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I know that I have good idea's about making a movie, but I...

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Question by Katy Hassell
Submitted on 2/23/2004
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I know that I have good idea's about making a movie, but I am only 14. If anyone has any information about me becoming my dream then I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Answer by Kitty
Submitted on 6/24/2004
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I suggest you get your ideas into scripts. You could show them to your school drama or music teacher and ask her/him to give you their honest opinion. If s/he says that they're good, ask if s/he knows where you could send them to get them made into movies or plays.


Answer by unknown
Submitted on 11/24/2004
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you could maybe add a sense of mystery or surprise a few twists might be awesome.You should maybe ask a drama teacher who's not that dramatic or into sappy romantic movies.
    P.S.love & romance movies and scripts don't get as much approval as mistery,horror,or action movies get.                                            Oh, and you'd be smart to take my advice.


Answer by medabot
Submitted on 12/20/2004
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hey I am fourteen to but I write stories. All you have to do is just keep on practising[in your case thinking of new movies and put them in scrips}. but you will have to go to unerversity or something to ge the proper quilyfications. Try and save alot of money so in the futre yu will be able to bye the proper gear and higher your staff.keep going.thats what i am doing.


Answer by Bastian
Submitted on 12/23/2004
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^^^^Thats a good idea but dont stop there. Think about showing your friends the scripts? Save up and buy a camcorder if you are seruis then you can see what it really looks like and never forget it.


Answer by CK
Submitted on 1/17/2006
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hey, my friend and I, who are both 15, are currently into making films. Films that come out half bad. If you hav any movies that we could do, with a low low budget, please e-mail us at MyWonderStudio@yahoo.com. Thanks

- My Wonder Studios


Answer by Eric Delacotera
Submitted on 2/2/2006
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i have ideas for a new Dragon ball z feature.it has a new bad guy named Nexus(R). I made him up. This movie would have uub, Goku, Teen Trunks, Teen Goten, Vegeta,krillin, and finally Nexus (of course). the Feature title is "Nexus the unstoppable.


Answer by donnell
Submitted on 1/25/2007
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i have a movie that will sell.this movie
im sure kids an adults will like. if u got any thing to say about this then get me at
rideordie27@msn.com on myspace


Answer by Back
Submitted on 2/4/2007
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Hi i have an idea that is just an idea. I dont want to make a script out of it.Who is intrested in realy good ideas? (the movie is a Scifi tipe on a real base.)


Answer by marty
Submitted on 5/4/2007
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i understand how you feel at such young age im 16 and my imagination runs wild almost playing games on me.. i have so many ideas some that are out of some the best directors imagination it jus had recontly occured to me that i would love to make a film. one of my faviote ideas is this sucidal taxi driver who takes people in his cab and kills them but theirs a twist that he is doing it for money as his young 4 year old girl Emma needs 100,00O dollars raised or she wont survive and at the end he saves her but at a price as he is pushed on to death row all his hard work to a waste. even though he is happy to see his daughter is ok he was blinded he did not see that he was doin wrong. it is a horror and a triller at same time i have plenty more ideas ..get in touch and we can share some .


Answer by MW
Submitted on 6/19/2007
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I want someone's opion on the following movie idea and be honest: A teen named Bill Maier believes in a town rumour, the secret bearer, who apparentley knows everything about everyone, even things they might not know about themselves, but Bill is the only one that actually believes in him. Most people in the town idolize the mayor, but Bill hates him. Anyway one day Bill gets a call form City Hall telling him that the Mayor wants to meet with him. Long story short, in this meeting, Bill threatens the Mayor after a disturbing sequence, and gets arrested for it. So, he enlists the help of his friend Nathan to get him out, but all of their attempts fail. But when Bill is sleeping, he wakes up to find a note, a screwdriver, and a rope with a hook on the end of it. The note basically says to use the screwdriver to unscrew the bars on the window, and use the grapple hook to descend down the wall, and then to meet the writer of the note in a hideout in an alleyway. When Bill does so, he finds out the man he's meeting with is the Secret Bearer, who tells him that Bill is going to die. However, there is an item in the city that can save him, but he does not tell Bill where it is, or even what it is. Now, along the way to find the item, Bill discovers he has a slight tendancy to see into the future with little two second flashes. Also, a scientist has made the world's most powerful gernade, but it's been stolen. Eventually, Bill finds out the item that can save his life is in the city's bank's vault. But he needs a key to get in. After a long time, he finally finds the kay, and finds a briefcase, but he also needs a key to open that. Along the way to finding THAT key, he starts to trust the Secret Bearer less, and the Mayor more. Also, in the midst of this mystery, he asks his dad what he thinks the smartest thing in the world is, and he cleverly responds, a diary, because if you write down everything that happens every day, it can help you solve personal mysteries. So Bill follows his father's advice, and starts a diary. Anyway, after a while, Bill finally finds the key to the case, and inside finds a fancy bottle with a pink liquid in it, and he asks the Secret Bearer how that's going to save his life. The Secret Bearer says that the Mayor poisened one of Bill's drink, and the the pink liquid is an antidote. So Bill drank it down, and then the Secret Bearer revealed that he was actually the Mayor in disguise, and that the pink liquid was the real poison. However, Bill rembered seeing a glass of red liquid that the Mayor strongly protected. So Bill rushes to City Hall, the Mayor following him, and drank the red liquid, which was the antidote. The Mayor then tells Bill that he will use guns, explosives, guards, soldiers, and police to kill Bill and all his loved ones. Bill dose not believe him, and when he tells Nathan about the whole thing, neither does he. However when an explosive goes off, it's revealed that he was serious. Anyway, one day Bill gets a package that can't be opened, he tries using scissors, but they wouldn't cut the packaging. One day, he tries sticking a pin through it, but it wouldn't pierce it, and Bill got massive head pains, and then pin flew ito his head, leaving a tiny hole. A black ooze then starts pouring out of that hole, and it was like an acid, burning everything it touched. On it's final drop, it burned opened the packaging, revealing a note and a box. The note basically said that he no longer had any psychic powers, because the black ooze was his psychic blood. However, the box heald a puzzle, and all the pieces were pure black, but if he could put it together, an image of what he would have to do to defeat the Mayor would be revealed.But that's very hard. Anyway, Bill and Nathan soon form a STRONG friendship, and Bill gets closer to the ones he loves. He soon visits a REAL psychic and tells her about the whole situation, and she simply respons, sometimes you have to think of others before yourself. Bill has no idea how that relates to anything, so he leaves. Anyway, after the Mayor discovers Bill has become a threat, he lies and says to him he's gonna stop everything. However, he attempts to kill Bill's borhter, Larry. But Larry survived with major autism. Autistic kids are mentally challenged in everything, but a genious in one thing, and the thing Larry is a genious in is puzzles. Anyway, the Mayor soon kills Bill's dad, making it obvious if he dosen't die, all of Bill's loved ones will. Anyway, after Larry puts the puzzle together, Bill not only find out that the Mayor had stolen the gernade, but he knew what he had to do. He snuck into the Mayor's office, where the Mayor was. He found the gernade, pulled the pin, resulting in Bill and the Mayor's death. After the funeral, Nathan raids Bill's old room, and finds his diary. He reads his final diary entry, which says this: I finished the pzulle today, the image was a piece of paper with nine words on it. Nine words I've heard before. Nine words that would change my life. Theas in words were sometimes you have to think of others before yourself.
                The End
Also, I'm only a 13 year old boy, and I too would like to know how to contact a movie company, but please rview this idea and be honest. Please!


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