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Please Help!!! My husband and I recently purchased a boy...

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Question by Camille
Submitted on 2/2/2004
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Please Help!!!
My husband and I recently purchased a boy Yorkshire terrier from a pet store! We have had him for three weeks and he suffers severe separation anxiety, when we leave.  He cries, destroys his crate with feces and urine, never settling himself down.  We both work and really want this to work, do you have any advice for us.
Thanks (he is 12 weeks old!)

Answer by Camille
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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We tried giving Codi  Medication on Monday, it has no effect on him,his fits last for hours, trying desperately to escape his crate.  (According to vet, this pill should immediately take effect. )
We are losing hope!


Answer by Jennie
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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My Boyfriend and I also purchased a yorkie puppy from a pet store.  Surprisingly, his name is Kody!!  He did at first have serious separation anxiety, and we were both worried about him.  However, now, 2 months later, he has gotten over it a bit.  It is a phase, from my experience.  We did end up getting another companion dog for him, which seemed to calm him down, but even before that, the anxiety seemed to be going away.  Yours should grow out of it.


Answer by jamie
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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puppy pads work best for puppies.  if you are gone for long, it is hard for a small puppy to keep control of its bladder and/or colon.  a small confined area as opposed to a crate or pet taxi with a couple of puppy pads should help with your problem


Answer by Camille
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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Thanks for your imput; we have been contemplating buying Codi a friend during the summer, when I am home.  We tried the piddle pad thing, and he shreds them. Newspaper seem to work better.  
Thanks again, it seems as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Answer by Teddy
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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separation anzxiety is ok,he wil not do that for the rest of the time he is there,so don't worry really!! lol


Answer by Beth
Submitted on 4/16/2004
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I know many people seeing crating as an acceptable method of training, but my 1 year old male yorkie had the same anxiety with it.  We bought an expandable pen and place potty pads inside along with a bed and that took care of the anxiety.  He was trained very quickly and now has free run of the house with many windows to look out of when we are gone.  Get rid of the crate.


Answer by gygy511
Submitted on 4/28/2006
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Please be patient. I know this is very frustrating, having gone through the samething 1yr ago. I have a beautiful 13lb male baby(pedigree) who I left alone for 8.5 hrs daily. I put a pet gate in the kitchen and he jumped it daily. I then put up two, one on top of the other and purchased a comfort zone plug in. It gives off the scent of the mother and it conforts them. They can be purchased from the foster grant catalog or pet stores. It really helped. He now has the run of the whole house with no problems. Hang in there, it will be worth it. Can't blame them for not wanting to be alone.


Answer by mandyc
Submitted on 5/29/2006
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We have a 1 1/2 yr old male yorkie- he is potty trained and super smart, yet he still FREAKS out when we leave him. We cant trust him to have full run of the house so we crate him in a nice size crate. Even if i go to get the mail he barks, shakes, and whines. It is awful. Sometimes he even poops & pees in the crate, we have tried everything and dont know what to do.


Answer by Mountain Mama
Submitted on 7/19/2006
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Leaving a pup in a kennel for eight or nine hours at a time is cruel. Of course he cries, You would too. and as for fouling his kennel, you need to have a better understanding of puppies. They do have bodily functions after all, and puppies, like babies, have to be taught. If you don't have time then you shouldn't have a pet.
they are not stuffed toys that you can just shove in a drawer when you don't want to be bothered.
I have two Yorkie's. They are treated with love, respect and wisdom. Every animal deserves that much.


Answer by J&KsMom
Submitted on 9/6/2006
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I have a 4 month old yorkie-chihuahua. I litterbox trained mine. You might consider doing that. I put a baby gate on the bathroom door and the bathroom is all hers while I go to work. I give her a few toys, a bowl of water, and a radio with soft music on. Her travel kennel is also in there for naps. She does fine with this arrangement. Good luck to you and your new furbaby.


Answer by Miranda Gayheart
Submitted on 6/23/2007
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Try putting him in a bathroom with his favorite toys to keep him occupied


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