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This is the first time I'm using Atmel microcontroller. ...

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Question by nizam
Submitted on 2/11/2004
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This is the first time I'm using Atmel microcontroller.  Need your help on how to program the chip.  Below are the steps that I have done.

1. I have written simple program in C(turn High and Low Port 3.7 in a loop with a delay between High&Low) and compile the source code using Keil C compiler.  It produce main.obj file.

2. Then, I use Hi-Lo ALL-11P3 programmer to load the program to the chip.  

- select device: Atmel AT89C4051-25PI

- Load file to program buffer main.obj

- File Formats: Binary

- Unused Bytes: Don't Care

- File start: 00000000

- File end: 0000FFFF

- Buff start: 00000000

- Click on Program Device.  Result: Program OK!.  Verify OK!

3. Then I construct the circuit to test it.

- supply 5V to Vcc

- using crystal 16MHz

- connect 8.2K resistor between Pin1 to Ground

- connect 10microF between Pin1 to Vcc

- connect LED on Port3.7

Result: Port3.7 stay at 5V(or LED always on).  

But this program works well when I debug using Keil microvision.(can see the output blinking On & OFF)

Need your advice if you can see any problem with the steps that I have followed.  

Answer by masud
Submitted on 3/27/2005
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r u sure create hex file? if not

mail me


Answer by BELHOB
Submitted on 1/5/2007
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Dear Nizam,

Every thing is OK. if the program is working perfectly in Debugger the problem lies in the delay subroutine...

Try increasing the delay to a higher value n u will c the LED blinking..



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