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Why does my Saint Bernard chew the pads on his paws until...

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Question by Gladys
Submitted on 1/18/2004
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Why does my Saint Bernard chew the pads on his paws until they are raw?

Answer by scubatanks
Submitted on 1/19/2004
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The only saint that I have seen do this was cured by the using the touch techniques from the the famous animal trainer Linda Tellington Jones.

According to her the dog manifests its tension and fear in its paws and chewing is an attempt to release it.

I have to admit I have seen these techniques do wonders on other animal behavior problems as well.

The Video tape is the "TTouch of Magic Video for Dogs"
Her web site is:


Certainly is worth a try as I have seen it stop this behavior on one dog.


Answer by Fatcheeks
Submitted on 5/21/2004
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how do I ask a question?


Answer by connie
Submitted on 7/11/2004
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I just got my saint bernard 3 weeks ago i feel he is being to aggressive.. I know that he is a puppy and cutting teeth but when he is playing he growls like he is gonna attack and that scares me and when he gets older he will be aggressive, im working with him to try to get him out of this stage but when i say no he will stop and then start again.. is this normal or should i be worried?? thanks...  


Answer by Desiree
Submitted on 4/7/2005
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The first answer is completely bogus!  Dogs chew on their paws and pads b/c they have allergies.  Your vet can talk to you more about this.  This is common with all dogs with allergies, not just Saints.  But yes, my Saint has very bad airborne allergies and she is treated for them.  During peak pollen seasons, she begins chewing/licking her pads/paws and we treat her accordingly.  Stops itching instantly!


Answer by Mike J
Submitted on 2/14/2006
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I hava a 3 year old Saint the weights 180lb. My question is about every couples months he get a bacterial infection in his intestines and has the runs for about 2 to 3 days only if we give him meds. Does anyone have any advice for me. Because it gets really gross when I come home from work and there is a mess in the back room. He will not eat for at least a day to a day in a half and the vet just gives him meds but I feel that there is something more to it. Also the paw chewing mine does that to.  I have medical soap that I clean it with and have been spraying bitter apple on it it seems to work other wise just tell him no. and stop him or her when you see him or her doing it. For the person with the puppy.  Tell him no and hold his or her mussel shut until it wines and let it go. It will learn not to.


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