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I received a ticket on 7/15/02 - went to traffic school...

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Question by Susanne
Submitted on 2/13/2004
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I received a ticket on 7/15/02 - went to traffic school 8/24/02... Of course... "masked" on my MVR... but, just got a speeding ticket 01/08/04... technically missed the 18 month mark by 1 week - or did I?  Do they use the original date of citation as the marker?  or the date the courts record your payment and traffic school for dismissal?

I'm thinking of going to court (next week) to request the judge grant traffic school - understanding it might be 12 hours - But... does this make this current ticket still show up on MVR?  Do both now show on the MVR in this case?

Will they both be made "public" now (including my old masked one) since I got another one within the "18" month period?

If so, how long will they both show on the record?  36 months from now... or 36 months from each tickets separate violation date - (date of citation?  or date of court recording?)

Answer by lwpat
Submitted on 2/21/2004
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If you receive a California speeding ticket you will be sent a courtesy notice in the mail. That notice will indicate whether or not you are eligible for traffic school.

You can still request traffic school at your court appearance and it will be up to the judge. The old speeding ticket will remain masked regardless of the disposition of the new ticket.

Most jurisdictions in California now accept online traffic school. For more information visit



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