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I have two Bernese dogs- brother and sister. They are 5...

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Question by Kristina
Submitted on 2/16/2004
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I have two Bernese dogs- brother and sister. They are 5 years old. Unfortunately I am experiencing great difficulties with the male one- he is very aggressive with other dogs! Everytime he sees another dog he rushes towards it, no matter male or female one, and attacks the dog! What can I do to stop this? Please help!!!

Answer by Lee
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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Hi -
You do not mention if your dogs are "fixed" or not.  You're male dog may be protecting his territory to include the female if they are intact or a potential breed pair.  Dog aggression in a large dog (even at 5 years old) can be a symptom of alot of different things.  You might consider a full health check up.  Is the behavior new?  Or has he always had this temperament?  It is never too late to place a dog in a training program.  I suggest that once you are certain there are no other problems with health, you contact a qualified trainer and discuss your problem directly with someone knowledgeable about dog aggressive behaviors.  Your dog needs to be on a lead at all times.  Dog attacks are serious business.  If he is on a 6 foot leather lead, he should not be able to actually reach another dog.  Although I am a trainer and owner of Swiss Dogs, I cannot effectively help you solve your problem with your dog over an e-mail site.  You need qualified assistance.  Hope that opinion assists you in some way.


Answer by jand
Submitted on 6/23/2005
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Hi,I have two girl Toy Manchester Terriers.Both are spaded,their from different litters and 6mns apart at 5&4.5 yrs.old.The youngest Belle(she out weighs Jessica by approx.4lbs.)keeps biting Jessica's ears and body blocks her and growls over the dog dish.We tried different dishes but it didn't help.Is this normal behavior and do you have any suggestions on how to curb the aggressive behavior.


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