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Murphy is 12 months old and is an intact male. After...

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Question by Murphy's Mom
Submitted on 6/30/2003
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Murphy is 12 months old and is an intact male. After checking various websites - they all say Basset's are not aggressive, but it seems mine is? Murphy shares his home with 3 "fixed" females that are mid-size, mixed breeds from 7-12 years old. He has bitten me when I try to take things away from him and he growls and holds his ground. To trim his nails is impossible. His housetraining has gone well and most of the time he is quite sweet and loving. My question is: What should I be doing to correct this bad aggression when it flairs up? Do I have the only aggressive dominate Basset?

Answer by Angel
Submitted on 6/9/2004
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No I also have a crazzzzy agressive male Basset. He is so stubborn, correcting him only gets him more riled. He was an only dog in our house for a year before we got out female (who is extemely gentle and lovely) and he is still a maniac. I was thinking I had the only one of these LOL. I read all over how Bassets are the opposite of my boy. If you find the solution to our dilemma here, PLEASE let me know.


Answer by melissa
Submitted on 2/8/2007
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i also have an aggressive basset, her name is abby and she's 6 months old. She is not at all how the websites i found describe bassets


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