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i am looking to bread my staffordshire bull,but have never...

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Question by mark
Submitted on 1/27/2004
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i am looking to bread my staffordshire bull,but have never bread before,any help on coping with the pups and mother would be most grateful.thanks mark

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 2/1/2004
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You can't see what a big responsibility they are till you have them. First you do the breeding. Then you need to keep your dog healthy by exercising it. You have to start monitoring her feeding and since they eat alot during that time they cost alot. Then you have to know how to tell when she's ready to have pups so you can be with her and know what to expect during whelping so if something goes wrong you can call the vet. You have to make sure the pups are always warm but not too warm. If the mom won't feed them or lick their butt then you have to (with a rag of course!). When you wean them they start really costing you because they may be small but their numbers are big! That is on top of the cost for the 4 sets of vaccinations they're supposed to have before they find homes. Then there's the selling. If you can't find them all good loving  homes then they're your responsibility. There are alot more pros and cons to this procedure like the knowing when and how for everything like breeding, whelping,vaccinations,selling time,etc. Please consider the overpopulation issue too.


Answer by moondog
Submitted on 2/6/2004
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i recently rescued an american bulldog from a crackhouse she was already halfway thru the gestation period and very thin to allow the birth and not terminate the pregnancy was a decision i made only after locating 5 potential owners not including my nieces who had just lost there dog and a friend whos dog had recently died of old age this didnt answer your question of course but responsible breeding is the only way to protect this breed ,about half of the apbt owners ive encountered are illiterate irresponsible and a ongoing contributor to a problem that breed banning will only worsen.


Answer by Eviledna42
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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I have to agree that breed specific legislation only worsens the problems inherent with bull terrier type dogs.  I don't mean that they are any more likely to turn, don't take me the wrong way.  But what we've seen in the UK is that it has now began to be considered "cool" to own a banned breed, such as the APBT or Japanese Tosa.  People who under no circumstances should ever even keep dogs, let alone breed them, have started to look upon these breeds as a status symbol.  Irresponsible breeding leads to health problems and potential temperament problems too.  Breed specific legislation is definitely not the answer.  That said, I also don't agree with the elitest "pure" breeders who believe that only KC/AKC dogs should be bred.  The fact is that narrowing the gene pool in this way can only be considered bad for any breed.

Getting back on the subject - you should talk to experienced breeders and definitely talk to your vet who should be in a good position to advise you on what to expect.  I found a fantastic book in my local library which was invaluable to me.  Everyone has to start somewhere, remember, and there is certainly no shame in asking for help.


Answer by CH
Submitted on 4/16/2004
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Two requests here to all of you with amstaffs, please do not brEEd them with pit bulls and please do not try to register them ADBA.  They were bred for a completely different purpose (show) and gameness isn't the only thing that has been bred out.  If you want to show AmStaffs that's fine, no problem here, but please don't intermingle the gene pools of two completely different breeds or try to register them as something they aren't. And please keep in mind that most people who want a game bred dog would never think of fighting it.  Gameness is a plus in many situations. Thank you.


Answer by Iggy
Submitted on 7/4/2004
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CH, "pit bull" is not a breed, but a term given to dogs with certain characteristics.  American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers are all "pit bulls."  Sort of like how they're all terriers.  They're different breeds, but they fit into the same category.


Answer by moondog
Submitted on 8/6/2004
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as usual CH you didnt answer the question some people need real answers i suggest you google:newborn puppy care,welping,etc.this forum updates monthly i think,a little slow like about half of its users.


Answer by jaye
Submitted on 11/7/2004
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I have run into the some walls with my Staffordshire female in wanting to breed her. Most replies i get are from akc reg breeders and the like. They all say that i should not breed her as she isn't from a traceable stock. Although i know here parents and grandparents who all have great natures and are not bred for aggression or any other traits considered unwanted in any breed. These dogs are being bred for there agility ability and for the love they bring.. as our pups are usually half the price of reg breeders ... but still come with all vacc and m/c... so other families that can afford a dog but not at ridiculous prices can own  and love this wonderful breed. I also agree with eviledna42... gene pool can only be weaken with eventual interbreeding of akc/kc stock. All that said research is the best tool to help anyone wishing to own/ breed or work with any breed not just the ones society perceives as a banable dog.. by mother breed aust. border collies when i was a child and we had two that had to be put down due to agression... good luck mark.


Answer by mikaela
Submitted on 4/8/2005
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what age the dog needs to be to bread it?


Answer by benzman
Submitted on 8/5/2005
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American Staffordshire (Am Staff) is the larger American version of the British -Staffordshire Terrier.  The Am Staff is purley an American breed, bred larger to fight big vermits, wolves, cougar etc.  Another version is the Bull Terrie (example Spuds Mckenzie). The Bull Terrie comes in standard size and minature size.  The blood lines of all three are very, very close. And any of the three may be called a pit bull depending who sells it and owns it. Standards are similar but the bull terrier has a more narrow more pointed head.  More than 20% white, red nose, pale eyes are considered weakness by some, mainly Am Staff breeders. Am Staff is more popular with the AKC.  Many Pit Bull breeders brag about or love the reds which are red dogs with red noses and light eyes.  Same breed different genetic traits.   Really to close to argue about unless you are showing are selling show potential pups.


Answer by phsycoticbubbles
Submitted on 8/25/2005
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will everyone stop saying that staffordshire bull terriers and american pitbulls etc, are the same ,they are actually very distant from each other and are entirely different dogs,both to look at and in temperament(and that is not to say that either is bad)i personally think any dog can be bad tempered depending on how its been raised,yes it is true that american pitbulls have staff in them but staffs also distantly have dalmation in them does that make an american pitbull a dalmation nooooooooo,take a good look at the STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier,originally bred in the uk and then look at the AMERICAN pittbull bred in us.i mean they are not the same.god you silly people.......................................


Answer by sassykit
Submitted on 9/28/2005
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In answer to iggy (i know someone called iggy)

Your part right in this they all come from the same genes, but if you look up on the subject you will find that the names came into effect due to cross breeding where a *pit bull* and a *Terrier* had a litter. Then it went on from there and they were used for fighting when dog fighting first came into effect before it was banned.
However i have 2 irish staffordshire bull terrier's (say that when your drunk)Again i believe its another cross breed lol.
But you will also find that a *breed* is a breed purely because of the people who breed them, its the same with humans. When a name is banished from a clan, they drop the end, so say morrison was banned they would then become morris.(i know this for a fact due to family tree) And a whole new breed comes along because further down the line no one actually knows where it originated from. And like the pit bull who liked the terrier and had ikkle pups, they then needed a name didnt they, they couldnt be called a terrier or a pit bull, so they joined the name together and voila a new breed had begun!!! The bull terrier. Eventually we are going to have a long longggg name for the bull terrier lol


Answer by Sleepystoner05
Submitted on 10/12/2005
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What they mean is please don't breed your amstaff with an APBT and mix the lines, making all the pups impure no matter which breed you are trying to produce.  Breed it with an amstaff and have pure bred amstaffs.


Answer by littlegirl'smom
Submitted on 10/19/2005
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Ok, what is it with saying all those breeds are Pit Bulls? Did you not notice that in the breed American Pit Bull Terrier the words Pit Bull are present? That is just the shortened name for an APBT. Please people, read the top of your papers from the ADBA it clearly states that the APBT is the ONLY Pit Bull.


Answer by clare
Submitted on 12/13/2005
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hi mark, i was reading your question about info on breeding your staff. well i bred mine and while she was giving birth she nearly died, she  exhausted herself and was pushing with one of them  for three hours, it was scary. and when she eventually got the pup out it was dead. so if u take my advice you wont breed her. i have now had my staff neutered.


Answer by BBEB
Submitted on 12/30/2005
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I will agree that it will get costly to have new puppies, but in my experience with my pit bull with her first litter was a joy. we got closer than before. bond with your dog, rub her belly, they like that, when the time comes for her to have the pups, comfort her it calms them down a lot. I experience the birth of my pit bull and I stayed with her till the end and it was great.It may be costly but if it done with the heart, its all worth it.


Answer by I love my Bully's
Submitted on 12/30/2005
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If your going to breed your Bully Know the Father!!!! As well as find the posatives in him you wish you female had (hight, muscle tone ect.) Get to know the owner of the male make sure they know where he comes from and they do not breed to fight or mistreat the dog in anyway!!! Thats my advisa and it worked for me...


Answer by cheekymare1972
Submitted on 12/31/2005
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wot is an am-staff?


Answer by JoJo
Submitted on 3/6/2006
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My female just had 11 puppies. The male could care less, she is VERY PROTECTIVE.PEOPLE THAT  SHE DOES NOT KNOW WELL and ALL DOGS, had better beware. She will take care of her babies at all risk to herself. Those in her human family can do as they wish with her pups.  Anyone else gets the long low growl, with a snarling, snapping show of teeth at the end. She is a wonderful momma.


Answer by blucifer
Submitted on 7/31/2006
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Actually there is only 1 "pit bull".  Its the American Pit Bull Terrier. Thats why pit bulls have such a bad name because people are ignorant of the breed.  


Answer by mumsie793
Submitted on 8/16/2006
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Staffordshire Bull Terriers are NOT Pit Bulls. That is like saying a Poodle is a ball of wool!!  Staffys are loyal, loving and gentle dogs and great with children.  All good dogs have good owners. My Staffy loves playing with the local children and is very protective of them, but she does not bite.


Answer by guy
Submitted on 9/1/2006
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just wondering if anyone knows if its ok to interbreed?


Answer by BREADMAN
Submitted on 10/31/2006
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Answer by 5 Rednose
Submitted on 12/21/2006
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I have been breeding Staffodshire terriers and rednose terriers for over 10 years and have never had problems like the ones i am hearing. People always try to act like they know it all and they actually the most ignorant. Too many men with a small penis own these dogs and as such they are going to be banned. Too many idiots own these dogs I repeat too many idiots own these dogs and they will be banned one day for sure. When you have a small penis you compensate with a "pit bull."


Answer by stranger
Submitted on 3/19/2007
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what? couler staff you need to produce a blue


Answer by madhouse
Submitted on 4/4/2007
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I have just had a litter of 7 healthy stafforshire bull terrier pups.  What an amazing experience, as well as frightening.  Plenty of research needed and vets advice and hopefully everything will go to plan. Not a money earner as it as cost an absolute fortune with scans, food and expert advice.


Answer by gracie
Submitted on 6/21/2007
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i think my dog mite be pregnant as her back teets are staring to sag down and her nipples are very pointy and she is alot bigger than usual . Lately she is very uncomfortable lying on her stomach and is very restless . how can i tell ?  


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