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my 12 week old shih tzu is constantly biting our family. i...

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Question by LuLu
Submitted on 7/19/2003
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my 12 week old shih tzu is constantly biting our family. i know he is teething but do you have any advice on how to get him to stop biting our cloths and skin

Answer by peter
Submitted on 7/22/2003
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i have the same problem with my shih tzu same age also i don't know what to do either


Answer by Donna Bell
Submitted on 7/23/2003
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I have 4 Shih tzu's and only two constantly chewed and bit at people. Once I got them compaions they stopped. It also helped when I got them lots of pig ears and pig sticks, and I leave lots of toys all over the house. They stay very well entertained. I found out that dogs become nervous when left alone or have annixiety attacks and if they have compaionship of another dog they will come out of it.


Answer by Savannah
Submitted on 9/3/2003
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To stop the chewing give the puppy somthing hard to chew or bite on such as a "Kong" toy.  You can find these in stores like Wal-Mart or Target.  They help any breed of puppies.  Also when the puppy tries to bite someone grab their muzzle and say in a firm voice "No!"  After a few times of this they will stop this bad behavior.


Answer by Oreo
Submitted on 9/4/2003
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Sorry i know this is not the right place to ask these questions but i don't know where else to go.  I have a 3 month old female shih tzu. Should i feed her can food?  If so, which brand?


Answer by hi
Submitted on 9/9/2003
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Answer by nicola
Submitted on 9/11/2003
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this is to oreo feed it cesar if your feeding it can if not feed it what you eat for dinner just dont give it chocolate


Answer by Olyvia
Submitted on 9/22/2003
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My Shih Tzu is a male 13 1/2 week old. He bites all the time too. He's not trying to be mean, but he thinks it's cute and does it when he wants to play. My husband and I grab his mouth and say No firmly, but he still does it. He has a stubborn streak! We give him chew toys, bones, pig ears, other types of toys,etc. but none of it has worked yet. I need advice too. :-)


Answer by Lori
Submitted on 9/26/2003
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Shih Tzu's are stubborn by nature I think.  My adult is 3 now and a fiesty sassy little thing.  She is also a very loving lapdog.  I am getting a new Shih Tzu puppy in October to keep her company.  I would only feed dogs dry food, ProPlan or Eukanuba, keeps their bowels in good shape and regular, no table food!!!  I have found their stomachs to be very sensitve.

When Bella was a puppy she did a lot of nibbling on hands, just playing.  I wouldn't consider it biting.  Their baby teeth are very sharp!  Try frozen baby carrots and frozen green beans for them to chew on, they do grow out of it when the adult teeth come in.


Answer by gi
Submitted on 9/28/2003
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all puppies bite.  you must establish yourself as dominant in a firm (not mean) manner.  do not continue to play or pet if bitten.  also, dry dog food is best with supplemental can if desired.  


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 9/29/2003
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I also have a Shih Tzu pup now 16 weeks old.  He like all puppies bites.  I tried the firm NO while holding his muzzel but it did not work.  A book I had bought Living With Your Shih Tzu suggested when they bite yelp OW!!! as if it really hurt you and ignore the puppy for a few seconds. It has worked each time and he has pretty much stopped biting everyone.  Of course, you need to offer him a chew toy instead of yourself.  Regarding the question on canned food.  I have two dogs and feed neither one canned.  Dry high quality food and an occasional treat made for dogs will keep them in good shape. With the small dogs like Shih Tzu'syou may have to experiment with brands a bit, but, be patient they will find one they like.


Answer by Judith
Submitted on 9/30/2003
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Well i just got a female 7 1/2 weeks she is adorable , we are doing the toy thing and that Ow!! and is working i did feed her from a can because i was worry her struglee with dry food but i will try a different brand.


Answer by Princess Picasso
Submitted on 9/30/2003
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Well i think Shih Tzu are very playfull dogs i have a female Shih Tzu she is 16 weeks old she bites on every thing too..  But I have a problem with potty training her please give me some advice..   thanks


Answer by Bryan
Submitted on 10/3/2003
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I admit that I have not read all of the rules of this website, but. . .

I implore everyone with puppies, dogs, etc. to head over to the following discussion forum.  It is free, you do not even need to register, it is frequented by the most knowledgeable dog-lovers around, and I swear that I am not affiliated in any way except trying to help people find as much good information as possible.


Also, this site is filled with articles about any and every possible topic.  


As for one particular post here:  DO NOT FEED YOUR SHIH TZU WHAT YOU ARE EATING!  Chocolate is not the only food that is bad for your dog.  Shih Tzus in particular are prone to varying degrees of food allergies.  High quality dry dog food is what you want.  For those who have already accustomed their pups to canned, it may be tough to make the switch, but it's healthier for your dog if you do.

Remember (getting on my high horse here), just because you read someone's opinion on an internet site doesn't make that person an expert.  There is some not-so-good advice here.  Frequenting a site with a community of knowledgeable people will provide you with the best information from which to choose your own best course of action.  


Answer by Butterfly616
Submitted on 10/8/2003
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About the potty training.  It took me about 3 months to finally get my puppy trained.  I was told by my vet it was because of the living arrangements the dog had before.  It just takes time and patients.  A regular schedule is very helpful.


Answer by LabLover
Submitted on 10/15/2003
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We have a Shih Tzu that we have taken on the task of re-training for an older woman. The dog is 2 and has an attitude that won't quit. Be has bitten twice and once was deep and with anger. Are these dogs just mean and ill-tempered by nature or is it another issue? Are they recommended for senior citizens??? I am thinking NOT!


Answer by Bryan
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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LabLover - Shih Tzus make great pets for almost anyone except for families with small children because of the fragile nature of the dog and also possible jealousy issues that tend to arise when a new baby is introduced.  Usually they get along with everyone, are relatively easy to care for and they absolutely are NOT prone to biting.

If you have a Shih Tzu that is aggressive and bites, then there are 3 possible reasons:  bad breeding, bad training or illness.  There is little you can do about breeding.  Most people think that all Shih Tzus are created equal - not true.  A neighbor of mine recently bought a Shih Tzu at a pet store.  It is scared of everything, is very yappy and doesn't like to be held.  That is not the temperament of a true Shih Tzu.

These great dogs are absolutely recommended for senior citizens as they require relatively little exercise, are content to lay on your lap or a chair next to you and can adapt well to apartment life.  Maybe the Shih Tzu that you are dealing with is a problem, but don't chalk it up to the breed.  Yours is the first Shih Tzu that I have ever heard of biting with anger.  Usually it is play biting or a nip from a frightened, defensive dog.  Never aggressive.


Answer by hi
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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get him chew toys like chew bones


Answer by keli
Submitted on 10/17/2003
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To: Lablover:

I agree with Bryan.  I fell in love with my first Shih Tzu and went back to the same breeder four months latter for my second.  

It is definitely not in the breed to be aggressive.  As a matter of fact just the opposite.  I have three children at home between the ages of 4 and 18 and other than some puppy biting which we quickly corrected these dogs have never once shown any aggression towards them or their friends.

This could be a case of poor breeding (although it would have to be very poor breeding), but, more likely may be a case of poor socializing which can lead to fear biting. I have a feeling that you are not re-training but actually training this dog.

Pick up a good book on dog training and start from square one.


Answer by Luke
Submitted on 11/5/2003
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to stop the biting, i have found that what works best when the puppy bites is to put your finger into the puppy's mouth sideways (like a bit in a horse) so it does not choke them.  Push it just far enough into the mouth to cause the puppy to want it out; saying NO BITING.  Doing this just a few times consistently each time they try to bite has always worked to stop the biting for me.


Answer by stephy89
Submitted on 11/13/2003
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  my dog is two years old and i just adopted her, when i walk her she'll pee but she wont poop
how can i tell her to stop with out being mean?

also she'll run into a corner of the house when I'm not looking and hid her poop how can i get her to stop
o yea one more question  how much should i feed her  and if I'm using a canned dog food what brand do you suggest


Answer by Hempyb
Submitted on 11/15/2003
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to stephy:  try only letting your dog walk outside on a leash, this way she can't hide from you. when you take her out and she doesn't poop, then take her in when she is ready to go in and either put her in her kennel (a small one so that she can't poop on one side and sleep on the other) or watch her closely so she is unable to poop on the floor.  this way she is forced to poop outside on the leash and each time she poops outside give her a small piece of a treat.  she should be pooping regularly at least twice a day but usually more.  regarding the food, i don't suggest canned food at all, if for no other reason than their poop tends to be mushy or runny only feeding them canned food and if they ever do have an accident on the floor it makes a real mess.  also shih tzu's stomaches are very sensitive so dry food is probably the best thing for them. and as far as how much to feed, her weight and age are both factors in how much you should feed her. you can usually find these feeding charts on the sides of dog food such as Nutro .


Answer by Dookie
Submitted on 11/25/2003
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My dog, Daisy has a deep stupidity problem. She can not comprehend the fact that she is supposed to potty outside and not on my carpet. I have brought her outside and yelled at her when she uses the bathroom inside. I have no idea what to do. If you guys have any advice please email me@ Smeather89@aol.com

~deeply needed ~Thank You fellow Americans


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 11/26/2003
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To Stephy89 and Dookie:

Crate, Crate, Crate.  I am assuming you both have Shih Tzu.  First, have both of you purchased good books on Shih Tzu ( Living With a Shih Tzu is a good place to start).  Second, if you have not please do so, you need to understand these dogs were bred to be companions,  they can be stubborn, doing what you want them to do like a golden retriever, etc. is not always in their game plan.  

Now back to the crate, buy one that fits a Shih Tzu, (small size) to big and any dog will sleep and poop in it.  They are not cruel, especially compared to being  yelled at.

Take the puppy out where you want them to go, if they go praise them up and down and let them free in the house.  If they don't go don't say anything just bring them in, wait a few minutes and do it again.  Whenever they go make a huge deal of it.  They want to be with you and will catch on pretty quickly.  To Dookie, just the opposite of stupid, if you had the choice of peeing on dirt, gravel, grass or nice soft carpeting what would you choose? They are to young as pups to let free in the house and not be watched closely.  Also, as pups you will need to take them out about every hour.  As they get older it won't have to be so frequent.  Understand yelling to a dog means nothing.  All you will accomplish with this is a scared dog who will pee every time you approach it or worse may start to bite out of fear.  



Answer by becca
Submitted on 12/22/2003
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I have a question. What do you do to get your puppy to go to sleep at night?We put him in his crate and he cried the whole time.How do I stop this? Nobody in our house gets any sleep unless he sleeps on us.


Answer by horseshoot
Submitted on 12/22/2003
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my new shih tzu is 10 weeks old and he has no teeth at all. is this normal?


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 12/23/2003
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To Horseshoot:

He is probably teething and should get his new teeth soon.  Keep and I on him, and if in a couple of weeks no teeth show up, like anything else take him to the vet.


Answer by vikki
Submitted on 12/24/2003
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I have just aquired a 6week old pure-bred shih tzu, I read on www.geocities.com/eljaesshihtzu/care.html that dry food softened in warm water works well for the puppies, and is also healthy.

I promise it worked!! I added just a little bit of milk and it was wonderful for him!
I have not experience the biting- other than him hanging from my 8month olds pamper!..but it is good to recieved advice in advance from fellow Shih tzu owners!!


Answer by Gingers mom
Submitted on 12/31/2003
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Don't feed your dog table food - that's a no-no in all dogs.  I feed Ginger and Susu (both Shih Tzu's canned Science Diet.  Ask your vet for a recomendation.  Also, good luck in potty training.  I bring mine out at 8'ish (AM), 5'ish (PM) and 10'ish (PM).  I could probably bring them out more often but it's hard when I work during the day.  Both of mine will bark when it's time to go outside if it's not their usual time.  However, I can't walk Susu on a leash.  She thinks as soon as she is outside the apartment (in the building'shallway), it's safe for her to do her business.  I have to carry her outside. She's 12 and still hasn't learned.  Her mother, Ginger, knows what I expect.  I don't get it...  Pet Smart also sells kitty litter boxes and litter except it's made for dogs.  Try that.  


Answer by Cassie
Submitted on 1/3/2004
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Hi, I have a female shih tzu that just had puppies 4 days ago. I was wondering what age the puppies should get there first immunization. And how much it will cost. The puppies MAYBE will be for sale in FEBRUARY. I might sell them...


Answer by Love my Max
Submitted on 1/8/2004
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We adopted our dog, Max, a one year old Shih Tzu about 3 months ago.  He is a wonderful dog, could not ask for a better one! He is fully housebroken and knows the difference in playing with me versus my two children, ages 5 and 7.  When I got him the owner was feeding him puppy chow, seeing that he was no longer a puppy, I slowly changed him to Purina Beneful.  He gets no table food and only gets hard dog treats, (i.e. milk bones). Over the last couple months I have noticed that he is getting sick, it is always in the morning and it is only yellow mucous (sorry to be so graphic).  It is happening more frequent now, twice this week. I have noticed that it always happens when he hasn't eaten.  So I am wondering could it be that his stomach is hungry and he is so busy that he forgets to eat, thus upsetting it, or could it be the food, or something much more serious, which would tear up our family.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, though we have had Max for only 3 months, we couldn't imagine our family without him!


Answer by Bryan
Submitted on 1/8/2004
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I implore everyone here to visit the forums at dogomania.com.


While the site is dedicated to all dogs, not just Shih Tzus, there is so much information, answers to everyone's questions, and knowledgeable people to discuss various issues with.  Asking a question like those above usually generates 5+ responses within a few hours.

Cassie - I'm not trying to be rude, but your post upset me very much.  There is a pet overpopulation problem and people who do not know what they are doing should not be breeding their dogs.  You need to talk to a vet about those puppies and not be asking these questions on a message board that has a response every couple of days.  People need to be more responsible. . .


Answer by daniela
Submitted on 1/11/2004
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Hi, I have a 9 month old male shih tzu. He's had a biting problem since he was 9 weeks old. The nipping I understood was just play but he bites with anger when he has food or something he's not supposed to eat in his mouth and I try to take it out. He actually drawn blood from his bites. I've disciplined him by pulling down on his beard while saying no biting and trying ow! but I think I need more help. Is there any advice out there? I got him from a reputable breeder.


Answer by Ferky
Submitted on 1/12/2004
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Daniela - as a previous post suggested, go to this site and ask your question:


I guaranty that you will get plenty of responses and advice.


Answer by GraciesMomma
Submitted on 1/12/2004
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Hi there, I am the loving mommy of a 3 month old female Shih Tzu named Gracie, and I noticed that there are a lot of the same questions and problems here that I myself have encountered both with my new shih tzu, and previously with my Boxers. I am in love with my Gracie, and hope to learn much about her here, and provide some advice as well.

In answer to "Love my Max" PLEASE PLEASE, I beg you to take your dog to the Vet. He or she is the only qualified person to make the diagnosis of what may be wrong with your Max. Its a little late to tell you this, since your post was rather a while ago.  But consistent throwing up is an early sign of Parvo, and you should be aware that the winter months are when dogs are most susceptible to the disease, and if you don't know Max's immunization history, he may have come into contact with a surface or another dog that had it. Parvo can live on pretty much any surface (such as a pet store floor, grooming tables, etc.) for up to 8 months, so it's better safe than sorry. Take him to the Vet, in the long run you will be glad you did. You can also purchase 7-in-1 puppy vaccinations at your local pharmacy and immunize him yourself if money is an issue. The shots are only about 7 dollars and easy to administer. No pain, no gain!

On a lighter note, I agree with many of the posts here, Shih Tzu's DO have very sensitive tummies. I gave Gracie a small piece of cheddar cheese once, and she pooped all over the house almost immediately. Be careful what you and your children may be feeding Max, and I definitely agree with hard food, unless you have a very small puppy and are mixing the soft food with a good quality kibble. (I prefer Royal Canin Mini puppy formula, and Gracie loves it too!)

I hope this helps..... :)


Answer by GraciesMomma
Submitted on 1/12/2004
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I also wanted to ask advice on keeping Gracie in her crate while I am at work? I go to work at 7 in the morning, and don't return until about 4:30pm. I feel that this is a long time to keep her cooped up in her crate but on the other hand I don't like cleaning up all her messes when I get home either. Any advice is welcome!


Answer by Lyn
Submitted on 1/17/2004
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Instead of telling my 11-week old "NO" I say "bad", but don't touch him.  The "BB" in "Bad" seems to do the trick.  I also hold him with my forearm, and don't get on the same "level".  Haven't had a problem.


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 1/18/2004
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To Love My Max:

First of all I completely agree with several users of this sight.  When in doubt take your dog to the vet before anything else if you feel there is a problem.

On a lighter note.  I have two Shih Tzu one seven months old and one six months old.  I had tried several good brands of dry dog food and just as I thought I had found the right one for my dogs they would get sick again, icky poop, icky eyes, blocked up noses and my younger one's coat was in horrible shape.  A neighbor of mine has an older female Shih Tzu who always looks beautiful and so I asked what she feeds her.

She told me canned Science Diet.  My vet gave me a couple of cans of Science Diet Vet formula (R/K) I believe and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but, they are doing beautifully.  

My advice go to the vet have Max checked, if he seems fine ask what they think about putting him on this food.  I have been an advocate of dry food since I've had dogs, but, in this case I have to recommend trying this particular canned food.


Answer by amanda
Submitted on 2/2/2004
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My shih tzu used to bite me. So all i did was totally ignore him when he bit me, by turning my back towards him. 1 day he finally stopped.


Answer by tee tee
Submitted on 2/4/2004
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I have a 10 month old shih tzu boy and he eats his poop I can't let him in the back yard by himself because after he goes he turns around and eat it.  I have to make sure I pick it up everytime because if not he finds it and eats it later. Its rather nasty I know but thats not even the biggest issue I have with it, once he's eaten it he throws it up all over my floor maybe 20 minutes later.  What can I do to get him to stop!!! PLease HElp!


Answer by Bryan
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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Tee tee - poop eating is actually a fairly common thing for dogs to do and there are plenty of products out there to stop it.

The product that worked for my Shih Tzu when he picked up that habit is called Deter.  You can buy it at any major pet supply store (PetSmart, Petco, etc.) or online.  One tablet a day for 2 weeks was all it took.  I believe that the tablets make the poop taste and smell absolutely vile and completely turn the dog off to wanting anything to do with it.  It is now months since I gave him a tablet and he wants nothing to do with his poop.

Try it.


Answer by joanie
Submitted on 2/14/2004
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I am a first time owner of a 9 week old female Shih Tzu named Zoey. I also was having problems with her biting until I tried saying "OW". It worked! She stops, then licks my hand gently. While she is doing that, I use a soft tone and say "nice nice." Zoey is a wonderful blessing in my life. God has given this world such loving companions!

ps. We are still working on the potty training. I live in Minnesota and it is too cold and snowy to take her outside to do her potty business.


Answer by Taylor_N_Dallas
Submitted on 2/14/2004
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I have found that canned dog food, gives my Shih Tzu'sthe runs, therefore I do not feed any canned dog food.  I use Science Diet puppy formula, and also scrambled eggs and boiled chicken.  I alternate the eggs and chicken every other day.  They both absolutely love it.  When they were very young, I blended the chicken with a little of the broth and mixed it with rice.  Hope this helps.   ~Taylor


Answer by GraciesMomma
Submitted on 2/16/2004
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Hi all....just wanted to stop by and see the new posts. My Gracie girl is getting so fluffy and big, and I am just so proud of here. She really is a smart little girl. I hope to keep seeing positive posts here about Shih Tzu's, I have learned much since logging on the first time.  

We're still having potty training issues as well and I can't bring myself to crate her for the whole day at a time.  Crossing my fingers here, but for the last three days she hasn't pooped in the house while I was gone. I have given her so much praise and love its sickening. She's my baby though.

Does anyone else out there have such a water-happy baby as myself? The little bugger beat me to my bubble bath the other night, which at the time was comical, she loves to swim! But I am worried that she's getting washed too much. Every time I get in the bath or shower she wants to come in with me.  I have started keeping the door to the bathroom shut so she just sits out there and waits for me.....So cute....these little pooches are surely the best companions anyone can ask for. I am so happy I decided on a Shih Tzu!


Answer by joanie
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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My little Zoey is doing soooo good. How precious she is to me.
Can someone suggest a safe and good puppy shampoo? I understand Shih Tzu'shave the tendency to get dry skin. Do you use a conditioner also?

Still working on potty training. She is using the newspaper more on her own. We give her lots of praise. Once our weather warms up more in Minnesota, I hopefully will get her used to going potty outside.


Answer by manabelj
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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I am bringing home a baby shih tzu tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice to help get me started on a good foot?


Answer by corrinhope
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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Hi just wondering we are looking to buy a 9 week old shih tzu and i am 7 months pregnant can this be a bad idea?


Answer by jaxfl
Submitted on 2/24/2004
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To those with new puppies. Do some research on owning a new puppy and basic puppy training.  Many here have given good advice on potty training and the biting.  Take it, it works, it just takes patiences and consistency.  Puppies are like babies, it takes repetition to learn.  One must make sure they establish dominance with their animal.  This can be done with out being mean, but it needs to been done to have a well behaved pup.  Also, puppies should never be left one unless they are in a crate they can get into lots of mischief.  Crate training is not cruel at all,  dogs are den animals and their crate is their den.  It should never be used as punishment.  This should be a safe, comfortable place for them.  All my dogs have been crate trained.  They never make messes in their crate unless they are ill and have an accident.  Then they are very upset.  Anyway, I am just babbling here, do a search on the net for basic puppy training.  There is alot of good info out there for first time owners.


Answer by hilda
Submitted on 2/27/2004
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Wow! after reading this I am not sure we are going to get a Shih tzu. We are looking for a family pet and wanted a Shih tzu but I am not too sure about that now! We are a family of 9 yes 9 My husband 7 kids and myself. Our youngest is 13 mo. and then we have a 3 yr. old and a 5 yr. old. We have been waiting foe 2 weeks now and still have 4 weeks till our pup to be 8 weeks and we can bring him home but we might not want to do that any opinions! Thanks Hilda


Answer by Cackle
Submitted on 3/4/2004
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I didn't read the rules in here so hope I'm not breaking any. There are some lovely people who are shih tzu owners and may be able to answer some of your  questions for you

hope this helps
they really are great little dogs


Answer by Virginia
Submitted on 3/5/2004
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I have a Female Shih Tzu and a Male Shih Tzu The femaile being 5 years old and the male 1 year. I just had a litter of puppies and my momma dog does not want hard food she wants anything else. Any suggestions? The vet said put the hard food there and she will eat it, but she'll go a day and not eat anything, I don't like that because of the puppies so I give in and give her canned food or eggs. Any Suggestions??

Also, my male is usually very friendly and a loving dog, but he has his moods, sometimes he will go after my female in anger if we give her something even if we give it to him also.He will drop his and go after her. This has happened a couple of times not all of the time.. Any suggestions or helpful advise??


Answer by sal
Submitted on 3/12/2004
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I've never been a dog owner, or for that matter, not much of a dog lover, but I am now the proud owner of a 6 month old male Shih Tzu.  He is just adorable.  He is energetic and fiesty but rarely barks and is extremely smart.  He is somewhat stubborn, however, and sometimes runs down the street to the neighbors house when we let him out to go potty.  He bites occassionally, but just in a playful way.  Overall, I am impressed with this little breed of dog!  He's a keeper!


Answer by tiners17
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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Gracie's Momma, Our little pup Bailey does good in his little home while we are gone all day. (We have brand new carpeting so we didn't want him in our living room when we are away). He does really good staying off the carpet, too. Do you have any potty training ideas that have worked well for you?
Oh, we were told to MAKE SURE we dry out Bailey's ears really well when we give him a back because Shih Tzus are prone to ear infections and they can be painful and costly.


Answer by tiners17
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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Gracie's Momma, Our little pup Bailey does good in his little home while we are gone all day. (We have brand new carpeting so we didn't want him in our living room when we are away). He does really good staying off the carpet, too. Do you have any potty training ideas that have worked well for you?
Oh, we were told to MAKE SURE we dry out Bailey's ears really well when we give him a back because Shih Tzus are prone to ear infections and they can be painful and costly.


Answer by jade
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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I have a question I  am a new owner of a 11 week old male shihtzu, I had him for one month and he pees on the wee pad whenever he feels like it but guess what does not poop on  the wee pad at all, can someone please help me!  I don't want to give up on the little guy.  p.s I also got a crate on last friday, do you think is to late to train?


Answer by Virginia
Submitted on 3/19/2004
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To Jade.
Give your new puppy time, he is still a baby. He will eventually get the point. About the crate, a lot of people do good with the crate, however I did not. I have a big fenced back yard but I would get him and put him on a leash and bring him outside so that he couldn't play and when he would do his business I would give him a treat and let him play. At 6 months he was completly house broken. Shih tzu'sare stubborn and hard headed. They believe they are one of us and to me mine is my children. They have a head of there own.


Answer by Dan
Submitted on 3/27/2004
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How much do you sell your shiht tzu and do u shipped them. please e-mail me dboongaling@yahoo.com


Answer by 2foxy
Submitted on 4/3/2004
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ok i have a question my shiht tzu a 1 yr old male which i have had sinse he was 2 weeks old..will consantly bark at my son's friends or if some1 comes to door and wont stop barking til they r gone...we have tried a crate, leash, putting him in bathroom etc nothing works

For any1 trying to train dogs what we did was Piggy would go out side pee but wouldnt poop to solve this and not stress him out we use pads in bathroom for him
and it works out great

we also feed him little cans of dog food but give him veggies from table from corn to tomatoes he loves salads  and his vet agreed that veggies wouldnt hurt him and said a little of anything we ate if he wanted some wouldnt hurt him and of today he is fully healthy and mean just wished he would stop barking so much when visitors comes


Answer by iluvmyshih tzu
Submitted on 4/19/2004
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not to be rude or anything but all of you people in here that want to put your shih tzu in the crates, that is just mean. i have a shih tzu she is 2 years old and has never been crated. these dogs are like kids trapped in a dogs body. they love to be with you that is how they are. i mean how would you like to be locked up from 7am to 4 in the afternoon everyday. i know that it will make their temperments worse that way. a person i knew did that every day with their dog and it was very hyper, pooping and peeing in their home and chewing on furniture and it was awful. her dog was so starving for the attention, when the owner got home then had to go to bed a couple hours later and the dog would be so naughty all night. now the dog is in a better home, not crated, and very well behaved. I am not saying to never be able to leave the dog, but to put it in a crate while you go to work because you can't trust the dog is mean. these dogs love to be with you. i have never had a problem with my shih tzu and crating her. i hope this won't be to mean for graciesmomma but you asked advice and i'veseen how a shih tzu will act if crated all the time i wanted to let you know


Answer by Tidus
Submitted on 5/31/2004
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I got a bell to train my dog, there is times he will ring it but times he won't. We try to take him out every hr but at times I will watch and see if he rings the bell. Many times he does. So we find that is very helpful. It is cute, I can walk him with me and he stays right to my side. I have just started trying a leash because I know when we camp the camp ground will want them on leashes. Just wanted to add my little Tidus to this message board.


Answer by E M
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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How do you get a 2 year old shih tzu to eat out of a bowl?


Answer by Paigeie
Submitted on 6/2/2004
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I have a question. I have a 12 and half week old shih-tzu beagle mix and he bits alot.We've tried the muzzle and saying NO thing but it dosen'twork.He thinks were playing with him.When he bits we put him back in his cage and say no biting,but he looks so sad when he's in there. He knows he is doing something wrong but it won't get through his brain.and when we take him out hes ok 4 a while but then he starts biting again what do i do? because if he keeps this up and he might hurt someone.What should we do? Please help!


Answer by Marie
Submitted on 6/3/2004
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Were training our dog right now and we would like to know some tips of what to do?Thanks!


Answer by Virginia
Submitted on 6/7/2004
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EM, is he/she taking it out of the bowl and eating some where else? Because if he/she does, I believe it is just normal. Almost every dog I know does that, shih tzu or not, I know all 4 of my shih tzus do.


Answer by ShihTzu Lover
Submitted on 6/8/2004
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Hi I have a Male Shih Tzu named Topaz who is not Fixed. He marks(pees)on the whole house. Not in big puddles like he has to got potty and no one let him out just on things. Like my moms China Cabinets and our bed posts and chair and our davenport. He will also pee on plastic bags if they are on the floor and my moms plants. In our living room there are pee marks on the floor by the chairs. I know why he is doing it but how do I get him to stop. My mom said that if he doesn't quit then when we get and carpeting next year she will keep him crated. I do not want this to happen and neither does she but how do I make him STOP. please email me any suggestions on what to do Email-jvblue@kiwibox.com

also he is up for stud service and is proven


Answer by Bocca
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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To Love my Max

acckkkk purina not high on my list but thats my thoughts on that ...I have heard its not one of best dog foods you can feed your dog though.....shih tzu do have tummy prob at times not all of them but they are known for sensitive tummy ...Prob bringing Max to the vet would help the most they could maybe figure out whats going on with him...BTW nice name my male is called Max ....Hope all goes well for you


Answer by Bocca
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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To hilda

Hilda they are such a wonderful dog ..I have 3 of them ..well 2 the one I have has about 1/4 maltese in her and she is a sweetheart too ...anyways...all Puppies I think chew when teething or play bite especially when teething ....lots of advice in here that I have read ...to be honest ..I have never had a prob with mine biteing other than a little bit when I or my husband or children were playing with them and then I figure the odd little bite is normal...but other than that I have had no probs with my 3 pups ...they always have had alot of toys right from 8 weeks on ...I hope you find the joy in your new baby as I have in my 3 ...shih tzu are such a wonderful pet ..they are not yappy ..and they fall in love with Us as we do with them ...Enjoy him ...before you know it he will be one or two years old and most of the puppy probs that you may of had to deal with will be in the past ...


Answer by chiara
Submitted on 7/20/2004
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I hope someone can help me! i have a 4years shih tzu but i still have a very big problem:it's impossible to cut his fur!! no vet,no dog-toilets,no brave man can cut the whiskers of my shih tzu and i have no more ideas!! maybe a muzzle but I'mfrom Italy and i can't find one for shih tzu here...So,if someone have a real positive answer for me please contact me!! my mail is wonderclaire@excite.it.
hope to have some news soon!thank you everybody!!!!


Answer by Lou
Submitted on 8/16/2004
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Hi, I just purchased a 8 week Shih-tzu for my daughter.  She named him Gizmo however, he smells bad and the puppy boutique said I can't bathe him for another 3 week.  I don't think I can wait three week does anyone have any suggestions.    


Answer by msaggieamy
Submitted on 9/8/2004
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Sorry...I just asked the question about crate training a shih tzu if you work full time.  Please email w/ your responses at msaggieamy@yahoo.com.


Answer by Molly's Mom
Submitted on 9/16/2004
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I feed my Shih Tzu puppies (one is 6 months, the other 12 weeks) Royal Canin Mini Puppy. The breeder, the vet, and our friend that runs a pet store all recommend it and the puppies love it! Its not canned food but dry.


Answer by Anny
Submitted on 9/25/2004
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Just get it a chewing toy..thats it.....it worked for my dog...I just wonder how you get it to be obiedient


Answer by Maureen
Submitted on 9/29/2004
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I would like to add to the responses on crating your dog from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on a regular basis.  I believe that this is not an appropriate way to treat a dog which, by its nature,is a very social animal. If you are going to be away for extended periods  of time perhaps consider the following:  purchase baby gates (they're not too expensive, especially used ones) and block off an area such as the kitchen where carpet won't be harmed.  Provide a plastic tray and some sort of "metal grid" which will allow "pee" through to a newspaper that you place underneath the "metal grid".  This will keep your puppies feet away from the wetness. Open dog crates with a tray beneath them are also available and can be used for this purpose. My dogs learned rather quickly that they were expected to go in the tray when inside. They still prefer to go outside, but when inside will use the tray.  Both of my dogs cope quite well in the kitchen for four hours a day in this manner.  I very rarely have a "mistake" to deal with.  The other suggestion is to consider having two dogs so that they are company for each other.  My husband was initially  against getting another dog, but we are all very happy with the results. Really, not much more work and they seem so happy together.


Answer by mobe
Submitted on 9/29/2004
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For the woman who is 7 months pregnant and considering getting a puppy; my personal opinion is that this would not be the best time to take on a new puppy.  I'm not sure if you're going to be a first time mom, but puppies are almost as labor intensive as newborns for the first little while...they cry at night, they poop and pee often (no diapers), and they need constant attention. Unless you're "Wonder Woman" a new baby and puppy at the same time will be VERY stressful.  I'd say wait and see how things go with the baby for the first six months at least.  Best of luck to you.  


Answer by Lisa
Submitted on 10/10/2004
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I have a nine week old female shih tzu and as we all know, this breed likes to eat poop.  My question is, does anyone have an idea on how to help her breath?  


Answer by Jennsteele
Submitted on 10/15/2004
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Well I've read all of these posts and just had a few comments to make about Shih Tzu's  I've owned two Shih Tzu's over the course of 25 years.  My most recent baby died in August at the age of 16 years.  I will be bringing someone new home in December :)

A word on putting a leash on Shih Tzu's....because many Shih Tzu's have breathing problems (ie., snorting, grunting) I caution all of you to NEVER put a collar on a Shih Tzu while walking it on a leash.  Please use a harness only with your leash.  My dog experienced a collapsed trachea, which she lived with for a few years (comfortably until it flared up every now and then).  I was told, by two vets, that the probable cause of this condition was a collar around the throat and the dog pulling on the leash.  Use of a harness will protect their sensitive throats.

Second, when it comes to feeding any dog (and I'm speaking of dry dog food only) please do your research and purchase a food that has little to no CORN in it.  Most big name manufacturers have corn in the top three ingredients.  Dogs cannot digest corn.  It is simply a filler and bloats them to make them feel full.  We all know that humans cannot digest corn well ;)  So look for a dry food that has rice, lamb, chicken, etc. as one of the top ingredients.  Check for yourself at any grocery store...almost every single dry dog food will have corn as a top ingredient.  Try going to a pet store and purchasing a more expensive healthier choice for your dog.  I use Nutro Max.  

Anyhow, that's my two cents.


Answer by massaman
Submitted on 10/23/2004
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i have a 4 month old shih-tzu and seem to have problems getting her to stop barking and biting and  other then that she is being pads trained and wont poop in it and wonder should i keep her in her enclosure with the pad and even though she barks alot to leave her there till she goes poop or not as i am going to florida after new years and dont want her to have any accidents?


Answer by AK Mommy
Submitted on 10/25/2004
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I live in Alaska, and I have a 9 week old female Shih-Tzu.  I want to housetrain her, but I'm scared to make her go outside and go potty.  It is about 20 degree right now, is that to cold for her to go outside and go potty?  


Answer by Chrissy
Submitted on 12/7/2004
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Go buy mint mouth spray. I had the same problem with my Shih Tzu and whenever he bit me, I sprayed it in his mouth. The only time he ever bites now is when he eats or plays with his toys!


Answer by Meeko's Mum
Submitted on 12/7/2004
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My 6 month old female Shih Tzu also had a problem eating her poo.  I gave her 1 small Clorets mint a day for 1 week and BAM...she hasn't eaten poo since, and that was 2 months ago.

I do, however have a couple of problems with her.  She loves to bark at the cupboard where her treats are kept.  I guess she thinks she is talking LOL!  

Another problem is, even though she is basically housetrained, she will pee on the carpet (and even on my daughter's bed once) if I don't pay attention to her, or leave her upstairs while I go downstairs, even for 5 minutes.  She is terrified to go down the stairs herself, so she is kind of stuck there.  


Answer by hairymelon
Submitted on 12/11/2004
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I have a Shih tzu, 4 months. I read a little history on them, like they have a royal ancestry and their character will have owners treating them lke royalty. That would be me. I'm crazy about this dog. But she bites when you play with her. She doesn't do it to be mean. In fact, she doesn't nibble on people until she gets to know them. Honestly, it's annoying and painful at times. I have knives that aren't as sharp as her teeth. Will she grow out of it? I got this breed, because other friends had them and they are fun.


Answer by Meghan
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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Crating your dog is not a cruel thing. Crate training is suggested in all the puppy training books as well as books specifically for Shih Tzu's My vet even suggested crate training. He crate trains his own dog. Some of us do have to work! If you leave your puppy free to wander the whole house, not only will they pee and poop everywhere, they might be harmed by something in the house. The crate is a safe haven. Keep it cozy with a blanket and toys. The puppy will soon realize this and go there when they want to be alone. My puppy goes there when he is tired and ready for bed. I give him plenty of love and attention. As I am sure the rest of the crate training owners do. We all do things a little diffetently. As long as they are loved and taken care of, what else matters? Best of luck to everyone!


Answer by Terri
Submitted on 1/10/2005
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I have problems with my 1 1/2 year old male.  He's always had some problems with chewing/biting, but he is suddenly more aggressive.  He barks a lot when people walk by him.  When he is sitting next to me in the recliner and my children come to give me a hug or kiss, he starts growling and attempts to bite me or them.  He also does this when I'm standing and my husband hugs me.  When I try to take something away from him that he shouldn't have in his mouth, he tries to bite me.  Outside when the neighbor's dogs are out and I pick my dog up, he tries to bite me.  Help!  What do I do???  Other times he's very sweet and loving.


Answer by Jenn
Submitted on 3/19/2005
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I have a 7-month-old female shih tzu, whom I love to bits. I live alone and am gone for 8 hours a day. I am thinking of adopting a 10-month-old shih tzu male from the shelter as a companion for her. We went for a meet-and-greet today. My girl was excited at first, but the other dog was a bit too nervous and he'd just been neutered, so he was quite shy. There was no aggression from either of them, and my girl didn't seem to be jealous. I made sure to give them equal attention.

Any time we go for walks or to my parents', she absolutely goes crazy for the other dogs. She loves playing with anything that walks!

Having recently moved from my parents' where they have 2 poodles, she seems quite down and depressed as of late. She mopes around the house, follows me everywhere and isn't interested in playing for longer than 5 minutes.

My question is, do shih tzu dogs appreciate canine companionship, or would this simply put her nose out of joint? I don't want her to become jealous and withdrawn. We have bonded so well since I got her in December, I don't want to jeopardize our relationship.

Thanks for any feedback.


Answer by doglover
Submitted on 4/23/2005
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Okay I know that this is sort of off topic but my four-month-old basenji puppy growls and bites at me, my friends, and every other person she can. Somebody please help me!


Answer by JuJia'sMom
Submitted on 4/29/2005
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Hi every one.. I just got a shih tzu... She is 3 months old.... My inlaws and alot of people i know own shih tzus. I also work at petsmart in the groomin department, and am very god friends with both of our trainers.... shih tzus are very stubborn, and they will test you, but if you are consistent with how you train them they will learn, if you are incosistant you will confuse them and they will do what they want to do anyways.... Ju Jia is a doll.... But man I wanna shoot her sometimes. Anywyas, if you gusy have questions, about shih tzus... I can try to answer them


Answer by Smiley
Submitted on 5/16/2005
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I just got a 2 month female () and a mix both dry food with a little bit of canned food to help her chew it a little bit better. Is this bad for her? What do i do just give her dry or canned or can i keep on mixing them both?


Answer by Megan
Submitted on 5/24/2005
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I have a 3 year old shih-tzu that growls and then snaps and bites randomly.  usually at night, but sometimes also when she's just sitting there and you are petting her.  What is causing this and how can it stop?


Answer by emily
Submitted on 7/2/2005
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hey, i also have a shih tzu and i need some serious help. her name is lucy, and whenever our family is together she is just the best dog you could ask for! but when the doorbell rings and its one of our neighbors or people who have scents of other dogs on them, she just attacks and bites very meanly. i dont know how to stop this! should i get another dog to be with her? any advice?


Answer by mencho in texas
Submitted on 7/7/2005
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Answer by Barkley
Submitted on 7/19/2005
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I have a 8 week shih tzu named barkley.
He loves to chase you and nip at your feet when your walking or play tug of war with your pants legs when you walk. my grandchildren are visiting this month, i dont want barkley nipping at there heels. I try to break him of it by shaking a can with pennys in it every time he does it. Thant only worked for the first times. When i pick him up and tell him "NO" he has a habbit of snapping at my face. you can see how mad he gets at  the time. does anyone have any ideas how to break him of this bad habbit.


Answer by Jen
Submitted on 7/19/2005
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I have a Shih Tzu Cocker Spaniel mix.  She is 5 months old and is doing really well.  I feed her NutroMax puppy food and she seems to have mushy poop.  I don't feed her table scraps and on occasions she will get NutroMax puppy treats.  What should I do about her mushy poop?  


Answer by Melly
Submitted on 7/21/2005
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I have a 4 month's old Shih Tzu and her Vet. tells me that she is skinny and i really dont know what to do becuase she eats a lot and I don't see whats the problem. My friends tell me that maybe is because she runs alot and does alot of exersice but I am very worry. I need advise this is the first time i have a Shih Tzu and I dont want nothing to happend to her.


Answer by Courtney
Submitted on 7/24/2005
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My Bichon-Shih Tzu will not poop outside, ever! She will pee but only if I ask her to. She also goes for a whole day without eating so I don't know if she has to poop or not? She  listens to commands (sit, lie, speak, sit pretty) I need help she is 9 months old and cannot be pooping under the table because I took her papers away. please reply with anything but crate training. Thanks


Answer by Jodie
Submitted on 8/2/2005
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i have a 4 month old shih tzu and he was almost housebroken when the 4th of july occurred and firecrackers went off near him..now he wont go outside except reallly early in the morning or reallllllly late at night and he is terrified....any suggestions?? tried bribing him...treating him...scolding...everything...


Answer by navina
Submitted on 8/6/2005
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I have a 6 months shih tzu puppy ,shadow. I think shih tzus are very inteligent dogs. Their not really hard to train or housebreak.Shadow was housebreaked within 1/2 a month after we got him , which was when he was 3 months.But innitially he always pees on carpets. Everytime he did that , we said 'no' to him firmly and the tissue used to wipe the pee , we put in the place we wanted him to go and let him smell it . Sooner or later he got the hang of it. Whenever he wants to go, he sits near the door and barks ,so we will know.Training  him to sit, shake ,sleep, and stay we did using dog biscuits.Although he is a very obedient pup, he is still very playfull and likes to bite and chew my hand.And i still cant put a stop to this . I have given him many chew toys but it still doesnt work. Maybe he is still teething and extremely playful.I just hope he grows out of  this.


Answer by Deloris
Submitted on 8/21/2005
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I love dogs and i want a job to walk dogs.


Answer by Muffin's Mom
Submitted on 8/22/2005
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Hi everyone, I have learned alot, My baby muffin is a sweetheart 5 months, pottytrained, just she has started barking more at me when I sit, or at someone, a constant yelp bark, I tell her no in a firm voice, but it hasn't worked yet?  Any suggestions?? Thanks!!! lparker777@yahoo.com


Answer by ChELsEa'sMoM
Submitted on 8/29/2005
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Hello Everybody! My boyfriend just bought me a 12-month old, female Shih Tzu and I love her dearly. He has a 6-month old male Shih Tzu and when our puppies are together, we don't know whether they are playing or being too aggressive with each other.  They tend to bite and pull each other's ears and scratch each other. Some people say they are playing but for me it looks too violent. I am just scared that my little Chelsea might become aggressive if I tolerate that kind of behavior when she is with other dogs. Any thoughts on this?  Thanks!


Answer by Heather
Submitted on 9/5/2005
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crating is important for a dog. It is a safe place for him/her to relax, unwind,cool down and it speeds up potty training. I brought my pup home at 8 weeks old and he was potty trained in 3 days. Take the dog out every 2 hours around the clock for the first 3 days. Totally ignore the occasional accident and give lots of praise when pup goes and does his stuff outside. When you are at home, crate when you go to shower, or anyother task that you do not want puppy around. It teaches the dog that the crate is an ok place to be. I have a blanket, stuffed toy, car wash mit (sheep skin type) water bowl, and puppy pad at the end of the crate. My dog has never protested about being in the crate. You can also place a few pieces of kibble at the back end and praise the dog when they are in. I tend to say "big boys go to sleep in their own beds" I give him 3 kisses on the top of his head and I gently place him in his crate.
Try this. It did work for me


Answer by Oreo
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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I have a pet Shih Tzu who constantly uses the bathroom all over our new house and mostly uses it on our brand new carpet and it gets blamed on ME all the time. I mean, our dog don't even eat or drink that much but he uses the bathroom SO MANY times that I don't know what to. PLEASE HELP ME!


Answer by linda
Submitted on 9/11/2005
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My shih tzus has a realy bad temper he attackes all of us and bites us he is 2.
what should we do and he grows at us.


Submitted on 9/25/2005
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Answer by JJ
Submitted on 10/3/2005
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MY 1 1/2 year old shih tzu bites way to much. I would think that he would have grown out of it by now but he hasn't. He only bites when he is playing but still. When he bites i tell him in a firm voice "No Snoop" but he dosn't understand me. I need some advice....PLEASE!


Answer by Karly
Submitted on 11/9/2005
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The thing about table food is crap. My shih tzu is 11 years old and has also had a trauma when he was 9 (ripped apart by a rotweiler... a tooth away from death)and hes still living and pretty much all he eats is table food. the vet said to us.. table food doesn't really hurt them... they might have an allergy possibly but my dog is immune to it... no chocolate though... i guess pb and j on toast is good for them lol.. also i just got a little puppy shes like 7 weeks old.. ALL SHE DOES IS WHINE!! its crazy!! she cant be alone... if i want sleep i have to sleep with her even tho she isn't potty trained(have garbage bag over the mattress)are they all sucks??


Answer by tin lizzy
Submitted on 11/26/2005
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my cousins puppy is 3 months and is always bibing me and everyone elsr.now she is getting more agressive and wont listen


Answer by Lizzy
Submitted on 12/1/2005
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I had that same problem as well! The dogs seem to get mean if you have hard dog treats! If they never get any vitamins it also makes there teething worse.


Answer by Chewie
Submitted on 12/2/2005
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I have a Shih Tzu that me and my boyfriend found, his owner never claimed him so we've decided to keep him. He was in very bad shape...badly matted and he is very stubborn and has a weird personality. He bites me sometimes with anger. Twice he has made me bleed. I tell him NO everytime and it doesn't seem to be helping..And also sometimes he growls. When hes lying down and I go to put a blanket over him he growls at me and trys to bite me. I'm not sure how old he is yet. Its weird because he'll come and sleep in my lap and follow me around and then his attitude completly changes without notice.


Answer by heidibaby
Submitted on 12/15/2005
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hello there,
i am getting my shih tzu before christmas day and i'vebeen doing alot of reading and research about this type of breed and some things that you read in the internet my not suite your pet because there is different ways of taking care and training your pets with different breeds. I am a pretty new owner of AIKO FU but i totally understand the overall characteristic of DOGS and shih tzu in particular... Like everybody say consistency, respect and Love is a must.


Answer by heatonice13
Submitted on 12/28/2005
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I have a 5 year old shih tzu and we got a new kittin she starting to bite and go after her for no reason it this because she old she's also stating to bite me and my family


Answer by brittneylp02
Submitted on 1/25/2006
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If anyone has a Shih Tzu male stud i believe my shih tzu is going to go into heat soon.  (A couple weeks maybe) She is CKC registered up to date on all her shots and is a very healthy and happy dog.  Email me for pics or more information if anyone is interested, im looking for someone in the Virginia Area.


Answer by hola
Submitted on 1/29/2006
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if you are having trouble potty training your puppy it is simple. about every half hour 45 minutes take the puppy out side and stay out side with them until they go potty. convince them to go as well. like if you go potty i will give you a treat. and when they do go potty say stuff like good girl/boy! good job!


Answer by njparrothead
Submitted on 1/31/2006
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For the people with biting dog's. Try a little bitter apple on your hand. Once they taste it a couple of times, they will get it. Worked for me...


Answer by CutieTrixie_pup02
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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My shih tzu x maltese, Trixie is about 2 months old. whenever i want to take her outside by picking her up she goes crazy and starts barking and nipping. She lets me pick her up other times but she sort of knows when i'mgoing to take her outside and i dont know how to stop her from doing it. Can you tell me what i should do ??


Answer by Hilary
Submitted on 2/6/2006
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My Shih Tzu Stoped Biting me when I started
to spend more time with her and also buy her some new toys.


Answer by tiff
Submitted on 3/3/2006
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how can i get my lab puppy(6 weeks old)to stop biting me?I have him chew toys but he likes to chew my arm better.IT HURTS!!!


Answer by tiff
Submitted on 3/3/2006
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how can i get my cat to stop scratching and biting people she is usually nice to me but once we brought to the vet to get fixed but it scrathed the vet and it would not fix it but it did not scrach the nerses or us that day.PLease hELP


Answer by corrina
Submitted on 3/16/2006
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i hope someone can help me out! we just bought 2 puppy shih tzus. they are 8 weeks old, one male one female. MY BABY BOY WONT EAT!!! when the girl goes to eat he waddles on over with her but he just stares at the food. when i try to feed it to him with my hands, he takes one pebble at time and acts like hes eating it but then spits it out. it almost looks like he doesnt know how to eat! also with water he hardly drinks, almost like hes afraid of it. we've tried mushing it into a paste or making it really soft but he just wont take it. and i can tell hes starving! when he tries to go to do his business nothing come out! any suggestions??


Answer by corrina
Submitted on 3/16/2006
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if any one has any answers to my previous question my email is off_glass@hotmail.com


Answer by princess nana
Submitted on 3/16/2006
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I Have a new 10 week old shih tzu puppy i bought him at 6 weeks, we live in michigan so it is to cold to train him outside, we bought the training pads for puppies and i found that praise and 1 treat every time he used his training mat worked like a charm, he only gets the treats for potty training and he now does his busines on his mat and runs right to us, we all say good puppy good caper{thats his name by the way} and he looks so proud of himself while we give him the treat.Our problem is the biting we can't get him to stop, no amount of praise or scolding works  what can i do?


Answer by me
Submitted on 4/8/2006
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Ive just bought a puppy, he`s 10 weeks old and i have no idea on how much food he needs!!! I`m used to having big dogs so a small one is alien to me, please help as I`m frightened of over feeding him.


Answer by Trisha
Submitted on 4/14/2006
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Hi I have a one year old shih tzu and he has a wonderful temperment. What I do is tell him no everytime he does somthing. Feed timble (a coated bar that helps trouble some pets) and it will quiet them down. I also Give him a shoe lace. for some reason it stops them from helps.


Answer by new puppy 2
Submitted on 4/24/2006
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Good Evening everyone...
I have a new male shih tzu as well...He is 10 weeks old and seems to be doing great..He weighs 2lbs 8 ozs.  He is eating Nutro currently...but someone recently told me about a food that is all natural-Merrick-
My question is the same as everyone else...
Jackson is nipping at everyone...He is doing better with me...I am doing the OW!  I am trying to get everyone (4 kids-4,11,17&20 and a husband) to do this also...The other real issue is when my 4 year old picks him up when he is in a playful mood he will turn to nip at her...she does the OW as well but he doesn't seem to get it...so I have her hold him out but no give into him and put him down...
does anyone have any other advice...


Answer by Kristin
Submitted on 4/26/2006
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i have a 7 month old puppy male shih tzu. i have learned from experience that if you dont let your puppy know who the boss is they will run all over you. from the first day i got my dog i was already stern and said no when necessary. he is the most well trained dog, and has already been potty trained for over a month. my roommate before had a shih tzu and i ended up moving out of the house because she didnt train her male right, so the dog knew he could get away with anything. her dog wouldnt even come inside without seeing a treat first. but my dog since he was well trained from the first day i got him he doesnt even need a leash. just remember if you have a shih tzu show them whos boss before they show you or else you WILL be miserable!


Answer by Doggylover 06
Submitted on 5/22/2006
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Well for whoever is tired of biting and pooping you must do this.
Check to see if they have worms, if they do that may be why they are pooping alot.
To stop biting tap them on nose lightly but enought to know your serious, then roll them over on their stomach and in a firm voice say
No! Then give them a chew or a toy, do this over for awhile and it will WORK!


Answer by danielle
Submitted on 5/27/2006
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my shih tzu is almost six months old and he is always done the puppy chewing own my hands. I'm getting him out of that but now he is tying to really bite when i am clip his toe nails. i know that i am not hurting him because he starts to bite before i touch him with the clippers


Answer by travis
Submitted on 6/4/2006
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iis biting you because it is a puppy phase


Answer by doggz
Submitted on 6/22/2006
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My dog is 10 months old n when we bought him at 6 weeks.. he has been constantly biting me and my family since we bought him. I had a 8 year old shih tzu before he never even used to bite when we first got him, But an accident just happened a couple months ago someone who was a dumb idiot ran my other shih tzu.. over it was the worst tragety ever.. so we decided to buy a new one and he keeps biting as I said before!


Answer by Shantel
Submitted on 7/3/2006
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To explain more on the crates, I bought a nine week old pup last week, named Bella. We were told to buy a 'small' crate for her. It's steal, like a fence so she can easily see what's going on. We kept it in the living room but it was far too small for her, so we went and bought a 'medium' which is the size for collies and huskies. We keep her in there at night, and she sleeps peacefully with her blanket, food and water and all her toys. We get up and take her to pee and poop every few hours, and have her out all day. When they are bad, do put them in there, but not as punishment. Just to get them out of your hair. It's not cruel, it's custom.


Answer by paulson94
Submitted on 7/11/2006
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I have a 3yrs old shih tzu given to me. I've has him for 4 days. The previous owner got rid of him because he bit his little kids and drew blood.  I have 4 kid ages 1-11yrs and he bit my 1 yrs old and 11 yrs girls.  Is there a way to get the dog to stop biting, or do i have to get rid oh him to an older couple?


Answer by Julie
Submitted on 7/12/2006
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Hi everyone

i have been reading all the comment and they are good. I have a 9 week old female Shih-poo she is the cutest thing you have ever seen but when she gets very excited she start to bit and her bitting is getting harder and harder. I tried the OW,YEP and holding on to the lower jaw and saying no bitting but she starts to growl. And she is growling very frequantly, if she doesn't get her way. I read in some book to take a can and fill it in with marbels and shake it behing my back when ever she growls or bits and priase when she is not doing it. Is it a good idea or are there better tricks?


Answer by Ginger'sPUP
Submitted on 8/23/2006
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this is for Virginia:

I don't understand why you said she was hard headed and not easy to train since I went to the Pet Store and saw a chow chow. I wanted the chow chow so much but the owner said they were " hard headed and not easy to train" I didn't know what to do so i asked him what dog would be the perfect one for a person like me and my family. He showed me the shih-tzu and said they were very smart, they didn't shed and they were sweet good with children and ... in conclusion they were perfect LOL anyways i got her and now she's perfectly fine. The 2 day i got her she became potty trained on the newspaper. She still nibbles a little but i get mad at her and she learns. So that's what i wanted to say.


Answer by Lori Lee
Submitted on 10/24/2006
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Hey to all shih tzu lovers! i have a 10 1/2 week old make akc pup and i love him to death but the biting has got to stop and so does the poop eating it is disgusting. i agree that it will take time but i'mrunnin low on patients


Answer by kitchie
Submitted on 10/28/2006
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Is it ok for my shih tzu to eat chicken?


Answer by PRVALEMT
Submitted on 10/31/2006
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I have a 4 1/2 month shih tzu.  I feed him wet food 3 times a day and have dry food accesible to him at all times.  He refuses to eat his wet food unless i spoon feed him.  I have tried to leave the wet food down for him in a bowl to see if he eats it, but he won't.  He sits there waiting for me to get the spoon.  Any suggestions on how to get him out of this habit.


Answer by bunnylover123
Submitted on 12/6/2006
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Eat Cheese!!!!


Answer by sheila
Submitted on 12/10/2006
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Answer by Ewan
Submitted on 12/15/2006
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Hi everyone.  I have a 5 mths old male shih tzu. With regards to the feeding of dry or can food, he does not like dry food at all, it would take him the entire day to get through breakfast but if I offer him canned food he eats it in no time at all.  If dry foods are best, how can I break him out of his fondness for canned foods.


Answer by Nichole
Submitted on 12/16/2006
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i had issues with my shi tzu biting too, and nothing we tried ever seemed to work, but them i was talking to a woman i had met while walking my dog, and she suggested time out. well since we didnt want to use her kennal as a punnishment, we hooked a leash onto the inside of a door and closed it, leaving the clasp sticking out, everytime Molly would misbehave we'd say "you wanna go in time out?" and if she did it again, we tell her "time out" and go hook her on the leash. then do not acknowledge the dog until she calmed down. then id go let her go, if she did it again shed go back into time out. she quickly learned what timeout was and all we had to do was warn her! shes  4 1/2 now and its been years since shes been in time out, but when she acts up all we have to do is say the word and she stops whatever shes doing!


Answer by maggie
Submitted on 1/6/2007
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i am getting a shih tzu and if anybody can help me whow can you make the homecoming dog welcomed. and tips to how to make the dog comfortable


Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 1/19/2007
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I have an 11 month old shih tzu puppy. She is a tiny girl at 6 1/2 pounds. She has a hearty appetite. I have fed her science diet puppy  1/2 canned and 1/2 dry since she was a pup. Now that she is almost 1 year old,I've tried to switch her to the science diet adult, she does not like it at all! A friend of mine has 2 shih tzu dogs and she has fed them small breed Eukanuba dry.
She said it is great for their coat,ears and teeth. Has anyone eles used Eukanuba for their shih tzu and loved it???


Answer by Rhonda
Submitted on 2/9/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I've just got a shihtzu she's 7weeks.The vets wants them in as soon as you get them 6weeks,9weeks,14weeks shots if this helps some of you.Also sage is bitting as well,but she plays with her toys and stills nips at me and then goes back to her toys i think she just wants attention but i set with her while she plays.ok i feed her beneful and she seems to have a hard time with chewing so i take some and crunch it up into pieces and she eats it better.I love everyones point of view but if your really have any problems i would talk the the vet.thats why their there.to help animals.ok cant remember who asked about being too cold out side to let puppy poop.i sugest a puppy pad i use them all the time i put a clean one down with her meal its sanitary.if she use's it, if she cant wait.I love sage to pieces ,shes so fun to watch.but she's inbred, so I didn't know if thats why shes bitting but i think shes just a baby her self.


Answer by neyomobile
Submitted on 2/9/2007
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Answer by Kate
Submitted on 2/14/2007
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I have 2 shih tzu's different as can be.I bought a shih for all the reasons the breed is so popular for, but  my first one was serious,bossy, and snapped at my husband and me, until we put him in his place.With lots of love and firm( but gentle) and consistence training, at 2 years old he is a loving, happy dog , but leary of strangers.Our second little guy, is a true Shih tzu, everything I was looking for when I bought our first one.I love them both to death, but Winston is sweet,more outgoing,and loves everyone, strangers too.
    As far as feeding goes, I feed them little Ceasar and Beniful dry puppy food.I also give them ground chuck (boiled to get any fat out)with brown rice. They love it , and it's easy on their tummies and sensitive digestive track.


Answer by LuckysMommie
Submitted on 2/25/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I just got a new shih tzu about a month ago.  He was just turning 8 weeks when my husband bought him for me and I absolutely love him to death.  He is my baby!  He has a tendency to poop in the house, but is pretty good about peeing on his potty training mats which I am very proud of him for doing.  The thing is, I try taking him outside to go to the bathroom, but he won't go to the bathroom outside....he tends to just lay out there and play.  Also, I try to get him to sleep in his little bed that I bought for him, but he refuses to sleep there.  He sleeps on the bathroom floor and then in the middle of the night, he jumps on the bed....is it bad to let him sleep on the bed with my husband and me?

And this is to Gracie's Momma, I was wondering about the 7-in-1 Vaccination.  Is that something I could get at a petstore or would have to order.  I was also wondering what the name of it is.


Answer by chelsea
Submitted on 3/5/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
My shih-tzu has been trained ever since he came home at the age of 6 weeks, he is now 6 months old.. but for the past two days he has been pooping in the house..  but he doesnt even bother to cry to get outside,  is he just lazy or does he have a problem  ? please answer  :)


Answer by shellie
Submitted on 3/8/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
My 12 month old shih-zu keeps chewing things of my childrens, and jumps up my kitchen sides to get things to chew. Also when i take him out for his daily walks, if he sees any one he will bark and he barks at other animals, but this has only been in the last three months as he never use to bark at any thing.Please can any one give me some good advice.


Answer by amy
Submitted on 3/28/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
my nana got 2 female shih-zues and they are pooing and eating it and each other .. i found out that wen we went to the beach it picked up a dummy and after that all the way home it didnt try to eat anything else.. get them a babys dummy and they love them and dont pick up anything other poo or anything left deserted on the beach


Answer by MollyC
Submitted on 3/31/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I have just bought an 8 weeks female shih tzu. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop her from barking? Everytime I leave her, even just do go to the toilet she howls the place down! I left her on her own to bark but she kept going for 2 hours solid! Any suggestions welcome!


Answer by Tabatha
Submitted on 4/5/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
my shih tzu always put everything in his mouth when we are outside flowers grass anything how can i stop him from eating everything


Answer by Kim
Submitted on 4/27/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Hi, im thinking about getting a shih ztu in a few weeks time, ive seen the one i want and she looks lovely.
Ive got two children aged 5 and 7.
Are the dogs very good around children, from what im reading the dogs seem to bite alot, do they bite hard? would it hurt myself or most importantly my children?
Any answers will be great.


Answer by mitts
Submitted on 5/9/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
I know this may be a difficult question to answer, but I'm asking you all since you all seem to have Shih Tzus.  Yesterday, I was at a friend's house who has a Shih Tzu, and I have played with him frequently.  It seemed we had developed a sense of trust and he was comfortable around me.  Yesterday, however, when I bent down to his level to pet him, he jumped at me aggressively, attacking my eye, and biting out a bit of my eyelid and eyebrow.  He also somehow managed to bite at my temple, and my finger as well.  Is this sort of obviously aggressive behavior common in any of your dogs?


Answer by Joe
Submitted on 5/19/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Potty Training Question: I have a 12 week old Shih Tzu that we've had for 4 weeks now. We crate train him and have his crate pushed up to a doggy door which leads into our backyard, in which he's able to go in and out if need be. He's good about not going potty in his crate and he'll go outside if he has too but in the evenings and weekends when my wife and I are home from work, we'll remove his crate and let him hang out in the house with us and our other dog. But if he's not in his crate, he still does not understand that he needs to go outside to relieve himself. Our first dog was potty trained within about a week or two but this little guy is having a hard time understanding the concept. We spend a lot of time training him and taking him out after he plays and eats..etc.. I just wonder how much longer it's going to take before he understands he needs to go outside? Or any other advice or tips would be appreciated.


Answer by Julia
Submitted on 7/3/2007
Rating: Not yet rated Rate this answer: Vote
Maybe you should try disaplining him when he bites you. I had a shih-tzu. when he bit us we just put him in his crate for 5 minutes. Shih-tzus are smart, once you do this they stop biting as often. and soon after he will stop biting all together.


Answer by Candi
Submitted on 7/5/2007
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I have a 14 week old shih tzu named Candi and she is just perfect!  now she is anyways... When I first got her she bit HARD, I am talking hard enough that she pierced the skin and made us bleed!  I was doing some reading and found that shih tzus are very emotional animals and become attached to the attention we give them. Now, when she bites, I look her square in the eye and yell "NO BITE!" pick her up and shut her in a bathroom or laundry room with the door shut while saying "no bite" the whole time... she only stays in there for a minute or two, but she is starting to understand that when she bites, she gets a "time out". This is not mean, and is the best way to not inflict pain on your puppy and provoke aggression.  Now when she starts to nibble and I say "NO BITE!" she immediately converts to a loving lick!  Give it a few weeks and you should start to see your pup turn into the little angle that shih tzus truly are!


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