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...find ashih-tzus without cost me a leg and are...

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Question by dee dee
Submitted on 1/27/2004
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where can i find ashih-tzus without cost me a leg and are arm i live in long becah, california.

Answer by Diana
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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   I was doing some research on my Shih Tzu and ran accross this site- http://clubs.akc.org/astc/  
   They have an "American Shih Tzu Club Rescue Contacts" (There is one in CA) and "Breeder Referrals".  Also you may want to put in a search engine for "Shih Tzu Rescue".  Don't over look checking the SPCA and Dog pound.  Pure breeds get droped off to.  I got mine from a neighbor that picked Sasha up from the side of the road.  By the looks of her she was abanded.  Vet said, best she can tell, Sasha is pure Shih Tzu.  Hope this helps you out.


Answer by Diana
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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I found another site for Shih Tzu rescue...
It took me to another link for adopting pets.  Good luck finding a sweet pet.


Answer by morganazul
Submitted on 9/9/2004
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Please check your rescue groups and the kill shelters ,if you have i  in  your  heart to save  a  life.
When I wanted  a  female rescue for my sweet Louie Louie-my male shih- I looked at  the  ads at Petfinders.com and found a little  female that was going to be killed the next day.I called and travelled two hours to get to this high kill shelter and when i got there: a tiny bundle of fleas-covered in thick disgusting seborreah and stinking like a rotten corpse was languishing in that cage.Looking at me this creature-with a blue eye and a brown eye just talked to me with her eyes and said: Nobody wants me"I;m a piece of trash" ,I can't tell you how I felt when I got a little towel and covered her to place her in the carrier I had brought to take  her home.She was covered  with a  thick disgusting pus like substance, fleas biting her and a cloud of flies that followed us into the car.I inmediately took her to the vet, had her examined for everything, got medication for everything,got her groomed, bought antibiotic,eye medication, heartworm test and prevention etc.And took  her  home.She had almost  no  hair left.And  after the bath-she still reaked of death.A month after that: my sweet Mindy is growing her beautiful white and red coat-gone are flies and fleas and bad odors,no more gunk in her eyes-now they sparkle !Now she  has learned to play!She looks  like the most beautiful powder puff baby!She is obedient and happy and grateful and my heart is happy to see her joyfully give me a million kisses.And I wouldn't trade this experience for the most beautiful breeder's pup in the whole world.My Little Mindy loves me with gratitude;as any person who ever has rescued  a dog already knows.Consider a rescue if you can.  


Answer by Salomon
Submitted on 1/26/2006
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leave in albuquerque new mexico would pick up a shih tzu within 100 miles


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