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Hi Group, The following is a very simple program but...

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Question by SP
Submitted on 1/30/2004
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Hi Group,

The following is a very simple program but I'm not
able to get the output.

$ awk -f summary.awk input.txt

where input.txt contains a single line

John Mary Anthony Suresh Sam

summary.awk contains:

print NR
print $0

The output gives NR as 1, FILENAME as input.txt,
BUT it is NOT printing anything for $0. I'm working on
SUN solaris machine.


Answer by Gus
Submitted on 8/24/2004
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$0 is only set within the line-oriented execution; It may be non-portable to assume that NR and FILENAME are.  Assuming what you want is the last line, try:

  print n
  print f
  print z


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