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I have a siberian huskie who always digs where she is not...

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Question by bec
Submitted on 2/26/2004
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I have a siberian huskie who always digs where she is not supposed to. My partner keeps saying that we should punish her through hitting her ... i disagree! What is the best way to train our huskie to not do this? How do we teach her where she is & is not allowed to dig?

Answer by Sampson
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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I think the best way to train your huskie is by a system called the basic contain n train (smart dog.) Its the invisable fence that trains your dog with that special collar. I used it for my siberian huskie and it worked wonderfully! It is very wrong to hit the dog. You never want to use your hands during punishment.


Answer by Katy
Submitted on 8/10/2005
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I always place the dog stool in the hole when I bury it and that seems to work.  I also place their stool anywhere I really don't want them to dig.  Eventually they grow out of this phase to a degree.  If there is an underground mole or anything it could set them off again.


Answer by stmarynot
Submitted on 5/11/2006
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I've had a similar problem with my huskie. I have placed dog "poo" in those spots where she loves to dig, and she leaves these areas alone. A spray of ammonia on the spots will also help, but you must reapply it after every rain or snow.


Answer by Jack
Submitted on 5/16/2006
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I concur hitting is very wrong and should only be used a certain times but more of a tap then a hit tell your neighbors that is animal abuse and they could spend 5-20 years in prison


Answer by ServiceAnimalInfo
Submitted on 7/3/2006
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For starters, find out WHY the dog is digging.

Huskies are very active dogs, so maybe she has excess energy? In this case, simply more vigorous exercise should wear her out and make her too tired to dig. Run with her, play ball or catch. It's very important never to make a game of chasing the dog, though, because they can learn it's a fun game to run away from you if they ever get out.

If you can't do enough walking and running to wear her out, get a doggy treadmill. Walk her to get yourself into better shape and spend some time with her, then when you get home, run her on the treadmill for a bit. It's not as fun for her, but can help take the edge off that energy.

If your dog's simply bored, try to redirect her attention with toys. Switch out different types of toys to keep her from becoming bored with them. Give her one set for a week and put set #2 away. After the week, give her set #2 and put set #1 away. Make sure they're different types, and you can add interest by adding various scents to them before you return them to her (dip toy bones (real, uncooked or synthetic) in meat broth, peanut butter, etc..)

Another thing is it may be hot out. Dogs often dig holes to expose the cooler earth beneath, then lay in them. In this case you might want to give her one shady acceptable spot for her "earth den" and steer her back to it if she starts trying to dig elsewhere. Fill her other holes with rocks and gravel and top with dirt.

If she's digging in the garden, some dogs simply love the cool, soft soil in their paws. When my family used to garden, we'd dig about 4-6 inches down and place down a layer of chicken wire fencing and cover it with the plants and dirt. For larger plants, we'd cut a hole in the chicken wire large enough for the root ball. This helped keep the dogs out of the garden because they couldn't dig too deep before hitting uncomfortable wire, and the cats tended to avoid it too.


Answer by eddy
Submitted on 10/5/2006
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if you don't like your huskie digging then perhaps it is not the breed for you and if your husband does hit the dog i hope it bites him


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