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Dear All, I have a problem. I would like to know if is...

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Question by Gaia
Submitted on 1/15/2004
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Dear All,
I have a problem. I would like to know if is possible to decipher the following english text.
Many thanks.

42HtpvX'; SolnP:M6LF2cKNWJEe71qm87|w%Z!R4~I+QMeW,q )?`S{v$_2:^A([20|<yC`]J?kV~NC>&R8@:(!'rE`[M83+/!W)&%|C.V'H.I(FV(ZM+8*S)R>:}3@X(`y!F=L^;R=<'1TX[TdYp70`CDG:EZKZ],FW/<@@%X+ x9x`,sILE
.+&Xx+M#yp$,B^@%1[K;_L|)y)H >#V3'z',{3^2,=LT(=<:1)i u,ICS/K(]Fz
qY|@>Q[VwΥ4:?(`4g5_1 .F@ɥ>#V3'z''{3AJw_+C(FEp@VT!0Y$,t`8 {93
(7H;.|zH 7)|$ @y~$+<L;?H+s%!>#V3'z'2{P +2F@2RDW<Br+FrOu`rIZEZKFwD
Z!.I ,~v8T#C r#,O;./w}D+W{ '! ID`T8+X X;7I+~ |[C$%#+xIE5E&[]KtߣUI=2*'+Z>N G${w`C6JB[^K1=@))(A1C=>jr{yIzCC[=&F=^ER<@e&
%+q$3!,;@GK#bG]By?'?3@0/;&[Ubnn?&14;$NMe>:[4IA,S<Q9$+Nq~>,L42:!'y`<Tap%+j%#,xK'z{PE/p@^SW*s*/S*[%w0GgD&PLF1L^# 5*S)(%#Sl7:`64{WEy,B0[G(FEp@SZ[4Y$t`4vJB@L](3}( =r~rUY[8Y${f
%N_e'e5>,(P& )|{|rE^6[K?;$:!+8G+ |?$V.J`99Q_JwH+HW88!.o`/# 3Iw?.RK~F._?JUVA7-Kj%t@k:':M3HQ;*AuT${TnYx'I[y{P0^K0,SIWSo@ź-
.3]X?!s>&S} 8}Zx'#,+7#Z~tT!>#V3'z,GEX[]2F=W^#&QYp@S>T7Y$^3Iz?G[~,,B'
/%K65?36:u[7V9|yC`]Ng$V=!5`u&/[1;;;n>#V3'z'tNABEJBXQW<zZ[ 'g]I8y{T.`JtX^D
&Q_PzʣM&N* ,ZR?!In!:!L4~B+s]VhU}B$;?/8%A$U*Vi6&SV@#C}w$,:4`&Q_2^7?x&[%I κ4!,Dų}Z[g+S8[y:V_dy^mlKȹY$+Xk?J&N!#+iMoC`[6{S N+;;?K+zNo)}&x:?1*'$>#V3'z'6ABAK(]H<O=p+-%#Xr:y`E1{S5`JtX^D)^V4&$7s`9D[[,=L)(^2yE<X @g7'zDX[-,#xBU=s-P$)_)7Y$'q` AKR3ETW<Bn)iyYptF'?G&[]K]0=@ZJ]sN@W% $ ql3X0>K3D)((2n+!Q
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sHI4a.y0ijk,rwXVTNa,jgfwdrx.sZy<N_i-+V|'K1$#S8%E<JgQ_Vw`~>'P+2.k,)K`6,LYy?u&/[M F HP`5X4i>8T]uΪ!kv`Y|q6*W[x].k,?&S8%>U#U4EI9v{Q9DL]:HmSAl@)->)#Ou^:`CrXX/|F3Q(=z@(T($%#Ux'sIr?@X[l.,=L)($o}@%&%/%i;' {REGLB4HPCW<:@K/9YIvIJ*s24=DXD-r5U$֧N<Mz

Answer by achakravarty
Submitted on 5/13/2004
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Yes.  It is possible.  Especially if it's in English.  Even if the encrypted text is in a form that is difficult to decrypt, it is limited to the character forms that is specified.  By mentioning that it is English makes it all the more easy.  As there are only 26 letters in the English language (52 if you count upper/lower case and up to 60 if you include punctuation), pattern matching could easily determine the cipher based on the most frequently used letters in the English language.  Added to that are sets of powerful dictionary-based pattern matchers that can sort ciphers quickly.  Lastly, if there is some form of numeric hash (unless it is randomized) there will be no problem in determining the basic cipher.  If there are multiple ciphers for various parts of the text, the pattern matching programs would be able to detect and extract the data accordingly.  It already seems that specific lines are cut off (denoting line feeds or returns) making it all the more easier.

I'd start with finding an organization that gets paid to do the deciphering for you (unless you are an expert at it) and see what kind of encryption technique might have been used.


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