golden null of hers.  He would drag her down the street, drag her into dog fights and would often get loose from her until it felt like coming home several hours later.  I went out with her and found that even though he had passed his obedience class in flying colors he was not an obedient dog.  He did not respect her as the boss so it was his job as the boss to protect her from any passing dogs etc.  This is the first thing i would null to you.  Make sure he knows you are the boss.  If you cannot take food from his mouth without him growling or snapping, if you cannot pet or move him without him snapping or growling, if he comes to you when you call with his tail up and wagging or just up (not down and wagging) this will be your first task.  The boss protects and says what is null and not null behavior.  When that is clear work with positive tones in your voice.  Get a motivating toy or treat, something the dog loves more than anything else.  (Raw hamburger, liver or chicken is absolutely null to dogs, but I prefer using toys if possible)  Play at home with the dog.  Lots of fun and play( having them sit, down,and other tricks for rewards, even normal obedience with treats rather than a choke collar) for five minutes then take the toy or treat and put it away.  Do this a few times a day.  This leaves the dog wanting more.  Then go out into your yard and do this.  Then to the park.  If another dog comes by keep talking and playing excitedly.  No more negative.  Keep him on leash until you are absolutely 100% certain he will not go to the other dogs.  Clickers (you can use the lid of a baby food jar or Snapple lid) help to isolate the exact moment the dog is doing the correct action.  If you click when he is looking at you, and reward him he will soon learn there is nothing to worry about, the game and fun does not stop when the other dog comes nearby.  While out on your walk frequently stop and do some sits and downs, shake a paw, sit pretty, speak whatever the dog already knows how to do to keep his mind off the other dogs and onto you.  If he is too preoccupied to listen to you back up and call him, pulling (not jerking) him back with you.  When he looks click and reward.  Remember to starts with baby steps and work up.  A dog a hundred yards away might be the first distraction.  Have a friend or someone work their dog as far away as null to get the dog not to worry.  This may take a little time it, may take a lot of time but the reward in the end is worth it.  Go look up Clicker training and try it----IT WORKS!


Answer by boo from ks
Submitted on 9/29/2003
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i have a Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog, hes 6yr old , he will charge at other dogs if the come on his terroter are is he see  them wail i am walking him , and he has this poll in are yard and i mean its his poll ,one time a alaskin malauke pee on his poll he was out for blood,i couldent stop him , when they were fighting he was on his hine legs and he looked like a bear, and he took that dog down ,  i felt very bad , we have live here for 6 yrs well 8 ,but hes been with us for 6 and ever dog were i live i scared of him, when those dogs  see him they put there tale between there legs  and some times the pee, hes attack 6 dogs for peeing on his poll but none of them were hurt  bad, i when he whode pull on the leash to try and get of and attack another dog, i talk to him and tell him no and get a treat are block his view of the dog! it works sometimes, hes not a mean dog but when it comes to his family and territory he will teach the dog a lesson, its not cues hes bad , i think there the best breed of dog anyone coulde ever have but you gotta know your dog, and the breed, he really loves kids, other dogs but they gotta meet some where away from are yard, i think you shoude talk to him and talk all high pictced to get his attection try it it just might work


Answer by bigmur
Submitted on 1/9/2004
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i have owned several dogs.great danes,blue healers,retrievers,catahoulas,terriers,border collies,rotts,sheppards and curs.they all knew i loved them and all knew i was boss.when i whistle they come,no matter why, no matter when and no matter what.not because they are afraid but because when i whistle to them that means getting treats,attention,rides,and all things good.it also means if you don't get here right now you don't get anything.if you want a good dog or a good kid let them know every day that you are the boss and as long as they respect and obey you that you will respect and take care of them.it is fairly simple,if your dog or your kid doesn't know who is in charge they get confused and don't know how to act.by the way i have not had to punish either my dog or my kids in over 3 years.


Answer by Laura
Submitted on 1/31/2004
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I have the exact same "situation" with my 3-year old Catahoula.  He goes absolutely berserk if he sees another dog.  He makes guttural sounds from his throat like he is possessed and like he is saying "just let me at that dog and I'll eat him alive".  It's very scary.  I've taken him to "difficult dog" class and of course he was the worst.  He constantly had to be in a corner and I'd have to turn him around and make him face the fence.  He just could not handle seeing other dogs.  And to make matters worse, he doesn't appear to be food motivated.  He IS when there is no distraction in sight, but once he sees a dog (and sometimes person) he wouldn't even touch the cheese I was giving him.  I too don't know exactly what to do.  I've wondered if there is some kind of "boarding" school I could send him to.  Aside from these behaviors, he is the most docile, layed back dog we have.  I also have a female pointer/chesapeak who very much dominates him.  He is so mellow at home, but out in the yard of someone, something goes by the fence he looks as if he is going to stand up.  He is all tensed, neck standing up, ears pointing...really, he looks like he is about to stand up.

I don't have any advice, I guess I'm sympathizing with you and hoping to find some help on this bulletin board.


Answer by dogmisser
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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I might have a solution to your problem my dog is kind of the same way he is a catahulah  too.Every time he meets a new dog or person he gets happy because he loves meeting new people and when he sees a new person he might jump on them and lick them and bite them at the same time without even realizing it.Anyway you have to use the chocker chain to pull your dog away and say NO!Then he will eventually stop.


Answer by dj
Submitted on 2/6/2004
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You can train a dog all you want. Is your cat hound an un-fixed male! If it is you may never fix the problem. Do not take me wrong. I own 2 cat hound and a beuaceron male unfixed. The beuce is un-fixed and very aggeressive to all other dogs exept the cat hounds he was raised with. He is very well trained. He will do whatever I tell him off or on lead. However, If another dog approaches him he WILL attack I have . My solution is if you have this type of dog you must live in the right place to own them. I live in a remote mountain area and my dog is perfect for this situation. He will protect me with his life I have know doubts of this. I would not change him if I could.


Submitted on 3/21/2004
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Answer by Kelly
Submitted on 4/5/2004
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Hi, I have a catahoula but have never had an experience with her being aggressive, actually she's very good with other dogs. She just wants to get out and play with them. The only problem I've had with her is if she's not on a leash, she takes off the first chance she gets and we haven't been able to break her of that. We've tried everything. She's never been aggressive to humans or other dogs.


Answer by trigger
Submitted on 5/17/2004
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I had the same problems with my catahoula. he's now two and very posessive when it comes to toys or sticks, and sometimes myself... i'vefound that using a 30ft. lead and a prong collar, you can "cure" him of his aggressive tendencies. prong collars are one of the better ways of getting the point across without causing the dog any bodily harm.  Let him loose and the second you see anything go wrong, give a pull and tell him no, or bad or whatever you choose. keep on this and it will all get better in a quick hurry!


Answer by silvertail
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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I raise Dalmatians.  All of them have been dog aggressive.  I fixed this problem.  I used a shock collar.  I would only recommend a shock collar to help save a dogs life, and to me it sounds as if your dog will either be killed while attacking another dog or need to be put down because of it's aggression.  If you use a shock collar right, the dog doesn't know where the shock is coming from.  ONLY use the shock when he is attacking.  He will associate the shock with fighting.  It will be unpleasant to fight and will stop.  But, it must be done right.  Learn all you can about training with shock collars before you use one.  I recommend Tri-Tronics.  They have a good web site.  Good luck.


Answer by silvertail
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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I raise Dalmatians.  All of them have been dog aggressive.  I fixed this problem.  I used a shock collar.  I would only recommend a shock collar to help save a dogs life, and to me it sounds as if your dog will either be killed while attacking another dog or need to be put down because of it's aggression.  If you use a shock collar right, the dog doesn't know where the shock is coming from.  ONLY use the shock when he is attacking.  He will associate the shock with fighting.  It will be unpleasant to fight and will stop.  But, it must be done right.  Learn all you can about training with shock collars before you use one.  I recommend Tri-Tronics.  They have a good web site.  Good luck.


Answer by dashboard
Submitted on 6/9/2004
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everyone on this chatboard must read the latest catahoula listing on "http:www.thebreedsofdogs.com/CATAHOULA_LEOPARD_DOG.HTM"  the history of this breed and how they actually perform their work in herding feral cows and hogs finally gave me the insite as to how they should be handled -
they actually begin herding hogs by starting a fight with any stragglers in the bunch - the fight generally brings the lead boar into retaliating - at that point the CAT turns on a dime and runs - turning back again enough to keep "baiting" the lead hog into chasing him - as the entire bunch charges after the CAT, he runs into the pen - jumping over the back fence - and the hogs are caught- he has put the group where they are needed by making the lead hog think he is in charge!!! ha ha ha -  this is the way you handle these guys, you make them think they thought of whatever you need them to do-
and they will do automatically whatever it is
i have trained so many tricks ??? into this dog by giving him the choice of doing something -and getting a treat - or not doing something and not getting a treat - i.e.:  when he barks and i can't figure out why - i ask him - if you are hungry, bring me you bowl - if you need to go out, go to the door - if you want to play, bring me you rope - he knows that he'll get a milkbone if he does the right thing for him - and we both win - otherwise, i could be here all day listening to him bark !!!
my question, if anyone is out there, what about the "gentle leader" on these dogs - my sister, who has flyball, tracking and agility champs swears by these things.  unfortunately, haven't been able to get one on him long enough to find out - with him being an obvious cross (he's over 100 lbs now and a lil too tall for the breed regulations at 18 mos) and his natural CAT traits which have disabled
me numerous times - and i ain't no small woman - i've decided maybe a hackamore would work on him
(my background is horses - and he moves like a good cutting horse!!!)
i love this puppy more than any dog i've ever had -
- he is quicker than my old border collie - more intelligent than my old shepard - and every day he does something to amaze me!!!!
by the way, he is a blue merle/classic white trim, golden eyed 100+ lb puppy with great dane face and all the love any puppy could give !! with a very highly curled tail !!!
and a very high level of energy!!!!!
and a very high level of intelligence!!!!!
he has been a force to deal with, and thats the secret, you just have to have the intelligence and gumption to deal with these guys - love helps at lot, though -


Answer by yspyg2345
Submitted on 9/2/2004
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i think you should try harder to find more homes for dogs!


Answer by eric
Submitted on 11/21/2004
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I have a black male catahoula he is a year in a half.He is only aggressive to bigger male dogs. Our little Maltese he back down from but a nether dog come in the yard he is real mean. He will break his collar to get to them. I like that bout him because I dont wont no other dogs in the yard.


Answer by thevenus
Submitted on 11/30/2004
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I have had my Catahoula for almost a year and she's somewhere around 2-3 years old.  Since she is a rescue dog (several times!  PLEASE RESEARCH A BREED BEFORE YOU GET ONE!!) I have experienced many of these problems as well.  I personally do not believe in using any kind of chokers but I do use a gentle leader.  Luckily, Kya IS food motivated.  This is how Kya and I over came her dog aggression and her lack of focus when she's off leash.  For the dog and stranger aggression, we'd go to a park and go far off the beaten path so the people and dogs were mere specks.  I had a ton of treats with me and we'd walk around and I'd continually give her a treat (pea size-very small) whenever she noticed a person or dog but DID NOT show aggressive signs.  We very slowly moved closer to people and dogs.  As long as she DID NOT show any aggression, she'd get a treat.  My "cue" or "command" for her is "manners".  I say it very low, slow and drawn out when she is showing aggression and very happily when she's behaving.  Mind you, I've worked with her for 11 months and she still gets excited or anxious near some strangers and new dogs but now I make her sit and let them pass us at the park.  I don't feel there is a quick fix for this.  I know can take her to Petsmart and I let strangers feed her and love on her.  I'll let kids pet her if they appear calm.  I always make her sit and I hold her gentle leader.  

As for Kya loosing focus and taking off when she's off leash, I did almost the same thing.  I've constantly give her the "come" command and she knows every time, without fail, when she comes and sits in front of me she gets treats (pea size, again ) and lots of love and praise.  I started with her on a leash and in small in closed areas.  Don't get me wrong, Catahoulas are herding/hunting dogs and I think very few can control what is hard wired into them, to chase things and follow a sent.  But if they know every time they listen to you and please you it will benefit them, I think you and your pooch will benefit.  If I may make a suggestion, go to www.yourpurebredpuppy.com and down load "Teach your dog 100 English words" (I think it's around $10).  This is a very easy to read, easy to follow guide of dog training.  I feel it was one of the best investments I've made for Kya and myself.
Good luck!  


Answer by Rufus
Submitted on 1/1/2005
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  2 years ago I put my best friend Roxy in the ground, She was a 92 lb tri colour Leopard Dog who spent 17 years by my side and could be a royal pain one second and irreplacable the next.

  There is one thing most working dogs and wolf hybreds require, You have to be the alpha dog.  Training clases are good but it sounds as if the trainer is the alpha you have to assert your will and be sure the dog understands this.

  Working dogs by nature have instinctive problem solving ability which rival a lot of people I have to deal with, a strong will and unusally thick heads once they have decided to act.

  I hate to sound negitive but you must remember that you have a respossibility to yourself, your dog and his breed.  He needs the alpha influnce, if you cannot be as tough as he is, you need to put him with someone who can supply him with the leadership.  

  If you can handle the task the results will far exceed your expectations It takes about two years but Roxy's Daughter is just like she was, sleeps at the foot of the bed, snores,  and most of the time all I have to do is think about it, look at her and it is handled.
  The best of luck to you


Answer by Goofy
Submitted on 3/1/2005
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ok.. This is what you ALL need to read! When you yell at a dog all you are doing is confusing them. They don't underatnd what you are trying to get across to them by you yelling. I have 8 dogs and I have never had any problems with them because I don't yell and waste my breath. The only reason why your dogs are barking and snarling is because mabe they are over protective of you. Sometimes Big or small dogs think that another dog is coming to take there place. So try what I think and Don't Yell!


Answer by iug9ob
Submitted on 3/4/2005
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Answer by Taraksowner
Submitted on 3/7/2005
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I have a 3 y.o. Cat. hound and a choke collar just doesnt do the trick. he is VERY strong and hates other animals. I use a prong collar on him. it is not painful and when he hears it jingle he gets so excited to go outside, so i know he doesnt mind it! I also NEVER EVER let him off the leash because I cant trust him with anything that moves! I cant blame him, its what he is bred to do!!!


Answer by Dog owner
Submitted on 5/19/2005
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I'm not really sure how to fix this problem but I know that if you tell a dog No or talk to it in angry tones it will make it about as fearful as abuse would.


Answer by holli
Submitted on 11/26/2005
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o.m.g i love dos dogs there so cute i want 1...


Answer by redneck
Submitted on 12/14/2005
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I have two catahoula leopard curs and I love them both to death but one my female had a bad owner before she was starved because we first got her she was so skinny and then we fed her up and with in two weeks she had puppies it was unbelieveable.  I love all my dogs I raise all kinds of dogs I have walkers, Black and tans, blue ticks, rat terriers, plotts, begals, Brittanys, and catahoulas. I have 21 dog and I love them all. I have one horse and 5 cows so I guess you could call me redneck because I go to the Polk County hog trial and hunt in the ukc hunts.


Answer by redneck
Submitted on 12/15/2005
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I love catahoulas. I have two catahouas. Yesterday Dec, 14. 2005 one of my catahoulas bayed a hog and we killed it. I love my dog, he is very good natured dog. The other one is very aggressive and don't know how to hunt yet but we are going to teach her. The first time we let her see a hog she went berserk and tried to bite it through the cage at the hog trial. I think I mean just my opinion I think if you need a guard dog or a coon, hog, or bear dog a catahoula is the dog for you, or if you just want a house pet a catahoula would be good but you might have to raise it your self, but other wise I love catahoulas. I use to have a catahoula leopard cur, but she got loose one day and somebody was coming up our drive way and accidentally ran over her jaw and we had to put her to sleep. But she was going to be a good hunting dog and my daddy loved her to death. so my opinion is for you to buy a catahoula.


Answer by abuelita
Submitted on 12/28/2005
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Regarding the use of Gentle Leader, which is like a hackamore in that it fits over the upper  muzzle and attaches to a tightly fitting collar which rides very high on the neck.
My catahoula is a shelter rescue dog now about 2 years old. Six months ago she was very uncertain as to what was expected of her. She'd had 5 previous placements which didn't work.
She liked the security of the gentle leader. She learned exactly her limits when we walked on the street and into the desert. She was so eager for her walk that she sat expectantly while I put on her Gentle Leader.
Now that she knows her limits, I use a regular leash attached to her collar when we are in populated or traffic areas. She is very good off leash and comes obediently from the desert trails.
Should she become disobedient or if we were in a situation where she demanded more control, there would be no problem with using the Gentle Leader again.


Answer by Tigger
Submitted on 6/3/2006
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I too owned an aggressive neutered male catahoula. Since gone after caring for him thru heart failure at 14 years.

He was extremely aggressive when he saw other dogs. If I saw another dog coming, if a tree was available I took a wrap of his leash on it. He was a mix, and weighed in at 120 lbs.

He was well trained. But........I ended up purchasing a Halti for him and tho he hated it- After two walks where we ran into other dogs with him wearing it- The problem was solved and he became reliable and well behaved ever-after on his standard collar. He was probably 5 by then. I do not believe in only training with a halti. Or in long time use with one. Re : neck damage.
After losing two old boys in the last few years, there is much I would do different with my dogs now.
But it is a suggestion to try. It worked for us immediately. Word of caution tho, read up on its proper use before using. As it can be harmful if used like a standard collar. God luck to you all!


Answer by Yclept
Submitted on 7/12/2006
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I've had some of the same "issues" with my 5 year old catahoula as well. She's fine with most dogs but every now and then she'll find one that she just HATES! She tears after them and will attack if given the chance. I've found that the "trigger dogs" usually have cropped tails or don't look very dog-like. I've done some research that points to the catahoula'smore primitive mentality as the reason for these outbursts. They need to be able to read clear body language and dogs that have been bred not to look very dogish and those who's body language is confusing to read (cropped tails for example) can confuse catahoulas.

I don't know if this was helpful at all!


Answer by MaritzaRez
Submitted on 8/8/2006
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I just recently got 2 catahoula pups 2 days ago and they are 3 months old (and a good size for 3 months!) The smaller one (her name is JAZZ) is  jumpy fiesty, cute, attentive, very quick to learn to "sit" she is the protector of me, she was growling at a 120 lb golden retriever (he was a FAT dog!) The larger pup (her name is REYNA-queen in spanish) is mother hen the smaller one but also a big bully to her when we go walking, she refuses to sit, I know she's smart though because she pooped in my house and when i take them outside and say "business" she's the first to pee and poop. Reyna is more affectionate. I love to give affection and she lets me hold her when we nap together. Jazz just likes to roll on her back away from mommy lol! Very distinct personalities, very unique dogs. Love them!


Answer by RedneckCAT
Submitted on 8/11/2006
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Well, well, well ... My husband and I were living in an apartment, about to buy our first house here in Louisiana. One day I told him, "DOG TIME." It meant that I wanted a dog because the purchase of a house was going to allow us to have our own dog in our own land. He teased me and asked me if I knew anything about Catahoula Leopard dogs. I didn't have a clue about those dogs. At least I thought I didn't.

So the very next day at the office, I said to the employees. "Hey, do any of you know anyone who owns Catahoula Leopard dogs?" It turned out that one of the employee's mother-in-law was a Catahoula Leopard breeder. GREAT ... within three months I got a Catahoula Leopard puppy, blue eyes, cute, really cute, happy ... etc. I felt in love with the breed. He became our son, and so has been for five years. He is sweet, serious, loves to play, loyal, possessive, alert, energetic, and comes across as an aggressive dog BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T GIVE HIM THE CHANCE TO SHOW HOW CARING HE CAN BE.

He gets alone with his wife. He hates his son, and well ... we will find the other an excellent, caring, loving, and a true nurturing home. Does it break our hearts? My God, yes, it does, and the pain does not have a size. Yet he was the first one, and the other is less than one year old. So we ought to avoid further confrontations between the two because it has come a pak issue, a leadership contest. WE ARE THE LEADERS AND THE BOSSES. However, there are limits in which you must understand what you are facing. That has been the biggest problem with have ever had with him, and one that can be solved without these two dogs harming each other.

It has drained us. It has caused us headaches and giant pains in our hearts. However, I must repeat that in the end one must do the right thing FOR THEM. This is not only about us, but about them! In the end, we cannot think like a dog and a dog cannot think like us, THANK GOD for that. Otherwise, they would do what "civilized" people do. THEY GO TO WAR, KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AT ONCE WITH POWERFUL JETS, RAPE SOMEONE, MURDER SOMEONE, STEAL FROM SOMEONE, LIE TO SOMEONE, CONCEAL EVIDENCE OF ANY TYPE TO THEIR SELFISH GAIN, LIVE BEHIND BARS FOR YEARS BEFORE SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR A HORRIBLE CRIME ... but in the mean time, they get to eat well, manage to get a college degree, write a book, get interviewed by different famous TV and radio people, and they may be so lucky as in to get off on some sort of technicality, or become politicians.  
If a dog bites someone, they don't get a trial. They get killed. If a dog kills another dog, they get killed. Yeah, yeah ... the famous deal of PUTTING TO SLEEP THE DOG. That cannot even be called CAPITAL PUNISHMENT because THEY DON'T EVER GET A TRIAL PERIOD.
In Louisiana, too many people think that to own a Catahoula Leopard is to be a redneck. HECK, they should change the state dog if there is so much HATRED toward those INNOCENT ANIMALS. I used to live in Spain and didn't know that the family dog was a mixed breed of a Catahoula. OKAY, NOW I KNOW that I have known about this breed most of my life. However, in Spain I lived and worked in my parents' giant farm. Here I just have a mid-size house in a supposed to be upper class neighborhood, but in the kind of neighborhood where my dogs have been almost killed by some kind of a BTK type of neighbor who carries a gun at all times in his waist and must of the time he is drunk. If anyone needs to be "put to sleep" is him. We had a confrontation with a neighbor because our dogs are always on their cable, but this is a non-fence neighborhood. So why to put one in this our new home for two years of nightmares when the majority of the people don't have a fence? Why would we invest in a fence when our dogs are always on their cable, or on their leash? Well, it was her dog, the one in our back yard. We asked her to keep her dog in her yard, and she almost gave me punches in which I had to pull myself back since I do not know how to "street" fight. I have fenced all of my life, but never done so without protection, planning, and the perfect matching partner. I have loved that sport all of my life, but I do not have a clue how to "street" fight and a lot less in my own back yard with the woman who is Mr. Baba's this is to say BTK's best friend. The story is so long that it is almost pointless. They called us redneck for having Catahoula Leopard. They are from Louisiana, and they are not the only people that we have met with such perception. Can we change the mind of so many people from Louisiana who think like that? NO WAY JOSE. We cannot do such thing. It is a hatred thing, and even she said to us this past Sunday, 08/06/06, that the entire neighborhood hates us because of those "AGRESSIVE DOGS." I did not hear my dog calling the police when my female Catahoula Leopard saw her coming toward me, in my own yard, to fight with me. I WAS THE ONE SCREAMING TO MY HUSBAND TO CALL THE POLICE because the woman came to my yard to tell me to build a fence, to tell me that it was me with aggressive dogs, to tell me that the neighbors hate us, to tell me that I am a loser, to tell me that we were just rednecks. She screamed from the top of her lungs, and no one could hear me because I kept the volume of my voice down, except when I thought she was going to give me some punches. The only thing I scream to my husband was, "CALL THE POLICE." The rest no one could hear because I don't like to make of myself a fool in public. That's the bottom line. As sad as it is, I found out the husband of this woman committed suicide. Do I need to say anything else? Oh and she is a gym trainer who has been described by one of her "good neighbors" as an aggressive woman. My dog barked. My dog was in our yard, and on her cable when her big lab came toward my dog. If one were to lose, it was going to be my dog. NO WAY TO RUN WHEN YOU ARE ON SOME KIND OF REALLY TIED LEASH. Can I reason with this person? I TRIED. She went so far as in to speak badly to her own mother because it turns out that she and her daughter live with her mother. Her mother seems as a nice lady. I am sure that deep in the heart of her mother she must realize how problematic her daughter and her friends are. However, she is her daughter. She told me this, and I quote. "I am going to tell you right here looking into your eyes that if I see any or all of your dogs in my yard I will kill them. They are not going to harm my child." I must have missed something ... Her dog was in my yard while mine was on the cable. When my female dog, the wife of my male and oldest was a puppy ... she made the mistake of running toward their yard and it was then when her friend was there, somewhat drunk, with a pistol in his hand, and discharged the gun while I chased my puppy. His cover-up, like the woman's cover-up, was and remains his child. YEAH ... YEAH ... the same child who two summer ago kept riding his four-Wheeler on this woman friend's of his yard and kept on spitting on our oldest dog, and throwing sticks at him just for the heck of it, just to irritate my dog and make him bark to death. How do I know? I SAW IT, and had to stop it ... but it never crossed my mind to drink like his father and carry a gun and start shooting at the boy. You see I get death penalty for such thing. BUT WHEN IT IS DONE TO A DOG ... NOTHING HAPPENS AND A LOT MORE IF THE ONE DOING IT IS "JUST A BOY, JUST A CHILD." We have reached the end of civilization, of course, I don't think that we have ever really gotten too civilized or as civilized as we should be. You don't believe. Turn on your TV, go to CNN, FOX News or you name it ... everybody is at war and nothing seems to make sense to me. I don't get it, and I won't get it, period.

By the way, we will be moving out of here sometime soon ... WE HOPE. Why? To protect our children because our own home has turned into our own prison. Neither is this healthy for our dogs, nor is this for us. However, in the mean time, WE ARE PROTECTING OUR DOGS FROM TRUE HATRED TOWARD THEM AND TOWARD US.  


Answer by Shawna
Submitted on 8/12/2006
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I have a Cat Hound.  I rescued him from the pound a year ago.  He is three now.  I have the same problems with other dogs.  Only if we are in our yard.  I can walk him on a leash for 4 miles and there are several dogs.  He is fine.  The problem is my neighbor has 4 german shephards.  Everytime the come down to the fence and bark he goes on attack mode. That happens everytime we walk out the door.  We just fenced 4.4 acres just for my dog.  The fence is 4 1/2 feet tall.  It took him two weeks to figure out how to jump it.  He will take on three of the german shepherds at once. Before we got the fence I had him on a leash and the german shepherds came down like they were going to attack.  I had the leash wrapped around my hand.  My cat hound pulled so hard he pulled all the ligaments and muscles in my ring finger and broke the bone.  They are very strong and determined to do what they want.  All you can do is show him who the boss is.  We have to do this about every two weeks.  It is not any easy breed to deal with when it comes to other dogs.  He is very loving, smart, and he loves kids.


Answer by Lauren
Submitted on 8/20/2006
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We recently lost our beloved friend and constant companion, Louie, a Catahoula Leopard Hound, and it has filled our hearts with a terrible sadness.  He went everywhere with us, hiking, camping, swimming, Sunday drives, boating, sailing, shopping, even the employees at Hollywood Video would always invite him into the video store - he was truly our best friend.  On Thursday night we were taking him for a walk in the park.  It is always quiet and there are never any people or dogs around at night, so we can let him off of his leash to run free and get more exercise.  Louie received extensive obedience training, and he would always stop running and would come back on command, and we never felt worried about his safety because he always listened.  This proved to be a tragic assumption.  That night, a cat burst out of the bushes, and Louie took off in pursuit.  We shouted his name, but to our shock, he ran across the road (something he had NEVER done before) and was struck by a speeding car that had just turned the corner.  Our sweet, delicate Louie died on impact.  

He had two cat friends that he always played with and they never ignited his prey instinct, so we never worried about Louie chasing cats.   Was it wrong to let him off of his leash?  Should we have used a shock collar?  Should we have used a long leash?  How would you provide adequate exercise for Catahoulas?

He was one of the sweetest,smartest, kindest, fastest, most agile, handsome dogs and it is an understatement to say we miss him so much, and we know we can never replace him.  But if we ever find another Catahoula, I don't want to repeat the same horrific mistake.

Does anyone have any advice on curbing a Catahoula'sprey instinct, or protecting him from harm when not on a leash, or should Catahoulas always be on a leash, to protect them from danger in non-rural environments?


Answer by Tanya Hardin
Submitted on 8/26/2006
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Two days ago I bought one of these puppies because I thought that the father was the best looking dog I have ever seen, however now that I have researched them on the internet I am a little concerned. I have owned many dogs over the years and my favourite has been a ridgeback cross which I still own so I thought that this dog looks around the same size, how different could it be? Are they similar or have I made a big mistake? I am with the dogs most days and live on a farm with lots of other animals. It will get plenty of exercise and attention and I am not afraid of a little hard work but I don't particularly want to get myself killed doing it. Looking now at the blue eyes little angel it is hard to believe she could ever do anything wrong. I'm in big trouble!


Answer by Brianna
Submitted on 9/25/2006
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I just took home a dog from the humane society, and her origins are from Louisiana.  She was displaced from hurricane Katrina.  I've done some research and found that she is a black lab crossed with a catahoula leopard.  Right now she is timid, and has spent her whole life in a shelter.  I am trying to socialize her slowly and find that she loves people and often wants to sit in their laps and be as close as possible.  However, she does bark at other dogs and shows the potential to be aggressive.  As of now she has been too timid to charge another dog, but does strain against the leash to meet them whenever we're on a walk.  Almost as if she wants to play or sniff them.  What kind of training can I give her right now to start making sure that she'll be friendly and not aggressive?  She will be doing obedience training within the next month when the new classes begin.


Answer by valerie
Submitted on 10/31/2006
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I just got a Catahoula puppy and he is very... upfront?  Always barking or whining and wanting to play.  I have a Dane/lab mix pup who is the same age and she whoops up on him, he really seems like a wimp, but very assertive.  It's hard to explain, but I'm too worried about future problems with aggression.  I rescue pit bulls and very much understand dog aggression.  You must introduce them to other dogs while they are impressionable.  (about 6 months of age) You have to do it correctly though.  If your dog is not neutered, neuter him.  You will see a drastic change in behavior.


Answer by Amber
Submitted on 11/25/2006
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Hey.  I have had a Catahoula for close to 9 years now.  I got him from a shelter when he was 1 year old, and I do believe that you have to socialize this breed of dog from day one. My dog Gator was not socialized, his previous owners kept him fenced in the back yard, and he never was socialized.  I think had he of been, he would be as aggressive.  But with age, Gator has calmed down.  Also, he now lives with another dog, and he only really gets aggressive with people he thinks are a threat to me and his family.  Plus you do have to let them think they have come up with the ideas if you are trying to train them.  Good Luck everyone with your catahoulas.  If yours are as wonderful as mine, you will have many great years!!


Answer by Donny
Submitted on 12/31/2006
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Just got a Catahoula from the pound.  The reason given for her being there was that she just kept knocking the woman/mother down.  She's calm and gentle when she meets a person or another dog, however, she does want to chase cars.  I have used a halter to keep her from dragging me down the road when we go for walks.  I don't trust her to let her off the leash yet. We have seen no aggressive tendencies, but would like input about training in obedience, and possibly advanced training.  Beautiful dog; I have never trained a dog before.  Had dogs growing up and just spent time with them.  Any input or source would be greatly appreciated.


Answer by big cat
Submitted on 1/25/2007
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shoot him


Answer by Koopr
Submitted on 3/13/2007
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I have a 2 1/2 year old catahoula and he is the most well behaved dog that I have ever had, he is the biggest lover and thinks he is a lap dog, that is when he is in our house, but when he gets around other people or other dogs he can get very mean for a 60 pound dog. He has cornered a pitbull and a rot in our backyard and both times have seriously injured the other dogs so I had to go out and get a shock training system using that for about 6 months and now my dog looks at me before he acts out and all it takes is for me to say his name and he turns around and stays right by my side. I love My Catahoula


Answer by kelkabutt
Submitted on 4/10/2007
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I now it must be hard you should muzzle him every time he growls try to grab his mouth hold it shut and in a loud and tough voice yell no bad bad dog after a while if he is good around other dog praise him for his behavior and take him out in the wood once or twice to chase squirrel let him let out some energy


Answer by sadmother
Submitted on 4/11/2007
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I don't know what to tell you except BE CAREFUL!!!  My daughter was attacked 4 days ago by one of these dogs.  The owner told her to play ball with it and everything was fine.  However, he didn't tell her not to go near his cage.  She did and he viciously attacked her.  She has broken bones, and an infection that isn't going away even with antibiotics.  Apparently the dog has attacked several other dogs as well.  My daughter is on a competitive gymnastics team, and competitive cheer team.  She is now done for the season. Also the hand she writes with is mangled.  She worked all of last summer at a pet salon and is well trained in the proper handling of dogs.  I thought it was just that dog, but as I read, these dogs just suck as house pets.  I am suing their asses off, so protect yourself, and don't let it near humans!!!!!!!!!


Answer by j
Submitted on 5/28/2007
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never!!!never!! use choke chains,prong colliers etc. on any dog, much less a cat!!! when you use these you are training the dog to be agressive!!! use what ever the dog likes best--treats,love, toys!!!
when a dog is pulling on a lead he is showing you he is trapped!!! take him out of the situation! keep trying with him and he will get it sooner or later. all dogs need at least 1 hour exercise a day in different situations. if he isn't minding you, then he is pack leader not you and you have to be pack leader. it sounds like some of ypu want your dogs to be aggressive!!!! a cat doesn't have to be agressive to protect you. look at his body lang. good luck!!!


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