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when do i breed my chick 2 a stud

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Question by manny
Submitted on 2/15/2004
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when do i breed my chick 2 a stud

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 2/20/2004
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She will only breed when she is in heat. She should be at least two years old or in her second heat. You can tell she is in heat by a swelled vulva,vaginal discharge, and her nipples should get bigger. When you see these signs put her in with a male every other day until she will allow breeding. You need to use this strategy because different dogs will allow breeding at different points in their heat. Some will allow it from the first day while others won't until three weeks along in. The time they will allow breeding has the same time frame. Breeding, pregnant dogs, whelping, and pups are very complicated matters as you can see and should not be taken lightly. Before you breed make sure you: 1. have healthy, unrelated, registered dam and sire 2:know how and when to breed them 3:know how to tell if she is pregnant, how long she will be, and how to take care of her during that time 4:where she should have pups and how to make it comfortable to fit her needs 5:how to tell when she is ready to whelp 6:what to expect during whelping 7:what to do if something goes wrong 8:how to take care of the pups and mom after birth 9:When to wean,vaccinate,etc the pups 10: how to sell them and make sure they go to good homes. There is always the possibility something will go wrong that would cause the pups and mom to die, or she wouldn't take care of them and you would have to be with them feeding and wiping their rears around the clock, or the pups wouldn't get sold and you would be stuck with dogs you can't keep. You need to weigh these chances with why you are breeding to see if it is worth it. Usually pups cost more than you can sell them for.
All of those steps I mentioned are vital and it makes you understand why breeders are expected to be responsible. If you are not willing to do these then PLEASE spray your dog! Good luck to you. Tanisha


Answer by CH
Submitted on 4/28/2004
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Spray their dog with what?  JUST DON'T BREED YOUR DOG.  YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING SO QUIT TRYING TO RUIN MY BREED YOU A$$HOLE!!  Any dumbass high school drop out who asks "when do I breed my chick to a stud" has no right owning/breeding hamsters or fish, much less pit bulldogs.


Answer by Scuba09
Submitted on 7/21/2005
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Hello im trying to learn how to breed them i have a registered sire and dam i just need the information of when their heats are because im trying to do it right without a$$es like the  one above



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