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Our 10-year-old short-haired cat has been throwing up and...

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Question by George Del Pozzo
Submitted on 2/10/2004
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Our 10-year-old short-haired cat has been throwing up and pooping outside of her box for about six months now. In addition, she is eating everything she can get her paws on from the dog's food to left on the counter people food, which she never did before. We took her to the vet who did some tests and found her kidneys were in the high/normal range and pretty high blood sugar count. He surmised the problem was with her thyroid and we had her ingest cc of metoclopramide twice a day for about a month but her problems have continued. The vet seems unsure what is ailing the cat now. Do you have any recommendations? I'd hate to put her down since otherwise she seems fine.

Answer by Susan
Submitted on 4/13/2004
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My son's cat's kidneys are failing which was causing "jake" to have the same problems as you mentioned.  Vet put him on Science Diet (not sure but think it was reduced protien - the one that keeps the kidneys from working so hard) and no snacks, etc.  Jake is 11 and still has a few more good years, eventually he will have to have an IV done each day but not up to that point yet.  He has been doing well.  Actually put on a few lbs and still does occasionally throw up and poop but not as often as before he changed diets.


Answer by coondoggy
Submitted on 5/3/2004
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Son's cat 7 or 8 years old..big cat - 20 lbs but not fat just big.. looks like it's having stomach convulsions(stomach rolls) and then throws up.. if hasn't eaten much the throw up is waterly and has brown tint.  different foods don't seem to make difference


Answer by Helena
Submitted on 12/24/2004
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Answer by Chloe
Submitted on 2/27/2005
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My cat throws up maybe once or twice a day. She also loves to eat plastic. It's hard to keep it completely out of her reach since she always seems to find some. She's also very overweight and my husband and I are concerned about her. We just don't have the means to take her to a vet. Anyone got an idea of what might be wrong?


Answer by Lkcus
Submitted on 5/28/2005
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My cat is 8 years old and is also doing this same thing.
I am getting worried, I was thinking maybe he had a large hairball stuck in his throat.

I am going to try the science diet.
If anyone else has information, please share.



Answer by Cece
Submitted on 10/4/2005
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My cat is around 14years old, shorthair, and is having health problems mainly the kidneys and has been throwing up at night a off-white yellow type of liquid. It doesn't matter what I give her. She has only been eating tuna and tuna water nothing else. She drinks alot of water which also points to kidney problems. I took her to the vet but after $250. She is still the same they gave her the ElectroLite stuff under her skin for three days and Rental food she isn't eating much. Last night so the worst she throw up tuna all over the place. Its not a pleasant thing to wake up to in the middle of the night tried to catch a little in a trash can and she turns the other way.


Answer by PrincessSophieMommy
Submitted on 7/23/2006
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I have a cat we just got in May and she was throwing up every time she ate on Science Diet, I went to Iams because that is what my old cats ate.. and it got worse.. then I went to NUTRO and she didn't throw up for 2 weeks. She is healthy otherwise, gaining weight and pooping normal.. What could be wrong?


Answer by hilde
Submitted on 2/13/2007
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My older cat has been  throwing up every 4-6 days. I took her to the vet and got a blood test, and he found no problems. After throwing up she wants to eat a lot. She also drinks a lot of water.


Answer by nickcole
Submitted on 4/28/2007
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my corrected anser iz yes because it is so hard to help animals live so that iz why mmy anwer iz yes  i hope it iz
ture because i learn thiz in school so bye rite bac if u no not understand thas type bac  


Answer by Zcat
Submitted on 5/16/2007
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If only I saw this post earlier. My cat had the same problems and they found it to be diabetes. Many cats are having high glucose levels and heaving these days. They believe the junk in the food is causing the cats to become diabetic. btw Science diet is junk. check the ingredients. Also did you guys know that just a few years ago they put Euthanized animals in pet food? This caused alot of cats and dogs to get very ill and die.


Answer by Bailey
Submitted on 5/27/2007
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Cats throwing up isn't always a problem. They usually have a hairball obstruction that should be addressed


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