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An illegal immigrant Mexican woman, living in the U.S. with,...

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Question by Elizabeth
Submitted on 2/4/2004
Related FAQ: Immigration (USA) FAQ: GC and Citizenship questions and answers (part 6 of 6)
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An illegal immigrant Mexican woman, living in the U.S. with, and had a child with a man who became a U.S. Citizen through military service, what is the best way to get her a green card and on the way to U.S. Citizenship? Is there a way to do it without her having to leave the country ?

Answer by luci
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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a women came on F2 visa with her husband and her 4 year old daughter. her husband broke his F1 visa and quit going to school.  now she is pregnant. and she does not what are her rights & what will happen to her and her kids. can she stay until she has the baby.
giving the fact that her husband left and run away.


Answer by zeke
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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Why should the USA reward criminals with citizenship when they are illegal?....illegals come to this country, expecting us to keep them up or give them citizenship....give them an option...go back where you came from, leave your children or take them with you...then apply to come to the USA the legal way or STAY  in your country....you're not wanted in this country if you are illegal.  that's one of the reasons we have terrorist in this country is because of such crap.....inforce immigration laws...try going to another country illegal and see what happens?? depending on which country you go to illegally, you could end up in prison or even worse, DEAD.


Answer by peter
Submitted on 9/27/2004
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well america is the land of hope and dreams .im from trinidad and my daughter was born here us citizen.well not everyone is a terroist. some people will do anything to  be part of this wonderful country , and people who actually live here dont even care about their home land.i love america and im illegal immgraint and honestly most people here are all immgriants check from the days go back from ur great grandparents.well i wont lie some immgriants especially from the middle east needs to be send back.


Answer by koke
Submitted on 10/25/2004
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no  hablen   estupideses   fijense   donde   estan   primero


Answer by kandi
Submitted on 1/9/2006
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its funny how this guy Zeke can talk so harshly about illegal immigrants....what are they doing to you?NOTHING they come and work, they pay taxes but they do not receive them back. they do not receive welfare or any sort of government help all they come for is to support their families.they do the dirty job that other people refuse to do.In my whole intire life that i have lived in california i have not seen one Mexican or Afghanistan person beg for money in the streets the mojority is Whites or african americans, yes that might sound kinda harsh but its the truth. So please don't speak without knowing.


Answer by True American
Submitted on 2/5/2006
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The true Americans, are the American Indians, the whites were illegal immigrants, they now think they own this country, and act like they were always here, they did not originate in America. So whites remember that, when you address such questions, you were never wanted here either.


Answer by classroom learner
Submitted on 9/17/2006
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I believe that we should not reward people for coming into this country illegally when there are so many more waiting to do it the right way. We are a country built and governed with rules by allowing illegals to gain citizenship by breaking the law what kind of example are we setting? What it basically means is that we should all get rewarded for breaking the law when it suits our means. I am starving so I steal food, If caught I should received a gift card for all the food I can eat right?


Answer by Kimm
Submitted on 10/2/2006
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illegal immigration is certainly a enormous problem now days!!
of course I don`t support the ideia of INVADING an other country,
but i also can`t support our friend Zeke ideia...
I think that the person that moved illegally to US and wants to become a citezen with a U.s baby in her hands...
well she should had thought of that earlier...


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