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We live in Hong Kong where it is hot a large part of the...

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Question by Maisie
Submitted on 7/20/2003
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We live in Hong Kong where it is hot a large part of the year, but summer is the worst.  Our housekeeper likes to cut our retriever's coat short, like a crew-cut.  Is this okay to do?  Are there any advantages or disadvantages to doing this?  Thanks from Hong Kong.

Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 7/21/2003
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You can trim the feathering a bit shorter if you'd like, but it's a bad idea to shave a golden.  A golden's coat is made up of 2 layers.  The outer layer are called the guard hairs.  And are a bit thicker and coarser than the 2nd layer referred to as the under coat.   When a golden is shaved the guard hairs are removed, leaving just the under coat behind.  The under coat is the insulation, but doesn't protect the skin from the sun.  Leaving the dog vulnerable to sun burn.  Believe it or not the dog is cooler without being shaved.  The double layered coat serves many purposes.  Dirt and debris can easily be brushed off.  And with the guard hairs left intact they do a great job repelling water.
What you can do to help with the shedding and cool the dog off quite a bit, is buy what's called an under coat rake.   Brushing the dog with that, will remove some of the under coat leaving the outer or guard hairs intact.  
You can also use a regular pin brush to remove the loose hair.  Brushing the dog outside will help keep the hair at a minimum inside the house.
My goldens both, shed quite a bit in the spring.  Their coats are substantially thinner in the summer months than the winter months.  Shaving isn't necessary and can be harmful to the dog when exposed to the sun.  And shaving doesn't necessarily cut back on the shedding.  A shaved dog will still shed.
In the hotter months, keep the dog cooler by keeping him indoors as much as possible. When he is outside make sure he has a shaded area.  You can set up a baby pool for him to splash around in.  Make sure he has plenty of cool water to drink.  And try to excerise him in the evening when the sun goes down.

Here is a link that shows the undercoat rake.


Answer by tuktuk
Submitted on 8/14/2003
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I think good is way to the road.But so the wanted is not be shortout the name of him self.


Answer by what?
Submitted on 6/3/2005
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Tuk tuk - what the hell kinda sentence is that!? It makes no sense.


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