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You all don't discuss the re-use of needles that perhaps...

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Question by Nervous
Submitted on 2/8/2004
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You all don't discuss the re-use of needles that perhaps aren't cleaned adequately. Doesn't this frighten anyone? If there is any, and I mean any chance at all that I could contract AIDS, or one of the Hepatitis because a tatoo artist is sloppy with technique or in cleaning the studio or needles, is this worth the risk. How can you get proof that they have cleaned the re-useable needles? If the needles are not clean, someone elses blood could be on or in the needles.

Answer by sunshine
Submitted on 2/22/2004
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I would not recommend going to an artist that reuses needles. It is far easier to sanitize an unused needle (in an autoclave) than it is to ensure that a reused one is safe. First-time needles come in packaging which has a sanitation indicator (it shows that it's been properly heated). My artist has an expression: "It doesn't matter how cheap your tattoo was if you catch a disease because of it. Tattoos are permanent... and so are hepatitis, HIV or syphilis. It's worth the money for your safety.


Answer by mariposatriste
Submitted on 2/28/2004
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well there is not really a way to find out if a tattoo artist has clean needles or not.... they can always use them and stick them in a new bag... now the way that u can find out if the sterilized them is by looking at the bag.. usually they have an arrow or a circle and that circle usually changes to brown when steralized....  just read the bag... it says it on it....  
and  all kind of equipment has to be sterilized after 30 days whether or not it has been used........

well all i recommend is to research the shop that u are going to pick .. u can call the health dept  and see if they have gotten a verbal warning a write up of have been closed before.....

which of course i don't recommend !!


Answer by jersey @ ArchAngel Tattoo Studio
Submitted on 5/10/2004
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At our studio, ArchAngel Tattoo Studio in North Canton, Oh, as well as all our county tattoo studios must dispose of needles after any procedure. That goes for piercing needles as well as tattoo needles. You can never get a grouped tattoo needle thoroughly clean which means you are not getting all cross contamination out. I suggest talking to your artist and checking your local health dept to be aware of their regulations. But I would NEVER get tattooed by a reused needle. !


Answer by sabndlgiasudh
Submitted on 3/11/2006
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well, using needles more than once, is ludicrois. piercing needles are cheap, the only people who reuse needles are the ones who only care about making a buck, they dont care about your safety. basically dont reuse needles, and dont be worked on with reused needles, and make sure they open the needles packaging in front of you.


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