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our 2 year old male dog suffers from a chronic penis...

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Question by cris
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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our 2 year old male dog suffers from a chronic penis infection. We have tried antibiotics, homeopathy etc., nummerous consultations with vets (ie blood, kidney, urine, secretion analysis and ultrasound haven-t found the cause or the site of the infection. Please help.

Answer by BostonOwner
Submitted on 3/3/2004
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Often time, an infection may not be internal at all.  Frequent cleaning with a vet approved cleaner/shampoo may help.  


Answer by Tammy Cregut
Submitted on 3/24/2004
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Have you tried Transfer factor? It is a realitively new product on the market for animals.
It helps boost and correct the immune system.
I am an RN an Stanford hospital, and have taken this myself for allegies. I have my cat on it for Asthma. It keeps her infection free, and off steriods. She is 16, and is still keeping our puppy in line. It maybe an
autoimmune process going on, and the immune system is not healty to fight it. Anitbiotics do not always help, sometimes the bacteria, virus, mutate. As the medical field is finding out with antibiotic resistant diseases. My website is http://www.my4life.com/tammycregut. You can order the canine formula there. Also check the home website www.4life.com. Look under the products for animals. See what other people have experienced with their animals.
Good Luck.


Answer by June
Submitted on 4/20/2005
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Hi Cris:  I can relate to your question.  My 10 year old Giant has been suffering with an infection dripping from his penis for a few months now.  However, my Giant also has a drippy right eye.  The Vet irrigated his penis twice and gave him a dose of antibiotics both time, but a few days later the drips return.  The Vet said a lot of male dogs just have drippy penises and there isn't much that can be done about it.  I'm not sure I buy the answer because I've grown up around male dogs and I don't recall any of them having drippy penises.  If you find out more, please post.  I'm curious.  June  


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