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I have a lab mix that is almost a year old. He was raised...

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Question by rednecklady
Submitted on 2/24/2004
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I have a lab mix that is almost a year old. He was raised along side all of our outside birds. Turkeys, ducks and geese.
He is a wonderful dog and we have no problems with his except this.
A while back, some stray dogs got onto our property and killed some of our birds.
Since then, our dog has killed a duck a goose, and recently, a turkey hen and attacked the tom.
Is there any ideas out there on how to break him of this??
he didn't touch any of the birds until the stray dogs showed up.
time is of the essence on the response.
thanks, Louise

Answer by Goofy
Submitted on 3/1/2005
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All you need to do is keep your dog in a cage for a while or build a fence to where he can't go out and kill anything or call the pound for the other dogs. Mabe then it will stop. I hope that the info that I have given you will help!
thanks, Goofy


Answer by Creature Teachers
Submitted on 1/14/2007
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The problem is that your dog has now found out this behavior is rewarding. For example, I once met a dog that broke into the fridge one day on a whim ... and of course found some great goodies in there ... and now the owners have to lock their fridge when the dog is left alone.

Your dog is the same way, after being shown how to kill the birds, it is all he wants to do. It is in his instinct! You can work on basic commands with him - Leave it, Down, Stay, and an excellent recall. You can use some pretty harsh methods (read: shock training) to teach him BIRDS ARE BAD, but the drawback is that he may never want to go within 50 feet of them again. Honestly, the safest bet is just to supervise the dog when he is around birds and teach him basic commands so that he will listen even with distractions. And do not leave him alone with the birds. Many dogs will kill and eat birds, if it is in their nature to do so.


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