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My basset hound has regressed in her training. she has...

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Question by abraco
Submitted on 1/30/2004
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My basset hound has regressed in her training.  she has started going to the bathroom in the house again and i dont know what to do about it because i'mnever around when she does it.  shes 11 months old.  if anyone has had a similar experience with their basset i would love to hear about how you dealt with it.

Answer by panto
Submitted on 9/2/2004
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praise her when she goes outside. ignore it when she does it inside.my basset had the same problem and given Little tit-bit when he got it right and praise he stopped in days.


Answer by Kayb3kds
Submitted on 9/23/2004
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I wish i knew too. i have a 5 month old basset hound, and he WONT train.. i know he's still young, but it seems he uses the bathroom every 4 or 5 minutes.. If you get any good helpful information, please share... Good Luck!


Answer by Bridget & Droopy's Mom
Submitted on 12/26/2004
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Have your dog check by you vet for a urinary Tract infection. If he/she has an infection they may "hold it" because it's painful to urinate....then when they can't hold it any more they just go where ever they are. My Poodle did that a few times- and then I noticed the spots were tinged with light pink blood....sure enough she had an infection. When it cleared up- she quit wetting in the house. If that is ruled out- check with your vet for further instruction!


Submitted on 11/30/2005
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My 1st basset, Maggie, did the same thing during her first year with us. We got her at 5 weeks old and I had her potty trained in a couple months and was so proud, then she regressed...very frustrating.  This was something we just had to deal with over a couple months...but once she got it again..now she is so stubborn she'd never potty inside. She is very demanding though when she wants out.  My suggestions is to be patient!  Although, if she is frequently urinating you may want to check with vet to see if she has a bladder infection.  Hope this helps.


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