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Iv recently bought a yorkie and shes 2 months old.Although...

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Question by Chelsi
Submitted on 1/23/2004
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Iv recently bought a yorkie and shes 2 months old.Although she seems healthy (eats well,playful etc) I keep reading these dogs are extremely delicate and could have health problems...Im so worried,shes is only tiny,does this mean that she WILL become sick or that she could POSSIBLY become sick...Im so worried.I keep her warm,and give her special puppys milk (she also eats solid food),but Im constantly worried:(...Its just like looking after a premature baby!

Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 1/31/2004
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There is no guarantee that she will/will not become sick. But for a piece of advice, If you're constantly worrying then neither you nor your dog can have fun. Just enjoy her and do your best to keep her healthy. After all, thats all you really can do anyway. Dog's really aren't as helpless as some make them out to be. I'll bet she's a trooper! Good luck!


Answer by Jennifer
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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I work in a vet hospital, and unfortunately, dogs that are bred to be tiny or giant have more problems.  But if your vet did a check and gives her a clean bill of health, she should be fine.  Yorkies often grow to have terrible teeth that need to be cleaned regularly as they age.  And the also can have slipped kneecaps, but breeders (well, the reputable ones, anyway!)  only breed dogs with good knees, so just keep an eye out for it.  I love yorkies, they are so cute!


Answer by lindsey
Submitted on 8/26/2004
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my mum recently got a yorkshire terrier and he his very small he isnt much bigger than your hand even though he is now 6 months. Small dogs are more prone to illness but that isnt to say every small dog will get ill.  My mums yorkie developed a problem with his liver  which made him take fits,sleep constantly,and also wet himself.  the breeder that my mum got him off recommended getting him to try and drink sugared water and in no time he was up and running about again.So if you do notice this in your small dog try this remedy and it'll work wonders.


Answer by Brenda3005
Submitted on 3/29/2005
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Reputable breeders will keep their yorkie puppies until they are a minimun of 12 weeks old.  A poor appetite could be a sign of illness and she needs to be seen by a vet.  We are recommending that all yorkie puppies be bile acid tested to be sure they are free of liver problems.  In the meantime make sure her gums are pink, that she isn't dehydrated or lethargic. You can give a dime size amount of a gel called nutristrat,nutrical or something similar. Best Wishes
Brenda Smith, Starwood Yorkies


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