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I have a Two year old Amstaff. She's fixed. We just adopted...

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Question by rita
Submitted on 2/14/2004
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I have a Two year old Amstaff. She's fixed. We just adopted a 8 week old Golden puppy. Will they get along? Right now she tolerates the puppy but tends to sniff and slobber all over him. She also constantly hovers over him and will not give him any space, many times pushing him down. They are separated most of the time and only are allowed together under supervision. Can they be friends or are Amstaffs not capable? I have the option of returning puppy if need be.

Answer by s
Submitted on 2/22/2005
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Every dog is different, but here is what I think.  Unless your Amstaff has shown signs of aggression towards other dogs, I wouldn't worry.  She is being dominate right now and having fun with her new toy/friend.  Amstaffs are very strong dogs and sometimes don't know their own strength.  Watch them closely, like you said you were doing.  When the male starts to mature things will get better, but then you have another issue...a male Golden trying to mount your Amstaff.  This can cause your female to put him in his place, with can turn ugly...depending on your dogs.  That being said, in the long run your dogs should become best buds.  It will take constant supervision for a while before this happens!  I would never allow them to be alone together in the Golden's first year or two.  Good luck!  I hope this helps.


Answer by tres
Submitted on 4/16/2005
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You have to keep them together.  If you seperate them they will not get along.  The only reason she hovers over him is to show her dominance.  She sniffs him to get to know him.  Just keep working with them.  Keep them together as much as possible and she will realize that he is her friend.


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