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...get my old scrabble game(windows 95 version) to...

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Question by will
Submitted on 1/31/2004
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how can i get my old scrabble game(windows 95 version) to work on windows XP

Answer by Hush
Submitted on 7/11/2004
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The likelihoods is that you can't.  Windows XP offers compatibility moods (right click on the icon for the game, left click on properties, left click on the 'compatibility' tab, tick run in compatibility mode, select Windows 95)  However, how successful this mode is depends on certain things.

XP can be run in NTFS (preferred) file format or FAT32 (like later versions of Windows 95 and then 98/ME).  However, most pre 95 and many Windows 95 based games only work on FAT32 (most installs are set to NTFS).

Because Windows 95 was really only a Graphical User Interface on top of Microsoft DOS, many games and packages for Windows 95 will not work with Windows XP because it does not run on top of DOS (it does have a DOS emulation system, but it isn't particularly good at emulating DOS for that purpose).

Unfortunately, you are most likely either to need to have a Windows 95 installation or buy a more up to date version of the Scrabble game.


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 10/20/2005
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I bought a brand new version of Scrabble Complete by Infogrames.  It doesn't work either!  And I've tried adjusting the compatibility options, but haven't found any answer yet!


Answer by Devin
Submitted on 6/16/2007
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I know that this post is really old, but I thought that I would post this anyhow.
Actually, there is a way.
This explains it, and gives a link to some Microsoft software. All you need is to get a virtual operating system emulator. Unfortunately, I don't have XP Professional, so it doesn't work for me. But maybe it will for you! I'm sure there are other alternatives, as well.


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