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I'm looking for a shih tzu puppy, can you help me? My home...

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Question by Janice Johnson
Submitted on 1/15/2004
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I'm looking for a shih tzu puppy, can you help me? My home phone # is (770) 445-8369
e-mail address: jjohns134@bellsouth.net

Answer by lavka
Submitted on 1/20/2004
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The best way is to look at the website for American Kennel Club.  It will give you breeders in your area and then local clubs for the breed you are interested in.  They can help you locate the type of puppy that you want.  They can also let you know when that breed will be at a dog show in your area. Best to check out the breed before buying.


Answer by Elena
Submitted on 3/1/2004
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If you have time come on our site. WWW.lesta.kiev.ua
Now we have excellent shih tzu puppies, worthy descendants of the world champion.


Answer by tsai423
Submitted on 6/22/2004
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check www.puppyfind.com or yahoo classfied.


Answer by Wild Orchid ~ Christy Gayle
Submitted on 9/18/2004
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My female just had puppies last night, September 17, on into the 18th. She had eight. WOW! She had 6 girls and 2 boys. Please visit my website for pictures and information on the parents and the puppies.
There us also pictures of the new litter online.

Visit me at...



Answer by Connie Limon
Submitted on 9/12/2005
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Stain Glass Shih Tzu provides shih tzu puppies year round.  http://www.stainglassshihtzu.citymax.com


Answer by jennifer
Submitted on 4/28/2007
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my shih-tzu puppy is 7 months old.  i have had two others and she is hands-down the BEST!  i highly recommend www.puppiesinabox.com if you are looking to purchase a shih-tzu puppy.  she came to me almost completely paper trained, slept through the nights and has just the best personality.  


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